Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Over the years I have done a different Thanksgiving centerpiece each year. This year I'm using my velvet pumpkins again. I added red roses with the velvet pumpkins on a woven tray.

A few years ago I used a lot of faux cotton in my fall decor. I added cotton to the velvet pumpkins, shown below:

Last year I purchased a Tobacco Basket and placed the Velvet Pumpkins in it along with velvet leaves. Shown below. Tobacco Basket is from Hobby Lobby.


Another year I just used faux cotton, silk Mum, a burlap rose and raffia ribbon in an oversized wooded tray.

I love that rustic looking wooden tray. Here I used this glass pumpkin on a purple shawl along with some beaded fruit.

One of my favorite centerpieces is this white ceramic cornucopia I found at a thrift shop back in the 90s. For years I kept it filled with white magnolias. I loved the white look for Thanksgiving!

I started to get tired of the same centerpiece with the magnolias, so I changed it a couple years ago and I've enjoyed having it different for a change. 

I kept a few of the white magnolias, but added other fall colors in with them. I like it like this as well!

The same day I bought the white cornucopia at the thrift shop I also bought this brown cornucopia. I have used it many different ways, here's the latest!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few ways I have decorated with these centerpieces and hopefully they have given you some inspiration.

Here's another centerpiece!

A large white pumpkin with a burlap rose and faux velvet leaves on top!

Happy Thanksgiving!



New Book!

My daughter, Alyson has a new book coming out this week! Isn't her design pretty! It's to write 365 bible verses about being "Satisfied" with our life. Are you satisfied with your life as is? Join us in writing daily bible verses!

This is what it looks like inside, blank places for you

to write the verses (they are also there as well)


  She also has included some of her bible verse designs

in the book for you to enjoy:

I think these two are so pretty! 


And, the one below is so creative as well!

I had no idea the bible had so many verses about 

being satisfied, did you?

I think these are so pretty and very meaningful verses. I don't think I've ever seen any Christian things available before on "Satisfied." Have you? I'm exciting about starting this book this coming year and writing a verse a day for 365 days!
The book will be available for pre-order Thursday, November 17th through Wednesday, November 25th. She will also have a drawing for a bundle that goes with it that can be won for those who pre-order. The bundle includes:


This is the magnet included in the bundle:

Choice of paperback or hardback books:

 I would love to have you join me in writing daily Scriptures! Believe me, it's addictive, and it will change your life. like it did mine!

Click here to pre-order this book: for Alyson's latest book!


Alyson has over 2000 followers! Many people enjoy writing bible verses and her designs. She has been given this gift from the Lord and we are very thankful! She is reaching and helping many people.
Please read: I have such a burden in my heart for my family and friends to also have this desire to read the bible and acquire the desire of writing the verses. It has made such a difference in my life to do this. It bothers me so much when my friends and family just pass them by and not say a word. My burden is that we are all going to need these bible verses "written on our hearts" in the future. If things are not turned around we are going to be in for a very rough ride in our lives, especially you younger ones. The world is changing, and not for the better. It is becoming very dangerous. It is a spiritual battle. We need these bible verses engraved on our hearts so we can remember them during spiritual battles. This may be new to some of you, but it's real. If you need help in this area, or just don't believe it, I am available to talk to you about it, just ask. I'm praying for my large family, and friends, not just my immediate family members.

 God Bless!



Three Decorated Faux Pumpkins

 Since my signature flower is yellow rose I decided I wanted to decorate a pumpkin with a yellow rose. I used faux velvet fall leaves and one light yellow rose. The faux pumpkin is light yellow with speckles. Since it is a Southern pumpkin it needed to wear pearls! LOL!

 The back side has dark leaves:
 Moving to the side:
From the top:

The front has lighter leaves:

The very top:

I displayed the Yellow Rose Pumpkin on top of

my Yellow Rose Tea Cart which also displays

my collections of yellow depression glass:

The top of the Tea Cart:

My Tea Cart is in the dining room:

I already had this large white pumpkin that I decorated with faux succulents last year. I put them in a safe place last year and haven't been able to locate them this year, so I had to redecorate the big white pumpkin this year.  I had this beautiful burlap rose and it works very well with more faux velvet leaves.

I display the white pumpkin on the end table

in the living room, along with a white

bird and faux leaves.

Living room coffee table has a wire basket with fall faux apple and pears in it.

The pumpkin pillow is embroidered with shiny thread!

Here's the last pumpkin I decorated. It is also a yellow/orange color. I had a sprig with acorns I attached to the top along with faux silk fall leaves.

I hope to show you more of my simple fall decorating in the next few days/weeks. I'm having a very hard time with the new blogger! Is anybody else having problems with it? Right now I can't figure out how to enlarge the photos!

I hope you enjoyed my fancy pumpkins!



Impromptu Tea Party!

What happens when a friend from your hometown in another state comes to visit? An impromptu Tea Party! Instead of going to a restaurant for lunch, or to the beach to eat on the picnic table (since it is still hot and steamy here in FL) we decided to throw caution to the wind and have a small tea party for two at our house!

My friend, Barbara came here to FL 

from our hometown, Huntsville, AL

I haven't seen her in two years, but we stay in touch on FB.

I set the table for two, using my Old Country Roses china

 I made some cucumber sandwiches and a few other things.

Egg salad sandwiches, assortment of tea breads, lemon curd pastries, and peach hot tea.

Ta da! Tea is served!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

We spent the entire afternoon chatting and looking at photo albums of our neighborhood and the school we both attended. How can you tell a real friend who loves you? She enjoys looking at your photo albums! True! Some people can't be bothered!

See those big smiles!

Lots of memories from days past! Many days, years!

Truth be known - we are old cheerleaders! You know we never stop cheering you on!
But, she is three years younger than I am!
Her story is that when I was a cheerleader, she always
watched me very closely and wanted to do what I was doing!
Then, three years later, after I graduated, she followed in my footsteps,
became a cheerleader just like me (three years, etc!)
She lived in the same neighborhood I did and I knew her sisters, but we didn't actually meet again until she came to FL a few years ago to visit her brother, and we renewed our friendship then. Every time she comes to visit her brother, we have to get together! We have a lot in common - kindred friendships!

Can't wait till next time!