One Last Bling of Summer!

 I'm using "bling" for my one last bling of summer tablescape! Thanks, to Cuisine Kathleen for hosting our monthly challenges! Click on her name for lots more fun.

Inspiration for this came from these pretty bling napkin rings and ornaments that I found at Hobby Lobby last spring. They were only $2.99 and $3.99 each with 40% off those prices!
 I almost forgot I had them, and didn't want to miss using them this season, she wanted no "Fall" so I'm gonna brighten up things with Bling! Anyway I'm in no hurry to start fall, we are still hot here in FL!

The bling looks great with my clear dinner and salad plates, and on top of my wedding veil tablecloth.

 The crystal glassware and crystal look flatward pair really well with it all.

The green napkin ring looks lovely. I used four different colors, including a crystal.

Pretty in pink!

The flower shaped ornaments (have a ribbon on them, that's why I'm calling them ornaments!

 I used these for the centerpiece

I love the yellow!



               The Centerpiece:

I must confess I had a really hard time coming up with a centerpiece, this is the third one and I "settled."

Here's the first one, a crystal compote that I usually keep little soaps in the master bathroom:

It is filled with the clear glass flat marbles, and a necklace.

I just didn't think it was right.

Then I took it away and just used the assortment of crystal candlesticks. Tall tapers just didn't look good either, so I used them with a flat crystal marble on top.


Next I found this crystal bowl of glass shells in a bedroom, they are pastel, so I used it, placed on top of a short candlestick.

I didn't have a lot of time to work on this one.

So this one has to do.

Choose a place for you, will it be the blue napkin ring?

 Or green?

                                           Or crystal?

Or the pink?

                   Would you have chosen this centerpiece?

 I would have spent more time, but had to cut it short and take the pictures because I had to take the tablescape down right away! :-(  We are having the rest of our wood floors installed (four bedrooms) and this was taking place the next day, and we had to store furniture, ETC in the dining room with a ton of stuff on top of the dining room table!   I may put it back later when the mess is gone.

I'm also joining Susan's Tablescape Thursday, click on her name for lots of inspiration.  Thanks, ladies for hosting!

I hope you liked my One Last (Fling) Bling of Summer!



Fuschia is Fun!

Inspirations for this tablescape started with these napkins. When I saw the pretty fuschia flowers with the yellow roses I couldn't resist!


The price was right!

 And they look great wit the woven fuschia placemats (also from Home Goods.)

 I added white dinner plates and a bright yellow salad plate.

The yellow stripe flatware even works well with it!

I bought the fuschia glasses at TJ Maxx on sale for $1.50 each. I thought they were perfect, but in the pictures the color doesn't show up true.

The centerpiece is a small metal bucket from Dollar Tree. I filled it with fuschia silk flowers and the tiny flowers are a variation of the colors. I found those on sale at Michael's.

 The little fuschia colored votive holder is from Hobby Lobby.

It came together very nicely!

A special place for you!

It's still very hot here in FL and will be for probably about six more weeks, still time for summer type tablescapes, way too early for fall around here! Ninety-six degrees today!

I hope you enjoyed seeing more pretty summery colors! I'm enjoying looking at them!

I'm joining Susan's Tablescape Thursday, click on her name for lots more inspiration. I haven't done a tablescape in over a month! To see what I've been busy doing this summer (instead of doing tablescapes! Click HERE


Where have all my tablescapes gone??

I have been missing in action from blogging for a while now. I have been distracted from my usual tablescapes by using my dining room table for something else! There's a hint above!

Yes, I have renewed an old passion from years ago! Back in the 70s my number one hobby was painting. I stopped painting in 1982 when my life changed drastically and I had to go to work full time. I hadn't worked in 21 years, staying home raising our two daughters. Going back into the workplace was not easy, computers were new and I had quite a time learning how to use them - one of the many reasons I stopped painting. Long story short - fast forward 32 years: I decided to go to a painting class to see if I could still paint. What do you think?

 It's kinda like riding a bicycle, it comes back quickly!

Here's how it started - for Mother's Day and my May birthday my daughters gave me gift cards, one was from Hobby Lobby. I decided to use it on an oil painting kit:

And brushes:

I still had my old brushes, stored in this cute brush holder I made. See the 70s calico print fabric!

These are so neat the way they fold up:

The flap covers the brushes:
 Then folds together and ties for safe storage:

By the way, I had my 70s kitchen decorated in that red and yellow calico fabric, complete with ruffled tie-back curtains on the window. Really cute!

So my dining room table has been a bit too busy for tablescapes, but they will be back soon. I have one planned to join Cuisine Kathleen's August Let's Dish Challenge. I think the theme is "End of Summer."

I also have more plans of painting since I'm enjoying it again!

My husband loves the painting, he was surprised, maybe I was a little too!