Happy 500th TT and 10th Anniversary!

One of my all time favorite Tablescapes is my Yellow Rose Tea Party Tablescapes, using some of my yellow depression glass collection. Click here to see the original post, done in 2013.

Susan and all of her Tablescape Thursday group are celebrating the 500th Anniversary by sharing ten of your favorite tablescapes done over the years. Click here for lots of fun and inspiration.

Another favorite is also yellow, It was done in 2005. Can you guess my favorite color is yellow?!

Click here to see all of the post:

Another favorite: Snow and Ice Winter Tablescape, done in Jan. 2013:
Click here to see all of the post! 

Summer Sailing:
Click the link above picture for lots of details!

Old Country Roses:

I'm trying to find one of many Old Country Roses tablescapes. This one done in 2009 shows some of the OCR Christmas Topiaries: Click here:

  I love to do Nativity tablescapes every Christmas, they are all different each year:

 Same Nativity, but different Tablescapes:
Click here to see the White and Gold:

With Green Tablecloth and White Poinsettias:
Click here:

Inside a wreath, plus White Battenburg tablecloth and Vera napkins:

Plaid Tablecloth:

Lace tablecloth:

Copycat Christmas Tablescape:
 One last Nativity Tablescape, under cloche:

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my fav tablescapes of the past again! I have lots more favs - many done in the fall, holidays, etc. but already have a lot posted!

Thanks so much to Susan for providing all this fun and inspiration the past ten years! Click on her name for more fun!



Decorating Birthday Gift - Completed!!

We just about finished this big birthday project,
still have a few minor things to do in the bathrooms.
This is the master bedroom
 Both small windows had collections in them
 We removed them and left one duck per window


Blue and white collection display:

Jan's daughter's picture was done in Paris
when she was a teen:
 We moved her picture from the office to here.

Dresser BEFORE:

Other side of dresser:
 Framed Delph tiles
replaced the needlepoint birds (below.)

Bedside chair:

 Notice cabinet on left side of picture:

Before this shelf was over the drawer cabinet above
 AFTER - it was moved to the left
of the dresser. The doves were a
gift to Jan's mother from her father,
many years ago.

We left the beautiful orchid picture.

Special pictures done by a friend,
palette knife painting grouped together
displayed in master bedroom hallway,
they used to be scattered in different rooms:

Thomas Kinkade picture in the 
master bedroom hall

 View of the pool and lanai from the master bedroom:

And, here's the birthday girl!
Happy Birthday, Jan!
(April 8th)

 Another friend joined us for lunch:
Left to right: Jan, Katherine, and Kathie

This completes Jan's redecorating gift!
I discovered I forgot to show the guest room,
so I may do one more post to show it and
the three bathrooms.

I'm joining Susan's Met Monday, click on her name for lots of inspiration

I hope you have enjoyed following along
with our transformation the past three months!
Come back next week!

Click here and scroll down to see all the transformed rooms: