Decorating Birthday Gift Cont'd - Sewing Room

Sewing Room BEFORE
The twin bed headboard was against the wall on the right side of the room.

We moved the bed under the window to look like a daybed
A quilt is used for the spread:
The wire "cubes" taken from the office
are now used as storage at each end of the bed.
Some of Jan's handmade quilts are folded and
stored in the bottom of the cubes. 
Books and knick-knacks are on the top shelves.

BEFORE: the Martha Washington sewing cabinet is at the
end of the sewing machine station, below the quilt.

BEFORE: An antique dresser was on the right 
side of the room next to the bed:

AFTER: We moved the Martha Washington 
sewing cabinet to the opposite side of the room
It will soon have a small mirror above it:

The dresser has a vignette over it now:

AFTER: We left the focal point of the room
which is a handmade quilt by Jan displayed on the wall:

Voila! Beautiful organized sewing room!

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Master bedroom 

I hope you are enjoying seeing these transformations as much as I have enjoyed doing them for and with Jan!



Happy Easter! Vintage Bunnies Tablescape

I decided at the last minute to do a quick
Easter tablescape!
Meaning that we are going out of town tomorrow, so
it had to be real quick!

 I wanted to use the vintage look bunny plates one more time!
I found these adorable plates at World Market two years ago.
I think they may still have them, or at least some accessories.

I only used one plate on top of dark straw placemats.

 In keeping with the dark straw theme, I used
napkin rings that are made from dark beads.

  The subtle colors of the napkin match the colors on the plates.

 The centerpiece is done in a dark wood basket
using silk spring flowers.

 Doubled napkins give a cheery spring look.

It was late afternoon when I did this, so the lighting is not good!

From both sides of the table:

I'm joining Susan's Tablescape Thursday, click on her name for more inspiration.

Have a very Happy Easter!  

Jesus is Alive!



Decorating B'day Gift Cont'd - Office Makeover

Jan and I  have almost finished with her large office. I only took a few BEFORE pictures, forgot to take more.
Below is a BEFORE picture of the left side of the office
Notice the valance on top of the window.

Below is the right side of the office:
You can see a little of the valance on both windows above.

We removed the valances and now there's so much more light in the room!
 A wooden window treatment will be built on top of the windows
we will show those at a later time:
 Jan collects ducks and she wants to display them on a shelf above the window.

 The photo albums below were wrapped in plastic since
the last hurricane:

We unwrapped the photo albums and placed them on the
side counter of the office:
 They look so colorful and bright displayed there.
We also added a plate rack above them and a fall painting.

The table on the left was removed. We kept the other console,
but removed the picture above to another room.

 Jan collects ducks and they will be the theme of this room.
Jan's mother made the lamp many years ago.

 The Norman Rockwell picture represents
Jan's father who looked like the little boy
and he raised beagles (also shown in the picture.)

AFTER moving out the other piece of furniture
we placed this pretty green table under the window.

Family pictures are displayed on the table
along with one of Jan's orchids that she grows:

 The book shelf is more organized
and has more photo albums on the top shelf.

 There's a day bed on the opposite wall of the room:

This large picture hangs over the daybed:

By the way, look for these wire "cubes" soon in another
room that we are in the process of decorating now:

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I hope you are enjoying our transformations as much as we are! 
We are almost finished!
Jan's big birthday is April 8th!


Decorating B'day Gift Cont'd - Music Room & Laundry Room

 Jan calls this room her Music Room because it's where her piano is and dancing pictures. She has taught International Dance for many years and the pictures above the piano are mementos of these dances.

I forgot to take many pictures of the BEFORE of this room
this is one, as you can see we kept the dancing pictures above the piano:

AFTER: We added the square plate and the two tiny framed prints as
they were gifts from little girl Jan to her mother way back when!
One is of a little girl playing a piano and one is a little boy playing a trumpet.

The round glass table was removed (moved to Living Room)
The Blue velvet chair was also moved to the living room
The framed picture was  removed, as well as the Christmas tree!

Another picture with a lot of yellow was added because
it is so pretty with the yellow walls.

We also brought in this adorable metal cart:
 It had been in the breakfast nook.

Curio cabinet

I took several items out and
rearranged it differently:
Jan's mother had a beautiful collection of green Wedgewood 
that is displayed in this curio cabinet.

Moving to the opposite side of the room,
Jan has a card table where she works lots
of jig-saw puzzles!
She also reads a lot in this sunny room:

I forgot to take before pictures of this wall. It had the hibiscus
painting (now in the living room.)

We did a new vignette on the wall above the card table:

 She added the wall lamp over the table:
Thanks, to my husband, Joe for his help installing the lamp
along with the pictures and sconce.

 The lady and dog needlepoint picture was done by Jan's mother.
The needlepoint pansies was done by Jan.
The Hummel's on the sconce were from Jan's mother's collection.

 I also made this silk floral arrangement from an
outdated flower arrangement:

Jan loves these bright colors in the room:

BEFORE, right side:

Left Side,

Right side:

We moved the large metal sunflowers to the right side.

 From left to right:

Middle of shelves:



We hung the lone dandelion framed painting
along with a clay flower pot on a sconce.
Have you ever seen a painting of a dandelion before?

 Nice to have a window in the laundry room!
The antique flat irons flank the silk flowers
The bell chimes have butterflies on it.
Jan has her mother's collection of butterflies.

Two very cheerful rooms where Jan spends a lot of time,
we hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of these rooms.

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Future transformation posts to come:
Master Bedroom
Guest Room
Sewing Room

I hope you are enjoying seeing these transformations as much as I enjoyed doing them with Jan!