God speaks to me

My daughter and I have been doing weekly accountability bible verses for almost a year. She writes a favorite verse daily that she finds in a daily devotional, bible study, or anywhere in the bible. At the beginning of September I decided to use my old bible that I used in the 80s to share favorite verses. I felt led to to share from Isaiah. I started with Chapter 1 and I'm now almost finished, in Isaiah 63, three more chapters to go!
My old bible:

I'm feeling I should share some personal things in my private life. My first husband left me and our children in 1981 and he divorced me in 1982. I was devasted. Being a Christian I felt prayer would make things alright, and bring my husband home. I believed God would answer my prayers (plus a lot of my friend's prayers for me and my family.) I started reading and studying Isaiah. I marked up my bible a lot, and dated verses that I thought spoke to me. So, back in September (2018) when I started reading the bible that I used in the 80s, I started noticing the dates beside some of the verses that I had circled and dated.

 In the margin on the right is my birthday, a promise I was given!
(Isaiah 62:11) It has the word "forsaken" in it.

As I posted weekly verses I noticed a pattern of promises in Isaiah that I had circled. As I wrote some of the circled verses this past week I saw clearly that the Lord had indeed spoken to me through scripture, giving me hope and encouraging me. Some people don't think this is possible, claiming "don't take scripture out of context...., etc." I beg to differ. The Lord had placed me in a church who taught that the Lord can speak to you in many ways, especially through scripture. I also believe that when we have faith to believe the Lord and what the bible says, your prayers will be answered. 

This past week as I was writing the daily verses I felt I heard the Lord tell me to share this on my blog, not just the weekly verses on FaceBook as I usually do. Not sure I have told this private story before, my children may never have heard it either. In one and a half years I'll be 80 and I want to tell it before it's too late!

Can you read the verses here:
Try clicking on it to see if it will enlarge.

Some excerpts: "Instead of shame you will have double portion, and instead of humiliation they will shout for joy!" "Everlasting joy will be theirs." "I will faithfully give them a recompense."  "I will not keep silent....I will not keep quiet." "You will be called by a new name..."You will no longer be called Forsaken or Desolate." "You will be called My Delight, and your land Married." "I have appointed watchmen day and night, they will never keep silent." "You who remind the Lord, take no rest and give Him no rest until He establishes and make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." "You will be called sought out, a city not forsaken." Keep in mind, these are excerpts from the verses I chose this past week.  Back in the 80s I had felt shame and humiliation from being divorced, forsaken and desolate. I wanted to be married, and I felt the "your land married" was a message that I would marry again. The watchmen will never be silent meant to never stop praying and believing. I would "remind" the Lord constantly about His promises, (praying the parable (in Luke 18:5) about the widow nagging the judge to give her what she was asking.)

My prayers were not answered for a long time! I was single 16 years! Yes, sometimes I was depressed, yes I was discouraged and impatient, and sometimes angry, but I hung in there and in 1994 I finally met a man of God. I had been praying for a husband who would go to church with me (the first one didn't.) We have been married almost 22 years now. I'm not saying marriage will solve all problems, as contentment and joy can come in many forms, but I was in my early 40s when divorced and felt too young to remain single. 

I feel I have been truly blessed to hear from our Lord in this way and many other ways. He has had His hand on me most of my life, maybe since I saw his face in the clouds when I was about 8 or 10 years old. I praise God that He has protected me and my family all these years! I'm very thankful!

If you would like to talk to me about this subject, leave a comment of how to contact you and I will send you my email address.

One of my favorite verses:
Above: One of my daughter's hand designed bible verses.

My daughter has a blog where she shares the handwritten verses she writes in calligraphy, along with a short bible study and an Etsy store where the verses are sold on cards, mugs, tee-shirts, etc. When you join (free) her group writethemonmyheart.com you will receive a free frameable verse or card weekly. Having different bible verses displayed all over your house is a real blessing and reminders of His love for us, and His forgiveness! Praise You Lord!

Do you have stories of how you communicate with the Lord? I would love to hear them!


Happy Halloween!

 Our front door and courtyard decorated for Halloween.

I don't decorate scary for Halloween
just a few cute things here and there:

Black Bear in his Jack-O-Lantern sweater:

 Curio cabinet:

Witch's boot (no witch!)

 The Shutterfly photo album of past Halloween tablescapes and decor:

I did a centerpiece of my vintage Trick or Treaters collection on the dining room table:

Kandy Korn doll on sofa in living room:

I took away my scarecrows when I put out the Halloween decorations:
 I had put out some of my favorite scarecrows.

Soon I will take away more fall decorations
and add Thanksgiving decorations.
I like doing something different each month
starting in September, so I don't get tired of it
after three months!


Newly Decorated Home featuring white fall decor

For the past year we have been slowly redecorating our home, updating from mostly jewel tones to a mostly white theme. I have never shown the before and after pictures because I haven't been able locate any suitable BEFORE pictures of it decorated with the darker jewel tones. First I will show you the fall decorating, then at the end of the post I will show pictures before I added touches of orange and fall items throughout the house.  This is the Family Room:
This is our new white sofa! I love the white!

This white sofa replaced a Hunter Green sofa
(Our house is now 17 years old and overdue for updated furniture!)

 Fall decor is at a minimum this year.

Pumpkin centerpiece on glass top coffee table:

Looking from sofa toward kitchen:

More of coastal look:
Old cane chairs were painted white and 
cushions were recovered.

Matching Capiz shell lamps on both ends of sofa:

The past decor had touches of country cottage,
the new decor has touches of coastal (we live in FL!)


 Fall foliage in the sea shell vase!

 The high windows also have white fish!
We replaced the wooden TV armoire with 
a wide screen TV and stand.
The glider rocker was recovered in
white paisley fabric.

Silk magnolia decorates faux pumpkin:
This mirror front console is also new.
A favorite!

The picture below shows some of the before of our Family Room with the jewel tone colors - Hunter Green Sofa, TV armoire, brown glider rocker in the left corner, swag window treatments. The family moved the round coffee table out to put the card table there so they could work the annual Christmas puzzle! The white kitchen chair went to the farmhouse table in the breakfast nook. (See the new table and chairs below)

 The Breakfast Nook
is across from the Family Room:

 The Breakfast Nook table was replaced with a glass top table
and wrought iron chairs. The old BN set was white farmhouse.

 Centerpiece white silk magnolias with touches of orange

Faux Japanese Lanterns add a touch of orange as well.

If you look closely you can see a white ceramic seahorse, crab, and coral:

I think this is the only picture I took of the dining room:
We kept the jewel tone wall paint in the dining room.
 Our front door decor:

Close-up of silk flowers:

 Foyer just inside front door:
My grandparents grew cotton years ago. 
I love decorating with it!

Bottom of hall tree

 White accents throughout the house.

Living Room is across from the Dining Room and Foyer:
 We still have our light gold walls throughout,
can't stand idea of the hard work of having it painted!
We use a lot of white to tone it done.

Centerpiece on glass top coffee table that is from Pier 1

More cotton!

 I have a few of my scarecrow collection here and there

Pretty faux fruit and metal container from Hobby Lobby years ago:

 Top of Bombay chest:
 I've always loved this wire pumpkin!

The following pictures were taken before I did any fall decorating:

 Eucalyptus in the shell vase

Beaded Faux Fruit in Glass basket:

Pretty paisley with orange pillow:

 Large basket at left of table (from World Market) holds pillows and throws.


Happy Fall, Y'All!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my new decor!

Come and sit awhile!

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