This is a live poinsettia, named "Painted Poinsettia." Seeing poinsettias for sale in the stores is a sure sign of the Christmas season!


Christmas Open House

Recently we went to a Christmas open house at Taylor's Nursery. The gift shop at this nursery was decorated like a fairyland! The owner very graciously allowed me to take photos of the creative decorations throughout the different rooms. Each room had a different theme tree. This is the candyland room. I purchased a few small items and enjoyed seeing the Christmas decorations so much.

Window Treatment

Ribbon and candy cane ornaments are above the candy cane theme tree.

I would get rid of the balloons though, not needed and not the right color!

Fantasy Christmas Tree

Whimsical Christmas Tree

Christmas Window Treatment

I like this window treatment done with ribbon and ornaments.


Unique Decor

The apple green and ruby red colors are pretty together.

My daughter uses these colors on their Christmas tree.


Carolers were in all shapes and sizes.

Nativity and Angel Display

The display of Nativity sets and Angels were together with some unique figurines.


Thanksgiving Dinner

We were invited to our neighbor's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Their daughter, KyeLynn is in her second year of culinary school. KyeLynn's boyfriend, Chris, has recently graduated from culinary school. They offered to cook all of the food for Thanksgiving dinner.

KyeLynn and Chris with the delicious turkey! (Now tell me, have you ever had a beautiful chef wearing a strapless dress!?)

The menu:
Turkey and stuffing
Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Green bean casserole
Mashed potatoes
Peas with bacon
Homemade garlic rolls and
Homemade rolls with cranberries inside
Pumpkin pie
Pecan pie
Apple pie

The Hosts

Jan and Marc were our gracious hosts and parents of KyeLynn. They adopted her when she was a baby. They also have two older sons.


I gave Kye-Lynn a teddybear chef, and a chef oil (or liquid soap) bottle to Chris.

Dessert time

We enjoyed pecan, apple, and pumpkin pies! L to R: Jan, Joe, John, and Linda.

Yes, that's my wicker turkey centerpiece, I took all four of my centerpieces for her tables. The cornucopia is on the formal dining room table. I forgot to take pictures of the tables while we were eating. I was sort of pinned in at the table and couldn't get out without disturbing others!


Looking at the diarama KyeLynn and Chris made for their classes in culinary school, it is a commercial kitchen in small scale. She made an A+ on it!!

L to R: Linda, Emma, and Claudia.


L to R: Claudia, Mary, John and Mark.

The chef also plays guitar!

Chris and his brother, Mark who plays ukelele. KyeLynn is on the floor.

And the beat goes on.....!

L to R: Jan, Herschel, John, and Chris

Let the good times roll!

Herschel and John guitar duet


Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for! I'm also thankful for all of you - my "computer friends!" Thanks to each of you who view my blog and leave your nice comments! I hope more of you will start leaving a comment so I can get to know you!

This wicker turkey is the larger of two centerpieces I made several years ago. It is displayed on the coffee table in the family room.

Thanksgiving Floral People

These cute little Pilgrims are on floral picks.

Turkey floral arrangement

I made this wicker turkey about ten years ago. I used to do floral arrangements for a gift shop and this was one of two I decided to keep so each of my daughters would have one someday.

Pilgirm Figurines

These little resin Pilgrim figurines usually sit at each end of the dining room table centerpiece.

Fall arrangement

Flocked faux fall leaves enhance this arrangement that stays on the family room coffee table.

Happy Pilgrims

These silly looking Pilgrims make me smile.


Turkey Tea Pot

Mini turkey tea pot

Mushroom Turkey

This little turkey is made from a mushroom

Cute little Pilgrims

My favorite grocery store featured these cute little Pilgrims each year. They started with the little Pilgrims in their TV commercial. I didn't buy them the first year and regretted it. Last year they had them again and I bought the salt and pepper set. This year they added the dish towel and pot holder.

Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim Salt and Pepper


Fall Decor

Displayed on the curio cabinet in the dining room.

Indian bounty

I bought this Indian maiden even though she didn't have a partner. Purchased at Hobby Lobby this year.

Cornucopia with flowers

This is the other cornucopia filled with flowers. It is displayed on the curio cabinet in the dining room. I did this arrangement about eight years ago and have never tired of it or the white cornucopia.


The Rocker

I'm back from spending a week with my three-month-old grandson, Caden. I spent a lot of time in this rocker, rocking him while there! I love to rock him and he loves to cuddle in it with me too. It has a rhythmical squeak that is guaranteed to put a little one to sleep!

My other two grandsons call me KK, so I'm also KK to Caden.

I painted the poppies on this rocker back in the 70s. I also rocked my other two grandsons in this rocker when they were babies. My mother gave me this rocker and it has special meaning to me.

KK has a rocker and she knows how to use it!

I'm posting these photos by special request. Linda, I hope you enjoy them!



Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This is the centerpiece I'm using for Thanksgiving this year.


I bought the white cornucopia at a thrift shop several years ago. It is filled with magnolias and gold fruit.
I also bought another ceramic (brown) cornucopia that I will post at a later date.

Fall leaves and crystal

I like to decorate our chandeliers with faux fall leaves. Living in Florida we don't get to see many fall leaves so I like to scatter them here and there around the house. The blue is created from the sparkles.


Lights on

With the lights on

Another view

I like this shot of the top of the china cabinet behind the chandelier.

Top of china cabinet

The vignette on top of our china cabinet in the dining room.

Nana's beautiful tea pot

This tea pot was my grandmother's. I'm not sure if it is a coffee pot or tea pot.

About Spouts - Patsy Clairmont:
The spouts that are positioned low, close to the table, are for serving coffee. When a spout is located mid-pot, it's for tea. And a spout that is even with the lid is a chocolate pot. From "Tea with Patsy Clairmont."

Back on Amtrak

I will be gone this coming week. Tomorrow I'm taking Amtrak back to SC to visit my grandson, Caden. He is now three months old. Last time I went to visit I tried Amtrak for the first time and it is was a nice way to travel the trip to SC that takes seven hours by car. Shawn, Ashleigh and Caden sent me tickets to come back to visit them, I'm excited to go again!

Inside Amtrak

Inside the Amtrak car. It wasn't a bad ride at all so I don't mind going again! I'll be back Nov. 11th.

Apple Season!

I display my apple plate and apple kids figurines in the kitchen at this time of year. I enjoy nice crisp apples in the fall. I also love apple cake!

Apple Kids

I call them the apple kids! I bought them at Dollar Tree last year, but I saw them there again this year.

Apple Boy

Apple Girl

Apple plate

Gingham apples

My mother's gingham apples. She made these back in the 70s, along with other gingham and calico fruit, such as strawberries, pears, etc.

Wicker apple basket

I usually have unshelled mixed nuts in this basket during fall season.