Paintings for Nurseries

I have started my summer with painting things for some of my granddarlings. We have a brand new great-granddarling, our third! And our third great-granddaughter! Her parents decorated her nursery with "Whimsical Woodland Animals."

I volunteered to paint some whimsical animals for the new nursery. They chose which animals they wanted. With the help of ideas from Pinterest, I designed these animals. 

Here's how they look in baby Sarah's nursery:

Do you have a favorite whimsical animal?
I think mine may be the Fox as he makes me smile
with that Foxy look on his face!

The raccoon also has a cute mischievous look:

The deer is sweet with those huge eyes

And the cutie hedgehog is sporting a pretty flower garland on her head:
They wanted flowers on the whimsical animals heads. 

The Royal wedding was going on around the time I was painting these.
I made the connection of the "Fascinator Hats" that the Royals were wearing to the Royal Wedding.
So I joked and said these flowers were "Fascinators" on the whimsical animals heads! ;-)

"The Artist!"
My grandchildren call me "KK"

Below: My husband, Joe is holding the seahorse I painted for granddaughter
Elisabeth, who collects them. She doesn't have a nursery anymore as she is
almost 12! I think she is decorating her room with seahorses.
She lives in another state.

I will start painting again soon doing more cutesy animals for
another baby nursery. These will be for my close
friend's first granddaughter, arriving soon!
I'll be using pinks and gray!
Stay tuned to see those!