Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday! Thanks to Susan for hosting this fun day so we can play with our dishes! Go here for lots more inspiration.

My bunny egg cup collection is the inspiration for this Easter Bunny tablescape.
I've had some of these bunny egg cups for many years. Some friends gave me some of them and I purchased a few that were unusual. This one below is a favorite, it is from Cracker Barrel a few years ago.
This one is also from Cracker Barrel, probably the same year:
I bought this one this year at Home Goods, for only $3.99
This is the second one I bought this year when we visited the Biltmore Mansion a few weeks ago.
I've forgotten when or where I bought the one below:
I placed different colored Easter grass on top of each Dollar Tree white plate and placed a clear salad plate on top.
The pretty cream colored ruffled placemats compliment the cream colored tablecloth.
Cream colored plastic handled flatware make it complete!
The pastel striped napkins are perfect!
I found the four different bunny napkin rings at Hobby Lobby for a dollar each!
This one looks like he is praying! The one below is holding his ears.
They are all different

The centerpiece is a cute little wheelbarrow made from a large decorated Easter egg
and filled with pastel faux spring flowers.

These sweet little salt and pepper shakers look like they match.
I have forgotten where I bought them, but it was
several years ago.
I think the wheelbarrow was from Big Lots (a long time ago.)

I always have deviled eggs for Easter Sunday dinner
Seems to me this egg plate was also from Big Lots many years ago.

This little cute bunny usually holds jelly beans in her apron,
but this year she has:
Candy carrots!

Choose your favorite place setting:

This one?
This one?
This one?

Or this one?

There's room for more!
Dinner will be served soon!

Don't forget to take a carrot before you go!
Have a Happy Easter!
God Bless.


Give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for us so we can have eternal life!


Tabletop Tuesday

Marty hosts our fun day where we can share neat things on our tabletops! Go here for lots more inspiration. Today I'm sharing more of my Easter decorations and will continue showing them all week.

I have changed my Easter decor several times in the past few weeks. I finally came up with something I like with my vintage-look Easter bunnies.

First I had them on the hall tree in the foyer, but since I bought a few new ones this year they look too crowded.

Next I moved them to the top of this low curio cabinet so they could spread out a little more.

Finally I put them on top of the family room TV armoire with faux greenery and flowers. I think they are happier up there, I know I'm happier! LOL!

Here's how they look individually:
Which is your favorite display?

Here's a new vintage-look bunny I bought this year:
I've been moving her around as well, above she is on the curio.
Below she is on the hall tree:
I've done a lot of rearranging with baskets too:
This is my favorite:

This big bunny tea pot has also been moved around:
On top of the tall curio in the family (above)

Above: here on the hall tree in the foyer
Yesterday I featured the vignette below with the bunny, plate, and bunny candle

Prissy wanted to be featured again! This vignette is also in our family room:

I have a mixture of religious along with my whimsical bunnies and chickens. I have posted my baby chicken tablescape and little chicks already (go here to see them.) Thursday I will post my bunny tablescape. For Metamorphosis Monday I shared a makeover done with bunnies. I will finish sharing my Easter cuties with Marty's Cloche Party coming up.

This is my childhood bible:
A friend made the cross from twigs

I couldn't decide whether to feature it with this little bird, or.....
Or this little praying bunny!
I think I like the little bunny since he looks like he is praying!

My very favorite Easter decor is this crown of thorns. My husband made it from our bouganvillia bush.
Here is is displayed on the hall tree in the foyer.
The nail was given to us at church one Easter Sunday.

The old, antique bible has been in the family for many years.
Above: it is displayed in the niche in the dining room.
I like the shadow the candle stick makes.

The colors above are more true.

I also like the shadows in the above picture,
and below:

I will feature more pictures of the crown of thorns on Good Friday.

A bouquet for you:
Have a Happy Easter!

Give thanks to our Lord for dying on the cross for us so we can have eternal life!