New Nutcracker

I want to share a recent purchase I'm enjoying. I'm joining Marty's Tabletop Tuesday, click on her name for lots more fun!

I ordered this Jim Shore Nutcracker from QVC a couple of week's ago. I seldom ever watch QVC, but couldn't sleep one night and turned on the TV, there he was!

I like the detail artwork Jim Shore does. I think it is perfect for The Nutcracker!
I have just taken down my fall decor and will start Christmas decorating this week. This Nutcracker will be included in a special place, maybe here among these candle holders:

Maybe here on an end table:
I won't know until I get the other decorations out.

I have always liked Nutcrackers, The Nutcracker Ballet, and The Nutcracker books. I have three books that I bought, mainly because of the artwork in them.

This pretty book, by Illustrator Susan Jeffers, has glitter on the cover:
I found it at Books-a-Million after Christmas last year at 50% off, which made it only $8.50!

I will share a few pages from each book:

Isn't this a beautiful book!

Here's another one:

This one is E.T.A. Hoffmann's Classic Tale illustrated by Gail DeMarcken. I found this book at T.J. Maxx for $12.99.
Such detailed artwork, look at everything in the curio cabinet!

This is the first one I bought, it's an heirloom edition, illustrated by Don Daily.

The book mark has a Nutcracker charm on it!

Which is your favorite artist?

Do you have a Nutcracker, or any Nutcracker books?

This is one time I'm glad I couldn't sleep that night as I wouldn't have known about this Nutcracker!

Another reason I love Nutcracker soldiers is because my oldest grandson started collecting them when he was a little boy! It was fun buying them for him! His mother has now inherited his Nutcracker collection and enjoys displaying them.


I did it!

I did it!! I bought and wrapped all our Christmas presents and had them ready to send back with each family member when they returned home from their Thanksgiving visit with us!

Don't hate me! LOL! Believe me, the high postal prices drove me to do this. It was hard to get the shopping done, then everything wrapped, but I was motivated to save the postage since they had to be mailed.

My children and grandchildren helped me a lot by sending us their wish lists, and even included the links to everything! I ordered most everything from and they have free shipping!

Granted, there's no Christmas tree up, and we can't sit on the sofa in the living room, but it's done! PTL!!

I had planned to do a tutorial on how to tie these bows, it is pretty easy and good results every time!
The hardest part is having to put your own finger on the "knot" if my husband wasn't available (which was most of the time, because I did almost all of the wrapping after he went to bed!)

I also couldn't take pictures for the tutorial because I didn't have enough hands, and never thought to ask hubby to do take the pictures when he was available!

I will try to explain and hope you can understand. First, wired edge ribbon is a must. Second: cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the package, with enough to tie and have long tails left. Third: Cut a shorter piece of ribbon to make two loops by bringing the two ends together, overlapping the ends. Pinch in the middle of the loop. Fourth: Tie the long piece of ribbon around the package, pulling and tying together tightly. Fifth: Place the center of the looped piece of ribbon in the knot area, then pulling the long ribbon tails into a tight knot. Usually one knot is sufficient.
(Is that "clear as mud??" LOL!)

Fluff the loops out, and give shape to the tails.
Cut a "V" in the tails, or angle them.

(Note: This wired ribbon will flatten out for traveling then fluff back up later.)
I had a lot of paper and ribbon left from last year stored in the attic and wanted to make sure I used it up this year, so I ended up with a lot of different paper packages!

Last year my grandson was obsessed with Thomas the Train and I had a lot of that paper, bought too much, so a lot left over this year.

I bought it only for the Thomas the Train design, I must say I didn't like that it says "Happy Holidays!" as I'm very adamant about "Merry Christmas" instead of Happy Holidays.
These are only a few of five-year-old Caden's gifts!

Plus, he always gets a large can of popcorn! This one has the CARS movie theme.

I love Tow Mater, and of course, there's Lightning McQueen!

Neat story about these boxes below. We have had several of these decorative hard boxes in the family for years and each year we give them to someone! I like the design so I just tie bows around them.

Have you started your shopping and wrapping yet?
I don't usually start or finish this early, but I was motivated to not have to pay postage! Now you see why I have been so busy and not blogging lately!
Do you see your present??
I hope you didn't mind an early Christmas post. I haven't started decorating yet, we always wait until after Thanksgiving to start!

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family, I know I sure will!

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