Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun items. Today I'm sharing my teapot fountain.
I bought this fountain at Wal-mart several years ago. It has an electric pump that keeps the water flowing through.

The fountain is ceramic and painted green.

I'm showing all the pictures I snapped so you can see the flowing water.
The fountain is about 20 inches high.

The fountain is on our back porch
I think it is so cute, and it didn't cost very much either, I think it was under $15.

Happy May Day!
God Bless.



Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday is a fun time with lots of people sharing beautiful and fun table decor. Go here to see many more. Today I'm sharing different tablescape featuring more bluebirds.

I had several people who commented on the pink bluebird tea pot, so I decided to put together a tablescape using the bluebird china pieces I have. I coordinated yellow, blue and green plates with several colors of the Rosie B. Farmer pieces I have.
For the centerpiece a yellow pitcher with the bluebird design
holds shasta daisies and pink roses

The raspberry tea cup and saucer is teamed with a yellow plate.

The persimmon cup has a brown bird on it.

The persimmon tea cup and saucer is with the pastel green plate.

A yellow tea cup and saucer is teamed with a blue pastel plate.

The leaf green tea cup also has a little brown bird.
The green tea cup is teamed with a yellow plate.

This tablescape is on the dining room table.

The tablecloth is made of layers of ecru tulle.

The napkins have wide stripes of pastel blue, green, pink and yellow.

The napkin rings are ceramic with tiny pastel spring flowers painted on.

May I offer you a cup of tea....

I hope you enjoyed my little blue bird tea party!



Yellow Orchids

I have been looking for a pretty yellow orchid plant for a long time and finally found one this past weekend at Target! It is a Phalaenopsis, but I just like to call them orchids!

It is hard to get the true yellow color to show in the pictures.

It is right at home with the white and purples orchids! They are very easy to grow here in Florida, they do not require a lot of work and care.

This year I also found some yellow petunias, they are sometimes hard to find.
They aren't as exotic as the orchids, but I still like them!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Bluebird Centerpiece

Since I've posted so much blue on my blog lately, I've decided to add it to Sally's Blue Monday.
Go here to see lots more blue! I hope you enjoy my bluebirds!

Here's the bluebird centerpiece on the dining room table.

I placed the "crown" on top of a cake plate along with the birds nest, the little bluebirds, and lots of daisies.

The little bluebirds look so happy, they make me smile when I see them!

The little cobalt blue "Bluebird of Happiness" is also in the centerpiece.

The larger bluebird tea pot and a small bluebird filled with mini daisies are on each end.
I hope you like the bluebird centerpiece, sorry it's late! To see more of the bluebirds, scroll down to the next two posts.

Have a happy day!
God Bless.


P.S. - My husband's foot is fine after his minor surgery! Thanks for your prayers!


Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here to see many more fun things!

I had planned to share my dining room table centerpiece today, but the battery on the camera died, and I didn't know how to change/charge it, etc. My husband wasn't here to do it for me.

I'm using this as the centerpiece on our dining room table now along with several other things. Yesterday I participated in Thursday Tablescapes and shared the breakfast nook bluebird tablescape. Scroll down to the next post to see all the bluebirds!

What would you call this "surround" above? I bought it in a tea room in Williamsburg, VA last year. They didn't know what to call it either, and wrote "crown" on the receipt! LOL! It is shaped like a crown, but it has a little birds nest on top. How and what would you use this to display? As the centerpiece on the dining room table I placed in on a cake plate with the large birds nest and two little bluebirds inside. I will post it tomorrow night, I won't be online until tomorrow night, my husband is having foot surgery tomorrow and I have to drive him home.

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Tablescape Thursday

For today's tablescape I have a Bluebird of Happiness theme. I found this cute little bluebird teapot a few years ago at Cracker Barrel.

The two little bluebird salt and pepper shakers below also came from Cracker Barrel.

I found the bird's nest "surround" when we visited Williamsburg, VA last year. The shop I bought it from (actually it was a tea room!) didn't know what to call it either, and they wrote "crown" on the receipt, because it is in the shape of a crown!

I'm using it as the centerpiece on the table

I have this tablescape on our breakfast nook table.

The blue napkins are tied with blue ribbons
with a tiny bird on top.

This frosted double candlestick also has two tiny birds on it.

I also bought this little bird while we were at Williamsburg, VA.

A friend gave me this little glass Bluebird of Happiness many years ago. It is sitting in a birds nest.

This little bluebird candy dish also came from Cracker Barrel.

Since this little tea bag holder is blue it gets a place of honor on the table too

I recently found this pink tea pot with bluebird at a dollar store
(Added note: I will feature this bluebird teapot again soon in another tablescape!)

I made the tablecloth from fabric I found at Walmart several years ago. It is the dickens to iron!
Before you go, I want to make sure you noticed the bluebird tea pot, and the red tennis shoes the little bird is wearing! How cute is that!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.


Thanks to Susan for hosting Thursday Tablescapes. Go here to see many more beautiful tablescapes!