New Home Decor

I have made a few changes to the decor in our home, adding touches of green here and there for St. Patrick's Day. No, we are not Irish, I'm English and my husband is Italian! I just like to use the bright green after having a lot of red with Valentine's Day and Christmas.

This is our family room coffee table. Most of the time the terrarium and metal basket stay on the table with seasonal changes.

The white ceramic fruit has a sprig of silk shamrock.

A little ceramic cutwork bird sits atop a book with a candlestick and green candle.

The terrarium has two little Irish figurines inside dancing on green coins:
Sorry about the glare (from the white fruit) on the glass.
Aren't they adorable!

Here are two more Irish figurines on the end table in the family room:

See the little Leprechaun peeking out of the shamrocks!

Another little Leprechaun on top of another table:

Moving across the room to the breakfast nook:
Since this gate-leg table was such a hit decorated for Valentine's Day, I decided to do something similar for St. Patrick's Day! I have a shamrock wooden banner (like the heart banner) both were purchased from TJ Maxx a few years ago.

A white ceramic dish full of silk shamrocks on one end (above)

Grandson's silhouette on right side:

(Another glare on the glass of the framed silhouette, sorry!)

The bookcase vignette:

Granddaughter's framed silhouette on one end of bookcase:
Isn't the little shamrock man cute!

The other end of the bookcase:

Another little Leprechaun:
His legs dangle over the top:

Here are a few other vignettes I changed from Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day with a few sprigs of shamrock:
The cloche with the little music birds.

The mercury glass candleholder:
The lantern:

The little cupid holding flowers:

What is your favorite vignette:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Soon I will post my St. Patrick's Day decor. I'm working on it now. Stay tuned!
Just a peek for now!