New Look, New Front Door!

Last month we made a big change on our house! See the before and after below:

This is our OLD door:
Door Before, with Monogram Decor

Pardon the Halloween decor, it was hard finding the old color on our house!

Christmas Decor, but it shows how the yellow looked:


The dark rectangle is dark gray (not black)
 The gray rectangle was the inspiration we 
had to change the house trim to gray.

We changed the yellow trim to GRAY!
 Even the trellis on the arbor was re-painted to gray:

We had to cut our bouganvillia vine all 
the way back so we could paint the trellis in the arbor:
 The fuschia bouganvillia will grow back fast.
 You can see the vine trunks here:

The new gray trim gives the house a nice 
cool, refreshing look!

Keep in mind that this is early spring
and the plants and scrubs have not renewed yet.

 The bouganvillia is already growing back
and should be nice by summer.

 Here you can see the trees on our property:

These old pictures below have the yellow trim, it's hard to see it
The above pictures were taken after the hurricane
We didn't have much damage at all, PTL!

Yellow Trim and old door:
Yellow shutters:


 How the new door looks from the INSIDE:

The new glass door gives so much light in the house!
We just love it!

Maybe next time I will show you the inside of our house!

 Are you wondering where the door monogram is now?
 We hung the monogram of our first names and last name
over the TV, between two windows:
 It's hard to get a good picture because the high windows let in so much light

 The door from the inside at night:

I hope you enjoyed seeing our before and after!

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