Enjoying the Holidays

I'm not quite ready to take down my Christmas decorations as we are still enjoying it very much. My family was here until Tuesday and I took a little blogger break for the holiday. I'm sharing a few of my vignettes that I don't think you have seen. I did a lot of new things this year.
Inspiration for this vignette on top of the china cabinet started with this large Santa plate I bought for half price at Hobby Lobby back in October. (That's the chandelier on the right.)

I use the large wire deer each year and I usually have the Christmas tea pot and tray there as well.

The wall color below is more of a true color (it is "Wineberry" by Sherwin Williams.)

I bought this yellow Nativity, below, a few years ago and had planned to use it in a yellow rose arrangement. Below is a quick Nativity I put together at the last minute.

I displayed it on top of this trunk with yellow roses painted on it. (Trunk was from Ross.)

Below is another Nativity, this one in the living room:
I like to use the deer with the Nativities

The vignette on top of the computer armoire in the living room:

I added another deer to the vignette below:

The little angels peering in at Baby Jesus was a favorite:

I decorated the family room and breakfast nook with Santas so my four-year-old grandson, Caden would enjoy them.
The vignette above, is on top of the TV armoire in the family room.

Santas on the end table in the family room.

These Santas are on the little gate leg table in the breakfast nook:

Another vignette in the breakfast nook, on top of the bookshelf that holds my cookbooks.

Caden (below) is enjoying playing with the little tea room village scene in the dining room!
It was so much fun to see him enjoy hands-on with the Nativities and the Santas. I also have two older grandsons who were here as well. I teased them that they could also play with the decorations if they wanted to! ;-)

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of my decorations!

Wishing you a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

Yellow Rose Arbor

Old Country Roses Christmas Table

Since my Christmas dinner table will look almost like this I'm re-posting a tablescape I did last December 30, 2009. (I haven't set my table yet, we are still enjoying the White Christmas tablescape I posted last week (here.)

Thanks to Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursdays weekly! Go here for lots more inspiration.

Inspiration for this Tree Tea Party comes from my Old Country Roses "Seasons of Color" plates. This plate design is a OCR Topiary Tree.

Posted December 30, 2009:

I have a tea time tree in the dining room with many small tea cups, tea pots, etc. on it, so this tree is also inspiration for the tree tea party.

I have a Tea Room Village set up in the dining room as well:

What better time for a tea party than right after Christmas, tea parties are very relaxing!

I used this large gold mercury glass vase for the centerpiece,
filling it with red and yellow silk roses.

The gold doesn't show up well since the reflection from the tablecloth is on it!
The two shoes filled with roses are candles!

Each place setting has a gold charger, Old Country Roses plate, and a Seasons of Color salad plate, an Old Country Roses tea cup and crystal water goblet.

The napkins have pink and red roses similar to the OCR rose pattern on the dishes.

My Old Country Roses tea pot serves Holiday Tea to the guests

Won't you join us for tea?

Where would you like to sit?

I had planned to show close-ups of the mini ornaments on the tree, and close-ups of the Tea Room village, plus some of my other small tea rooms and mini tea sets, but I ran out of time!

My husband and I spent the afternoon and evening on a fun date, first we went to the movies and saw "Blind Side." We highly recommend you see this movie, it is wonderful! Very inspiring!

After the movie he took me to Hobby Lobby! Then we went to Applebee's for the "Two for Twenty" special! A very enjoyable time together (to see my sweet hubby, scroll down to the next message!)

It was 9:30 when we got home and I still had to load the tea party pictures, etc. This is why I'm "late" posting, and why I decided to omit the close-up pictures. I will post them this weekend if you would like to return to see them.

I hope you enjoyed my Old Country Roses Topiary Tree Tea Party!

Have a Happy New Year!
God Bless.



Table Top Tuesday

I joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday with some of my Christmas decor. Click on Marty's name for lots more inspiration. Thanks, Marty for hosting!

I decorated the top of my computer armoire by adding to what was already there.
You may remember I also decorated it for fall a few months ago.

I added musical instruments and two figurines playing instruments.
I left the green table runner as a swag on the corner.

This is a new Nativity vignette. I bought the Nativity at Home Goods for only $7.99.
I like the deep colors on their garments. I also like this size to make gifts with.

It is displayed on top of my doll curio cabinet. I keep my Madame Alexander doll collection in this curio.
Simple decor, but very meaningful.

This is a different color, dark, but I like the way it turned out!

Those of you who saw my Nativity collection saw the little angels with Baby Jesus displayed in other ways. This year I created a new vignette with them!
I wish I had had this one ready in time for Marty's party.

See the little angels peeking inside to see Baby Jesus!

View from the top:
This vignette is on top of the living room coffee table which is a Butler's Tray table.

Another Nativity on the bottom shelf of the table!

Baby Jesus on a small crystal cake stand lying on top of lace (instead of straw!)

This Nativity is always display in the niche at Christmas time. I try to change it each year. This year I used a paper rose on the bible.

This year I'm decorating for a special person -- my four-year-old grandson, Caden will be here and I've changed a lot of my decor to appeal to him, nothing breakable, so he can handle and play with anything he wants!
I didn't put up the tea cup tree this year so I did my tea room village on top of the my yellow tea cart. I bought three new characters, and just realized I forgot to take a close-up picture of them. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow!

I have my little vintage-look village displayed on the antique sewing machine:

This sewing machine is in the living room.

The white Italian Nativity was moved here on the pedal of the sewing machine. It is on a wicker basket.

The family room is decorated with Santa Claus. This vignette is on top of the TV:

A whimsical wooden folk art angel and Baby Jesus is on top of the TV.

Yesterday I posted about this ceramic Nativity and the story of the missing hand (read my last post.)
I promised to show more of the vignette, here it is!

This big wooden Nativity is on the left side of the large curio cabinet:

I also tweaked the vignette I shared on TTT last week, adding some holly around the candles:
I can't seem to leave things alone!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Christmas decor,
please come back to see more on Wednesday!

I still have to show you the top of my china cabinet
and more table tops!!

Merry Christmas!