Yellow Rose Tea Party

Since some of you enjoyed seeing my yellow rose collection, I thought I would share a photo of the Yellow Rose Tea Party I had a few years ago. The photo above is the table scape. This was our dining room before we painted it.

Silk yellow roses were tied to the backs of the chairs with white tulle streamers.

I used my yellow rose tea cups, and yellow depression glass to serve in. Some of my yellow rose hankie collection were used as the napkins.

More photos and details are given here:


Show and Tell - My Old Dolls

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell Today I'm showing my old dolls from my childhood. This little curio cabinet they are displayed in is in our "craft/bear room!"

A few of my old dolls are still in pretty good shape, but I really did play seriously with my dolls! On the top shelf, right side, (behind the little carriage) are little twin boy and girl dolls! On the top, left side, the tiny baby doll in blue wasn't mine, it's a little baby doll stuffed with styrofoam beads. I gave it to my mother a few years before she died. She loved dolls too.
I'll talk about what's on top of the curio cabinet at another time!


Master Bedroom (more)

To answer questions about yellow roses in the master bedroom - here's one! This hatbox is on top of the TV armoire in the MBR.

The hatbox vignette on top of the TV armoire.

And for those inquiring minds -- the sheets on the bed are yellow, with pink cabbage roses!! I'm sorry the above picture is so small, I don't know how to make it larger! Someone wanted to see a close-up of the pillows on the bed, I hope you can see them.


What I love about our home....

Becca told us about Karla's feature "What I love about my romantic home." I think I posted most of the things I love about our home when I shared my yellow rose collection last week! The master bathroom was shown and it is very romantic with the candlelier above the Jacuzzi. I think our guest room is also romantic with the antique iron (gold leafed) bed.

Above is a photo of the bed in our master bedroom. I made the window treatment a few years ago and have never tired of it. The gold "sheers" behind is actually a gold lace tablecloth. The swag on top of the drapes has entwined floral and gingham fabrics together. Silk hydraneas and other faux flowers are on top. The truth of the matter is: I didn't have enough fabric to make drapes to the floor or a valance, so I had to improvise with all this!

I hope this also shows that my house isn't totally yellow and/or completely full of yellow roses, tea cups, and tea pots!! LOL! If you haven't seen the rest of our house, I invite you to visit last Sunday through Friday to see other favorite things I love about our house!



TeaCups Full of Treasures

This beautiful little book was given to me recently by a dear friend who knows how much I love teacups! Not only does it show beautiful teacups, but it also shares the names of God and the meanings on each page.God is our Healer is especially meaningful to me and my husband, as we are claiming this for him. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that he has lymphoma and has been undergoing chemotherapy, and now radiation. God is the Great Physician! He created us and will bring order to the chaos!!

We are revived, refreshed, invigorated, and satisfied!

We are not afraid!! He is the One who overcomes darkness!!

The author of this book tells about her grandmother collecting tea cups and how she has tea with her, choosing the tea cup she wants tea in. They discuss the story of the tea cup. These tea cups were her grandmother's cups.
We are watered, fertilized, and pruned. God's power is unlimited! He provides ALL that we need!
The author says, "The Bigle, like my grandmother's cabinet, is filled with beautiful treasures. Among them are the many names of God. Each name reveals a part of His character. Learning His attributes and meditation on their meanings allows us to know Him more intimately." (Mary Grace Birkhead)
These are just a few tea cups shown, some of the verses are from the Old Testament, some from the New Testament. I hope you enjoyed reading some of the names of God, and will claim one of all of them for yourself, as we have.


Yes, More Yellow Roses!

I know you won't believe it, but I found a few more yellow rose items! This cute little demi cup and saucer didn't want to be left out!

I didn't win the Yellow Rose Contest, but I met a lot of new friends through it, and saw a lot of beautiful yellow rose items!

Congratulations, Rhonda won. For details see Polly's blog

Here are a few other yellow rose things I have:Left to right, clockwise: Memo holder (from Janet), small address book, and note pad (from Arlene). Large address book and the bottom rose keeps a key hidden inside, it's too pretty to put outside, so I keep it inside! It is also from Janet! I also have a LOT of yellow rose note cards and stationery.
This is just about all of my yellow rose collection, except for my yellow rose hankies, I'll save those for another time!


Show and Tell - Yellow Rose Window

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell - I'm combining Show and Tell with a contest I'm in today. is having a contest with blogs showing yellow rose items. I collect yellow rose things and have so many I've been showing them since Monday. I invite you to see all my collection too.

My husband made the stained glass window shown above. It is in the guest bathroom in our home. He learned to do stained glass just so he could make this for me! I just love it!! Thanks, Sweetie!

I have always loved yellow roses. My prom corsage was yellow roses. My wedding bouquet was yellow roses. My husband brings me yellow roses often.

I became a yellow rose collector later in life, just couldn't resist most items with yellow roses. A lot of my collection are gifts from family and friends. When I started collecting tea cups, after I had so many I decided to only buy cups and saucers with yellow roses on them. I hope you enjoy my collection shown below. I have a few items in several rooms of the house, I have shown them grouped together in separate rooms.

Yellow Roses in the Guest Bathroom

This print of a darling little boy holding yellow roses is hanging in our guest bathroom. I have three grandsons so this is very endearing to me!A wicker shelf is next to the vanity in the bathroom. I have a few yellow rose items on the shelf.

Another view of the bathroom. A white bird cage is filled with greenery and a few yellow roses.

Close-up of top shelf: Square yellow rose candle (from Janet!) on the left, framed vintage yellow rose postcard (center) Silk voltive holder on the right (from Marlene.)

Yellow rose topiary on the bottom shelf. A gift from Barbara and Kevin.

Embroidered yellow roses on hand towels. Displayed on a wicker stand on the vanity.

Yellow roses candle holder sits on the ledge on the tub, beside a vase of silk yellow roses.

Towels with yellow roses embroidered on them, hang over the tub.

Towels stored inside a plant stand. If you look closely you can see the yellow towels are embossed with rose design.

Yellow rose buds on these towels.

Yellow Roses - Miscellaneous

How could I resist this pretty set above? It is a demi sized cup and saucer.

Last year our decorating group had a gift exchange. Gwen drew my name and she sent me some many nice yellow rose items. The vase and dish above are from her! Thanks, again, Gwen!

Gwen also gave me the beautiful yellow rose crocheted runner. It is on my jewelry armoire in the master bedroom.
This yellow rose topiary print hangs in the hall between the master bedroom and bathroom. (It hangs straight on the wall. Ha!)

This little bear in yellow velveteen overalls has a yellow rose in her hair, and as buttons on the overalls. Her name is Rosey (yellow Rosey!)

This lovely ceramic yellow rose pin was also a gift from Gwen! The rose is more yellow than it looks in the picture.

Another ceramic yellow rose on a pin. The little earrings are also ceramic.


Yellow Roses in the Master Bath Room

This is the window in the master bathroom. It has a grapevine garland with yellow roses above it. The candlelier hangs over the Jacuzzi tub.
This yellow rose pitcher and bowl is on the small vanity in the master bathroom.

Longshot view of this side of the master bathroom. You can see the high shelves above the closet and on the other side leading into the bathroom.

(Below:) Yellow rose toothbrush holder!

This crystal compote holds yellow rose soaps. This sits on the larger vanity.
The yellow rose candle, the small crystal dish of yellow rose soaps, and vintage perfume bottle sits on the smaller vanity beside the pitcher and bowl.

The triple rose planter sits on the window sill.
This pretty little yellow rose swan is on a shelf in the "water closet." I love the yellow rose on her head! I won this on Ebay!

This little yellow rose mini purse is also on the shelf in the water closet.

Yellow Roses in the Kitchen

This is the yellow rose china I wish I had more of. I didn't find it until a while after we bought the yellow Fiesta china. I only have two salad plates and two cups and saucers of this. Someday I may try to find more on the net.
This is the tea cup holder I have sitting on my kitchen counter (under the cabinets) These are the china yellow rose tea cups I use often.

Another view of the tea cup holder. It holds eight cups. The saucers are in the middle and on top.
This is what I wake up to each morning. My husband has this waiting for me, water in the hot pot, all I have to do is push the button! He is an early bird, gets up at 5:30 or so. I'm a night owl and sleep later than he does.
My husband spoils me!!

Yellow Roses in Guest Room

My yellow rose tea pot is displayed in the guest room on a wrought iron bed tray.
The yellow rose teapot, displayed with a yellow tea cup and a book on lace.

When my husband heard that I wanted a yellow rose tea pot, he set out on a mission to find one for me! We finally found this one at an antique store in St. Augustine, FL.

The valance on the window in the guest room is made from old lace curtains and has a yellow rose garland at the top. These fabric pieces are just tucked over the top of the rod. Don't ever throw old lace away, it can be used in many ways!

I found this lamp at an antique store and even though I didn't need a lamp, had to buy it because of the yellow roses on it. These tiny roses are very delicate raised 3-D roses. I put the roses on the shade.

I made the yellow rose tapestry pillow (above) with a table runner. It was real easy and you can make two from one runner. The pillow with the bow next to it is filled with lavender.
If you would like to see the whole guest room, check my former posts in the archives! I wish I knew how to put that right here so you could click on it, but I'm technically challenged! If anybody would like to teach me how I will try to do it!