Fall Decor

I'm late posting my fall decor, but better late than never!
I couldn't find time to edit the pictures, so I decided
to post them unedited. Some are too yellow,
some too light, etc., but here they are!

 I decided to add faux cotton to everything. Here's the dining room
centerpiece. Velvet pumpkins and leaves with the cotton.

This pillow is the only thing I purchased this year.

It's on the living room sofa. I have two more to add,
but have to sew them yet!

I think it is so pretty!

I added more to this centerpiece on the living room coffee table.
 I found this unusual fruit at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

 The end table

I've been seeing pumpkins displayed like this so I had to do one too!


Bombay chest decor:
 Living Room

The wire pumpkin:
 I've had the wire pumpkin for years!

I added the faux Japanese Lantern stems to the vase:

The tiny white flowers barely show up here:

 This stand is beside the computer armoire where I'm typing:



My grandmother's antique clock
plus her baby picture framed:

 The arrangement is on the hall tree in the foyer:

The Family Room:
 I added a white glass pumpkin and faux cotton to the centerpiece:
 Colors aren't true, I took it at night!

Close-up of pillows:

I added faux cotton to this vase:

My present color scheme of orange and red (and white)
works well this fall!

End table:

Colors are too light here!

This is the beaded pillow I bought last year:

This pumpkin decor was popular last year
so I bought the faux succulents to do one this year: 


 The Breakfast Nook:
I added faux cotton to the present centerpiece:

If you look closely you'll see the vase has two birds:

 My little vintage look Trick or Treaters!


View of the hall:
 The Scarecrow I painted a few years ago:

 The niche:

Antique bible, white dove, burlap rose: 

More faux Japanese Lantern stems:

This blue mercury glass pumpkin is in the master bedroom:

I put the purple polka dot black cat and witch
shoe on the tea cart with my yellow depression glass:

I'm linking with Susan's Met Monday, click on her name for
lots more inspiration.

Happy Fall Y'all!!


Yellow Tulips!

 My oldest daughter and her husband came last weekend
to celebrate my birthday! She came in with 15 fresh yellow tulips!

I took pictures outside on our porch.
I'm sorry to say I didn't get any pictures of
my daughter, Alyson!

The tulips stayed so nice, I took a picture
every day!

I think this was Day 3!

I kept taking them back out to the porch
so the true colors would show.

I couldn't believe they didn't open or droop 
like tulips usually do!

See my wicker swing on the left?
I get a lot of "porch therapy" right there!

View from the top:

 I just like this silouette picture:

Day 5:
We enjoyed Alyson and Dave's visit
so much! In addition to Alyson taking me
shopping to buy clothes, 
she and Dave cleaned out our attic! Yay!

 They also took us out to dinner!
Sure hated to see them go.

 Day 6: 
Soon the tulips will go, but
I'm amazed they never did open out!
I enjoyed them so much!