Shakespeare's Tea Room

I was finally able to visit Shakespeare's Tea Room last Saturday. I was not disappointed, it was a very pleasant experience and I look forward to returning often.

Shakespeare's Tea Room

Shakespeare's Tea Room


This sign displaying the menu is outside Shakespeare's Tea Room.


Each table had a tea cup filled with fresh flowers as the centerpiece.


The padded menu was impressive, it has six pages including beer, wine, and champagne on the last page. I've never been to a tea room offering alcoholic beverages (which I don't care for.) I'm a true tea totaler!

Tea Menu

Tea menu. I chose the only decaffeinated tea offered. All teas are served in the tea pot and a strainer for the cup to catch the leaves. The leaves were almost powdery. I didn't like the leaves in the pot because it gets too strong too quickly. I asked for more hot water to weaken mine. The tea did have a nice flavor though.


I inquired about the difference in Shakespeare's Afternoon Tea at $14.95 and Shakespeare's High Tea at $19.95. The only difference other than the price was the High Tea came with a salad. The large salad with served with Vidalia Sweet Onion dressing, which was delicious. Had I known there would be more salad on the tiered server I would have chosen the less expensive. It was a lovely salad with mixed spring greens and lots of fresh vegetables.

Shakespeare's High Tea

I ordered Shakespeare's High tea, it was served on this three-tiered server. The top dish had a lemon square, a coconut brownie, mocha cheesecake, a cookie, and a cream tart.

The middle dish had a slice of spinach ham quiche, a small salad, three sandwich halves (egg, cream cheese/date, and curried chicken salad.

On the bottom dish two scones, one raisen and one plain, Devonshire cream, jam, lemon curd, and fresh fruit. And a swan shaped cream puff that had mint jelly under the cream!

Jan's choice

Jan ordered The Wimbleton, it has a small salad, three half sandwiches, and a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream with a chocolate cookie on top. She had Earl Grey tea.

Tea Time

Jan and Katherine

Dining room

Two views of the dining room. The chairs are black leather.

To go

Any leftovers were cheerfully wrapped to take home. I had so much food I had to take almost half of it home! The scone is wrapped to resemble a swan, which is a symbol used with the S in Shakespeare's. Little touches like this make the tea room very special!

Shakespeare's Gift Shop

The gift shop is adjacent the tea room. All of the gifts, tea cups, tea pots, teddy bears, foods, etc. are from England.


Shakespeare's Gift Shop

I love to purchase teas and lemon curd at Shakespeare's Gift Shop. The lemon curd is the smoothest and most delicious I've ever had!

Shakespeare's Gifts

Displayed in glass cases are the king and queen's china. The top shelf in this case shows the Queen Mother's bedroom dishes (I'm sure they were described this way!) They are a beautiful blue and white design. I forgot to take a picture of the kings dishes.

European Village

Shakespeare's Tea Room is located in a newly opened area in Palm Coast, FL where we live. It has many restaurants and gift shops. It's a fun place to go and some of the restaurants have outdoor dining when the weather permits.

European Village

Another view

European Village

One of several statues at European Village.

European Village

View of balconies above restaurants and shops. The condos above are privately owned or for rentals.

European Village

Another view.


Elisabeth's Nursery

Elisabeth's nursery is decorated with a Pooh bear and Friends theme.

Pooh Nursery

Pooh and friends coverlet. There is also a Pooh bumper pad, but wasn't on the crib when I took the picture.

Pooh and Eeyore

The large Eeyore stuffed animal is so cute!

Pooh's Garden Picture

Pooh and friends in the garden. Barbara and Kevin bought two large posters of Pooh at Disney World and had them framed. The two framed pictures cost a lot, but they are so pretty in Elisabeth's nursery!

Garden Picture

The Pooh garden picture is beside the glider rocker in the nursery

Pooh Lamp

Cute Pooh lamp and small Eeyore stuffed animal.

Pooh Fall Picture

Fall picture with Pooh, Piglet and Eeyoure, and Tigger.

Changing Table

The fall picture is above the changing table.

Pooh Cross Stitch

A friend did this cross stitch picture for Elisabeth's nursery.

Pooh Mobile

Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore will entertain Elisabeth in her crib.

Pooh and Piglet

Flowers for Baby

When Elisabeth was born Barbara and Kevin received these beautiful flowers from Kevin's workplace.


Kasie meets Caden

Caden's parents, Ashleigh and Shawn, have two parti-colored cocker spaniels. Kasie is 14 years old. Caden was born on her birthday, August 3rd! Kasie is old and can't jump, but she did jump up to greet Caden the day he came home from the hospital! She is a sweet dog and stays out of trouble!

Grady meets Caden

Grady is Ashleigh and Shawn's (almost) three-year-old cocker spaniel, she is very mischievous and was so curious about Caden. She would stick her nose in and out of all the cradle spindles trying to get a look at him! Here she gave him a big kiss before anyone could stop her!


Dody meets Elisabeth

Dody meets little Elisabeth.

Grampa Joe and Elisabeth's daddy, Kevin.

Elisabeth Rebecca!

Introducing little Elisabeth Rebecca!

6 pounds, 7 ounces, 18 1/2 inches long.

She looks like her mom - very Italian!

She's three days old here.

We tried to get a photo with her eyes open, but weren't successful!

Proud Grandpa!

Joe is thrilled to have a granddaughter!

Elisabeth is about 10 hours old here.


Caden's Nursery

Due to popular demand I am sharing photos of Caden's nursery. His dad painted the walls and his mommy and daddy did a fabulous job of decorating. I made the window valances! When asked what the theme is, they say if there's a theme it might be dogs. Ashleigh and Shawn are dog lovers and have two beautiful parti-colored cocker spaniels. They used many little dogs throughout the nursery.

My apologies to any of my blog readers if you aren't interested in baby decor! Please bear with this proud grandmother! I promise to get back to roses and tea things soon, but first.....I have to introduce our granddaughter, Elisabeth. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some nice photos of her, and her nursery!

Caden's Room!

Close-up of Caden's name on the wall, the letters are wooden. Notice the little doggie rattle bracelet hanging on the mobile.

The toy box

The crib and toy box.

At the end of the crib is a large basket on wheels holding receiving blankets.

The tan dog on the toy box is a night light, as is the little blue dog plugged in the wall.

Nursery bedding

I don't know a name for the bedding theme, I guess it is geometrical. The dust ruffle has a brown ribbon sewn near the bottom. That's a blanket across the side of the crib.


Crib sheet

A close-up of the crib sheet pattern and bumper pad. These photos were taken before Caden was born and toys were displayed in and around the bed.

Nursery Bookcase

The bookcase has storage baskets.

The bookends are little dogs. The door is the closet.

Doggie Rug

Little doggie rug is so soft! He is a watch dog for Caden!