Elisabeth's Tea Party

I'm going to try to have a tea party with Elisabeth each time we see her. I hope she will start to expect a tea party with "KK" each time we are together.

The day after Elisabeth's 2nd birthday we had a tea party. Fruit Loops were served along with "tea" (which was water.) I kept telling Elisabeth to pour tea, drink tea, etc., and she kept telling me "water!" I couldn't convince her it was "tea!" LOL! She really enjoyed her tea party, but I started having second thoughts about the "pretend tea" (water!) It flowed quickly and abundantly!!

Above, she is serving Pop-Pop "tea," notice the tea pot is upside down!! (Lots of water on the table!!)


Now, it's clean-up time -- I think she enjoyed cleaning up as much as the tea party!

Cleaning the table, next she cleaned her new wagon, and toys!

Now she is cleaning herself off!!

Elisabeth lives in Knoxville, TN, a 12-hour drive from here, so it may be Christmas before we can have another tea party! We may have "real tea" then!



Do you remember seeing the little pink tu-tu on my blog last month? Here is Elisabeth with it on! She loves it, and the jewelry, and tiara! She's our little girly-girl!!
KK is putting her necklace on her here.

Our little ballerina, on the go!


Elisabeth's 2nd Birthday

Our granddaughter, Elisabeth, loves Elmo and had an Elmo theme for her 2nd birthday party. She and Caden are two weeks apart, and live in different states.

Lots of Elmo things, including a giant Elmo balloon (above, top left)
We gave Elisabeth and Caden these big stuffed Elmo's last Christmas.

If you have followed my blog a while you may remember we gave her this little plaid dress with Scotty dogs on it.
Her daddy dressed her and we discovered later that the dress is on backwards! LOL! Luckily it looks good in front and back! She is a girly-girl and loves the jewelry I gave her. She has it on here. She is also playing with a set of paper dolls, these were so neat, real thick, and magnetic to stick onto the doll!

Below Elisabeth is eating her birthday cake with a spoon, and a fork!

Can you see the small spot of cake frosting on her nose!
Elisabeth enjoyed her party, for a few days afterward every time she woke up from sleeping she would say, "My birthday!" We were so surprised at how much she had changed in the six months since we had seen her.



Show and Tell - cupcake party

Your are invited to a party!

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, click on her name to see many more fun things.

I have been waiting to show my grandson's birthday party, and now decided to share it on Show and Tell since it was a bit unique. My daughter, Ashleigh loves cupcakes and did her son, Caden's birthday party with the cupcake theme. I wondered if she would be able to find cupcakes that weren't done in pink, but look at all she found!

Ashleigh made this large cupcake shaped cake from scratch! She bought a big cupcake cake pan. The bottom was on one side, and the top part on the other side of the pan. It is two pieces put together. She put a round cardboard between them to make it easier to slice.
You can see how big the cake is by comparing it with the regular sized cupcakes. Also look at the cupcake confetti on the table. The color scheme was blue and green.
Cake, ice cream, tiny crackers, and cupcake-shaped cheese slices were served with juice.

Above is the cupcake shaped cheese cut with the little cupcake cookie cutter.

Cupcake banner. She also had cupcake clings stuck on the windows and glass door.

Cupcake balloon with the green and blue balloons

The party favor bags

The goodie bags contained cupcake stickers, blow-out whistle, cupcake zipper pull, cupcake cookie cutter, cupcake magnet, cupcake lollipop, and special green and blue M&Ms.

Close-up of the cupcake cookie cutter, cupcake zipper pull, cupcake magnet, and cupcake lollipop.
The M&Ms have "Caden is two" on one side, and his picture on the other side! Can you see his little face? Below is a close-up.
The party was held at Kindermusik (at the Fine Arts Academy) You can check to see if there is one in your area, they are all over.
The little kids played musical instruments, and sang songs with animation. They even sang some songs in Spanish and German! They had so much fun! Notice he has a little cupcake pin on his collar.
The game above is a "parachute" game to keep a ball bouncing on the parachute. They loved this!

The cake and refreshments were served on these little trays.

Ashleigh's shirt even had cupcakes on it!

Below is a cupcake game she found online.
He matches up the stars, moon, etc to each cup in the "pan." Cute and educational.

Below is Caden's giant inflatable cupcake! We use it yearly to measure his height.

The "birthday boy" cupcake below is on a little t-shirt he wore to day care

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these birthday party ideas, maybe you can use them for your child or grandchild. Our granddaughter, Elisabeth, had her 2nd birthday two weeks after Caden. She had an Elmo theme. I will show her party photos in a day or so. I also have cute pictures of her in the tu-tu I gave her, and pictures of the tea party we had with her.


Below is a picture of Caden reading his ABC book with "KK" before bedtime. He just loves it! All my grandchildren call me KK.



Ceekay tagged me for a meme of listing five embarrassing songs I like. I honestly couldn’t think of five, but I finally thought of three.

The first is “Boot Scoot Boogie” by Brooks and Dunn. It really isn’t embarrassing to me that I love it, but some people do make fun of my love of some country music. I just love the beat of this song! When I was single, I tried a little line dancing. This was my favorite dance! I don’t know how to put the You Tube on here, but here’s the link, see if it stays on your mind all day! It will sure make you happy! I also played a few other songs by them, and love them!

The second is Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. I still like that silly song! It was a hard line dance, for me, I don’t think I ever did get the hang of it!

The third embarrassing song is “Swingin.” The story of why I like this song: I went to junior and senior high school with Lionel Delmore who wrote this song. He was even president of our senior class. At our recent 50th reunion, we honored his memory, and sang the song! He passed away in 2002. His father and uncle were “famous” Delmore brothers country music singers, who had hits such as Beautiful Brown Eyes (that they wrote.) To continue with the story – when Lionel and I were in 7th grade, he had a crush on me. He would bring his guitar to school and the teacher would let him sing. Once he looked right at me and sang “Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes!” (I have brown eyes!) I was soooo embarrassed! We never dated (when we were old enough to) but we were friends. The hit song "Swingin" is sung "swanging!" Have any of you ever heard this song?

Here are some websites you can read about Lionel.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you have some embarrassing songs, please share them with us, and let me know you did!


Note: The boots above are the ones I used to wear back when I was line dancing, I can't bear to part with them! I also have a little short skirt (above the knee) that I used to wear, doubt it still fits, but I kept it too! I might add that my Brooklyn born husband doesn't care for country music, he teased me when he saw me with them on today, but I think he enjoyed seeing them! LOL!



The Poconos

I think I will share a few photos taken while in the Poconos, PA. Above is the condo where we stayed. It was on three levels! Below are the steps we had to climb up to get to the condo!! (No elevator!) Can you say EXERCISE!!

Below is a picture of the Shawnee Inn which was nearby, we had several meals here and when to The Three Tenors concert here. I really like this historic inn. Click on the highlighted area for photos. They had many framed photos of celebrities who used to visit here regularly - President Eisenhower, Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan, etc. Click here for history of Shawnee Inn.

The Shawee Inn sits on the Delaware River. Below is Joe in front of the river.

Here I am. Joe wanted to canoe down the river, but I declined!

He leadeth me beside the still waters. Ps. 23:2
I really like this picture of Joe, below!
Today I started getting back into my routine, went to our Faith Sharing Group this morning.

Would you believe there is another tropical storm headed toward us!?? At church yesterday we were told to pray boldly, well I guess praying against storms is pretty bold! That's what I'm doing! Not just for our area, but for all the poor people who are still flooded from the last storm, I don't know what another storm would do to them. My daughter had more wind/rain and damage than they expected in Tallahassee (west FL.) They lost power for 25 hours, and their yard is still flooded, a few leaks inside their house, and some damage to their new wooden floors!
I hate to ask you for prayers again......but, we need them!!

Thank you!



The Storm

The Tropical Storm Fay has finally left us, in our area!! She was so rude and stubborn, hanging around for days when she wasn't wanted, like a bad houseguest who comes to visit uninvited, and won't leave!!

I give the Lord all the glory, our prayers were answered! I just can't get the TV radar picture out of my mind, seeing the storm raging all around us, for many hours we were right in the middle with nothing going on! I feel it was God's hand of protection! For the most part we didn't have any problems, just the inconvenience of power outages, and that didn't last very long each time it went out, which was about ten times! The lake behind us is overflowing, but we are up high and safe from flooding. Debris from the trees is all over the streets and yards, a few small trees toppled over, a few pool screen cages down, but nothing severe. I feel badly for all the people north and south of us who had it so much worse than we did. Now Fay is in the area where my daughter lives (in Tallahassee.)
We were even able to go out this afternoon, I was able to keep my appointment to get my hair cut (it's been six weeks!) We also went for a Chinese lunch! Good to get out after being inside for two days!
I always hesitate to boast about answered prayers since it could hurt someones feeling about why weren't their prayers answered in the same way?! It remains a mystery, but I am so thankful and grateful we were protected from damage! I'm also thankful for all of you who prayed for us.
I forgot to explain about the poor quality of the Show and Tell photos of the ABC books below. It was difficult to get the pictures since the plastic page protectors caused a shine on the pages, we had to take the pictures without the flash. We were also getting ready to leave and didn't have time to work much with them!



Show and Tell - ABC Book

I hadn't planned on participating in Kelli's Show and Tell since we are in the midst of Tropical Storm Fay right now here in Florida! We have been blessed with being in the center "donut hole" (what they are calling it, since it isn't a hurricane and can't be the "eye." We have had several power failures, but it doesn't stay off very long. I haven't been keeping the computer on because of this.

I'm really not prepared for a show and tell, but will share the ABC Books I made for both of our grandbabies for their 2nd birthdays.
I asked my husband to take pictures of the books together, to share with my Creative Memories group. I guess I should have done something a little fancier, but didn't think I would be sharing it on Show and Tell.
I'll share a few pages so you can get the idea of how to do this. I used a CM Sentiments photo album, and covered the pages with page protectors.

The G pages above are full because of all the grandmas and grandpa's!

My grandchildren call me "K-K" so I am on the K page!

Joe is called Pop-Pop by Elisabeth. Caden has his "PaPa" on the P page. Caden calls Joe "Big Joe" since that's what our big boy grandsons call him.

The S and T pages. Elisabeth has a picture of her first tea party on her page

The Y and Z pages. That's a yak. The picture is of Caden "yelling!"
I had a blank page on the last page, so I wrote a love letter to them, with a picture of me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the ABC book I made for the grandbabies. Perhaps you may want to make one for your grandchildren. I tried to use a picture of them on each page.
I'm not sure if we will have power tomorrow or not, if not, I won't be able to to reply to your comments.
Thanks for visiting!