Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Nativity Collection

I will share a few of my Nativities and ways I display them.

I didn't get finished with sharing all my Christmas decorations. I leave Thursday to spend Christmas with my new grandson, Caden!

When I return I will continue sharing my Christmas decor. Including the tea cup tree, teddybear tree and my Christmas tea pots. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

This is my favorite way that this Nativity is displayed. I do something different with it every year.


I bought this unusual Nativity at Walmart last year, it is a favorite too!

Mother and Child

I also like statues of Mary and Baby Jesus. The top photo is a Fontani figurine.

Nativity Christmas Card

I sent these Christmas cards several years ago. I liked it so much I framed it and display it every year.


My husband bought me this Fontani Nativity in Italy, it's my favorite one!


Nativity displayed on small doll curio in the living room


Top: My favorite Nativity displayed on faux greenery. Bottom: Small Nativity displayed on a stone candle holder.


Top photo: Angels adoring Baby Jesus. The angel is moveable. This Nativity is displayed on a small basket, turned upside down.

Bottom Photo: The Three Kings adoring Baby Jesus . This Nativity is displayed on a small mirror.

Nativity Music Box

Nativity music box

Nativity Tree

Nativity Tree is on top of the curio cabinet in the dining room. I collect Nativities of all sizes and have enough ornaments to decorate this small tree!


Nativity Tree

Nativity Tree

Bottom photo: A Nativity carved from wood.

Nativity Tree Ornaments

Ornaments on the Nativity Tree. I bought the Noel ornament at the church gift shop Sunday, it has a Baby Jesus on top and a little angel watching him. The Dreamsickle Nativity at the bottom is a part of my Dreamsickle collection.

Angel Tree

More of the trees with themes. This Angel tree is in the dining room beside the curio cabinet

Angel Tree

Top photo: the cotton ball angel with yellow yard hair was made by one of my daughters. The angel below, with the cotton ball "cloud" is one I painted. Bottom photo: I also painted the angel head/wings at the top, right side of the picture.

Angel Tree

Angel tree. I painted the pink angel at the bottom of the bottom picture and the angel head/wings at the top, left of the top picture.

Victorian Angel

I added this little Victorian angel to my collection this year. I think I found her at Ross or TJ Maxx.

Santa in White

I like this Santa all dressed in white and carrying a teddybear. He is about 5 inches tall and made of glass.

New Elf

Bought this cute little elf last week, I don't think he made it in the pictures of the Santa tree or whimsical tree. He's on the Santa tree!

Santa Claus in Yellow

Most of you know yellow is my favorite color. When I find a Santa Claus dressed in yellow, I must buy him! It's not often that I find yellow Santas. This big beautiful Santa all dressed in yellow velvet, even yellow boots, tugged at my heart! I found him last year at TJ Maxx and knew he had to come home with me! He is holding a gold glass ornament on a string, a book, a present, a horn and a scroll of music. He also has a Christmas tree slung across his back.

I display him on the bed tray in the guest room.

Father Christmas

This Father Christmas Santa ornament is dressed in yellow, so he was added to my collection! He is about six inches tall.

Yellow Santas

Yellow Santas on the dresser in the (yellow) guest room of our house. Some of the little Santas are on springs and are moveable. The little Santa front, right is white trimmed in yellow, and he is holding a year "2000" sign.

Yellow Santas

Yellow Santa on a cookie tin.

Yellow Santa painted on a sled. I bought it at a craft show a few years ago.

Victorian Santa

Victorian Santa head is on the Victorian tree. I bought him at Michael's.

Victorian Ornaments

Victorian ornaments on the Victorian tree that is in the living room in our house. Pink tassel angel on left, the pink bird (right of angel) is decorated so pretty.

Victorian Boy and Girl

Victorian boy and girl dressed in pink!

Victorian Doll

Victorian doll head is so pretty on the tree. You can find these at Michael's and they are on sale!

Victorian Santa

Victorian Santa is wearing pale yellow with lots of roses and lace. He is on the Victorian tree. I think he is so beautiful!

Little Girl Ornament

I bought this little Victorian girl ornament at Michael's this year. I always buy everything on sale! I like her because she is holding a teddy, and because her legs move!

That's a Nutcracker puppet ornament looking at her!

Santa's Gingerbread

I wanted this Chef Santa because he goes well with the gingerbread theme I have in the breakfast nook in our house. I bought him at Hobby Lobby a few months ago.

TV Armoire Decor

The top of the TV armoire in our family room is decorated like this every year, I like it so much I don't change it very much. This year I added the horn.

The little folk art Nativity on top of the TV is one of my favorites!


Mistletoe Tea Room

My kitchen has a tea room theme year round, I use this tea room and Victorian couple at Christmastime in our kitchen and breakfast nook.

Gingerbread Dolls

I like these stuffed Gingerbread dolls and bought them in honor of our two new grandchildren, Caden and Elisabeth! I had planned to display them on a child's wicker table and chairs that I have, but it is high up on a shelf and since Joe was gone skiing all last week he couldn't get the table and chairs down for me (it requires a ladder and a tall person!) I also bought a little gingerbread tea set to use. Oh well, I'll just have to do that next year! My time is running out and I am leaving soon to go to my daughter's for Christmas.

For now the gingerbread dolls sit in the chairs at the table in the breakfast nook. I named them "Ginger" and "Fred!"

Gingerbread House

This Gingerbread House was perfect to go with my Gingerbread theme in the breakfast nook. I found it last week at Dollar General.

Gingerbread People

Gingerbread people in the breakfast nook.

Gingerbread Theme Chandelier

Gingerbread theme on chandelier in breakfast nook. It is a little different this year, maybe I will post a photo of it later.

Breakfast Nook Table

Gingerbread decor table in breakfast nook. This was last year, I'll try to do a picture of this year's table and chandelier later. A string of gingerbread people are on the backs of the chairs.