Childhood figurines

 I recently made a new vignette using one of my childhood figurines. I've had these figurines since I was about 8 or 9 years old.  I would go to Woolworth's on Saturday's after receiving my allowance and buy a favorite item, not a toy, but something to decorate with!  The little girl above and the lady below are two such purchases. There was a third one, but sadly she was broken somewhere along the way.

 I wish I remembered how much I paid for the figurines, I'm sure it was probably no more than twenty-five cents!

I was happy to discover this little girl figurine matches this pretty antique rose plate I found at an antique store a few years ago.

 The "Everyday Blessings" book also picks up some of the colors.

I haven't joined Marty's Inspire Me Tuesday in a while so will share my new vignette there. Click on her name for lots more inspiration.

I'm also linking to Alma's Seasonal Sundays, click on  her name for lots of fun.

I hope you like my vignette featuring my childhood memories.


Where do I keep it all?

After seeing some of the participants to The Tablescaper's "Where Do I Keep it All?"  I decided maybe I do have some things I can share.  Most of my dishes are wrapped in paper, in the bottom of this china cabinet above, or even under a bed! Not possible to take pictures of those!  My Old Country Roses china and a few special items are stored in the china cabinet, above, in the dining room.

Here are a few things stored on a shelf in the master bedroom:
 I love these delicate fine china tea cups!
  Here you can see the detail of the shelf:

These plates are hanging on the wall near the shelf:

This muffin stand holds some of my yellow rose tea cup collection:

Now, on to the kitchen, this Longaberger stand holds tea cups I use most:

I also store tea pots and tea cups on top of my kitchen cabinets. Looking toward the cabinets, left to right:

The middle set of cabinets (over the stove and microwave.)
I'm short and not a good one to take pictures of these high places. You can also see how high the ceilings are!

Close-up of the tea pots in the center:

The right side:

 I hesitated to do this, but since others are doing it, so will I! Here's the inside of my cupboards where some of my crystal is stored!

This is our "everyday china" (Yellow Fiesta)

Our "everyday" glasses:

 So, there you have it! An impromptu showing without any rearranging.  What you see is what you get!!