Artsy Mall

We spent last week in Orlando. I kept seeing signs advertising the Artegon artsy mall, so we went to check it out. It was delightful, lots of arty decorations and unique shops. I took lots of pictures to share, but there's lots more to see than what is shown here!
The main entryway, it even had picnic tables outside.

We love the ways the hall walls were decorated. We didn't know the story of the uniquely painted walls, but guessed that artists of all ages did them.


Roller paint brushes:

You can see them at the top here:

Paint brushes (with paint on them:)

Empty paint buckets:

Paint bucket lids (with paint colors on them:)

Painted chairs:

String Art:



A for Artegon:

Painted Bowls:



Kitchen art:

There were several private art displays:


Joe writing on the black board:

He wrote: KK and Joe!

These caught my eye for sure:

Mannequin with birds as the dress, notice the empty bird cages at the bottom!

This one was done with butterflies!

And look at this butterfly mannequin!

Bucket art!
I liked this bucket art!


The kids section:
 Lots of gumball machines!

Large stuffed animals on wheels:

This must have been an art workshop set-up:
I think they had classes on weekends.

Oversized games. See the huge chess set:


The Sky Trail:
Zip lines and obstacle course in the sky!

Personally, I wouldn't want my child doing this, even though they have harnesses on.


 Some of the neat shops:

Everything in this shop was made from cardboard:

Of course I had to take pictures of the lacey type shop:

Dog shop:

 Cute as Clay pottery shop:

A fun place! It's like an inside arts and craft show, but it's permanent!