50th Class Reunion!

May 23, 1958. "Kathy" (as my friends call me)

We are leaving for vacation, going to my hometown Huntsville, AL for my 50th High School Class Reunion! I can't believe it has been fifty years!
This will explain why I haven't been able to be online very much lately. I have been working on many projects for this trip! I'm chairman of the decorating for the reunion dinner (a retro theme!) I also coordinated a tea party to be held at a tea room there, and I've been making favors for this. I have been doing two different photo albums to take to the reunion. I have had to do alterations on some of the clothes I'm wearing there. ETC!!!
I'm very excited! I will see some classmates that I haven't seen in 50 years!
We will be gone about ten days. I'm not taking the laptop so won't be online the whole time!
Please pray with me that everything goes well! Thanks!

P.S. - if you get bored with my blog while I'm gone, go to the Ivy and Innocence brochure below, click on each of them to enlarge them, and read the cute stories about each person, and each business in Ivy.


OCR Tea Pots

Here are my Old Country Roses tea pots. They are displayed in the china cabinet. I never tire of the romantic OCR design.

This round OCR tea pot is more casual, it is a thicker china, not as dainty and delicate as the one above.

I have a few more tea pots I will show at a later date (they are blue!)

I have enjoyed taking part in LaTeaDah's Tea Blog-a-Thon! Thank you LaDonna for hosting it!

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday!



Show and Tell - Ivy Cove

Welcome to Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun. Today I am completing the Ivy and Innocence collection. This last part is of Ivy Cove, the little fishing village on the outskirts of Ivy town.
The Lighthouse at Ivy Cove
This is the largest piece of my Ivy and Innocence collection, and it doesn't fit in the curio cabinet I keep the rest of the collection in. This lighthouse is ten inches tall and the base is 7 inches wide. I display it in a spare room that has nautical decor.Back side of lighthouse.
Above are the pieces of Ivy Cove that I have.
The fish cart, front
The back side of the fish cart. Can you see the little lobster?
Left, is entitled "Yo Ho Ho." "Pesky Pelican" is on the right.
"Try Our Taffy" on the left. "Half a Mile to Ivy" on the right.
Back sides.
"Fish Tales" on the left. "Fisherman's Gear" on the right.
Back sides. I think the little kitties are so cute.
The boat is "S.S. Ivy." The sign is "Sail Away."
Other side.
Above is "Ross Harwell and Jimmy" I don't think he belongs in Ivy Cove, but I haven't shown him yet. I think he may be the toy maker. Below I have taken pictures of the Ivy and Innocence Pocket Guide. I think you can click on each of them and read the cute stories about each piece. Believe it or not, I don't have all the pieces!

Click to enlarge

I hope you are able to read the little stories of each figurine (if you have time!)

This is the curio I keep the Ivy and Innocence collection in (in my dining room.)

You can click on the above picture to see details.

I do have a few Christmas pieces of Ivy and Innocence, but they are packed away with the Christmas things. There's a small Nativity, a toy shoppe, and some town people.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the Ivy and Innocence collection.



Tea Blog-a-thon - Tea Pots, Part 2

I'm adding a few more tea pots to LaTeaDah's Hospital-i-tea blog-a-thon.

This is a favorite, one because I love violets and two, because one of my favorite aunts (Aunt Catherine) gave me this tea set for high school graduation 50 years ago! I have treasured it all these years! I love violets and have always wanted to have a "violet tea party," someday I will! You will hear more about my 50th Class Reunion, as we are leaving next week to go to my hometown (Huntsville, AL) for a celebration of this reunion! Now you know how old I am! ;-) Ha!
Here's a sweet tea pot that I found at a rummage sale the youth group at our church was having. I like it because it has the unusual morning glory spout! The tea pot wasn't priced, and when I asked how much, I was told "$3.00." I was excited thinking what a bargain, then thought maybe I would give them $5.00 since the youth group was raising money for a trip. I told my husband to pay them, and he gave them $20!! So much for my bargain, but my generous husband wanted to help out the kids in the youth group! It is displayed on one of my favorite books, "Morning Glory" by Lavyrle Spencer.

Above is a Sandy Clough tea pot. I bought it because it has yellow roses on it, and because it goes with the book shown above. I love all Sandy Clough things!

Above is a two-cup tea pot that is used often. The little violets kitty is a creamer.

I found this pretty little tea pot at an antique store a few years ago, it has a tiny rose on top for the knob.

I'm showing this London double-decker bus tea pot just for fun. I gave it to my friend who collects unusual tea pots from England.

I have a few more tea pots, I hope to show them tomorrow.



Tea Blog-a-thon - Tea Pots

"The Pouring Teapot" is the theme on LaTeaDah's Tea Blog-a-thon. Go there for lots more fun! This week is all about sharing about teapots. Do you have one? two? or three? maybe more? Is it for display only or do you use it for tea? What is the tea server you use most? Your favorite teapot (or is it something like a quart jar?). Tell your teapot story, give it's history, and tell what it means to you. You can share more than once if you'd like. Antique, new, Asian, English, or something in between --- we'd love to know!
First, I'm sharing my favorite tea pot - a yellow rose tea pot (of course!) I told my husband I "needed" a yellow rose tea pot. He loves to have a mission to find something, so he set out to find me a tea pot with yellow roses on it. He finally succeeded when we went to an antique store in St. Augustine, FL (30 miles north of where we live.) I keep it displayed on a bed tray on the bed in our guest room, but I do use it when I have tea parties.

I'm not sure what "Pouring Tea Pot" is, but I'm wondering if it means a tea pot you actually use to serve tea, not just a tea pot for display. Below are tea pots I use only for display.

This Old Country Roses bunny tea pot is displayed in my china cabinet with my OCR china.
This little blue bird tea pot was used in a centerpiece during Springtime.

I like this little blue tea pot because it has tea room on the tag.

I sometimes use it in a vignette like this:

I have a few more tea pots I will share later.

Thanks to all of you for the sweet birthday wishes!



A wonderful birthday!

What a wonderful birthday I had today! I attended the tea party at the neighborhood Women's Club. The food was delicious, and it was all very enjoyable!

We took our own tea cup and I chose this black and yellow rose tea cup to compliment my outfit.

Some of the decorations near the dining room.

The best surprise was that I won "Most Elegant" in the hat contest! Below I'm with the other winner and the judges.
The other winner was "Most Clever" below:
The prizes were great - we each won a $25 gift certificate to Shakespeare's Tea Room here in town!

Here's the clubhouse where the tea party was held:

My husband was so happy to see me wear the dress he bought me! He took lots of pictures!

It was indeed a wonderful birthday!!



Hat Decorating Contest

I decorated this hat today because tomorrow I am going to a large tea party and there is a hat decorating contest. I am not a competitive person, so I don't care if I win or not. I didn't decorate the hat elaborately, I just decorated it to match the outfit I'm wearing tomorrow. I posted about the dress about two months ago, I'm finally going to get to wear it!

Below is a picture of the hat before it was decorated. I've had this hat for years. It was actually too big for my head. I decided to fix it and used sticky velcro inside to make it smaller. No, I'm not going to velcro it to my head!!! I left both pieces of velcro stuck together! It works, now it is almost too small!

Here's the two-piece dress I'm wearing tomorrow. It came with the cameo pin on it. I also added a cameo to the hat.
Tomorrow before the tea I'll have my husband take a picture of me in the dress and the hat, if they turn out okay I'll post them tomorrow night. I'll also take pictures of the tea party if I can.


Later this week I'll start posting pictures of my tea pots, as tea pots are the subject this week on LaTeaDah's Tea Blog-a-thon.


Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go to There's no Place Like Home for more fun! Today I will tell you a sad story about an antique tea set. I received the child's tea set from my grandmother, she had acquired it in a box of antiques that was left in a house she bought, so it was very old. I had the tea set displayed on a little shelf in my daughter's room. The tea set had two plates, two cups and saucers, a tea pot, and sugar and creamer. Each piece had a different nursery rhyme on it. One sad day the shelf fell off the wall! All but three pieces were broken beyond repair. I cried as I picked up the pieces. My husband thought I was nuts for sure!! That was many years ago, before mosaic was popular (I could have used the pieces to make a mosaic!) I kept these three pieces, couldn't bear to throw them away. I wish I had a happy ending to this story, but I don't!

I'm continuing to share my Ivy and Innocence collection. This is the town restaurant.
This is "Antonio" and the "Olde Mill Restaurant."

The side of the restaurant.

The back of the restaurant.

This piece is "Table For Two." "Antonio" is the server. Notice the little kitty!

The backside. I think the little kitty is so cute! Also notice the tiny bows on the chair cushions!

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of the Ivy and Innocence collection. Next week I'll show the last set of the collection, along with the case where all of my Ivy and Innocence collection is displayed. I showed it at the beginning, but some have asked me to show it again. For more of the collection, go to the April posts of my blog.