"Room with a boo"

This centerpiece on the dining room table is about the extent of my Halloween decorations.
I found this cute black cat and the witch's boot half-price at Hobby Lobby last month.

Good Luck Black Cat



The good witch boot! I like the tiny candy corn hanging on the toe of the boot!

Boo view from the top

The candy corn and tiny pumpkins are also made of glass.


Live well
Laugh often
Love much.

A friend gave us this bucket,
it is hanging on the back door
of our porch.


What a Wonderful Surprise!

What is better than a nice surprise? -- A nice surprise from special internet friends you've never actually met in person ( but we are kindred spirits!) This gorgeous tea cup arrived in the mail totally unexpected! These two sweet ladies are in a yahoo decorating group with me. They actually just met each other in person recently when they each drove to a town near each of them and had a great shopping trip and lunch at a fabulous restaurant. While shopping they were discussing each member in our group. They saw this beautiful cup and saucer and decided they would buy it for me since I collect them!! When I opened the package, the beauty of the yellow rose tea cup and saucer just took my breath away! It has iridescent glaze, three-footed tea cup, and open cut-work on the saucer. It is now my favorite yellow rose tea cup and saucer!!

How blessed I am to have friends like this! Thank you both so much, Becca and Gwen!! I can never tell you how much this is appreciated!


Another view of the gorgeous cup and saucer showing the cut-work edge of the saucer.



This old-fashioned square woven egg basket is filled with silk sunflowers, a scarecrow, and a black crow hidden among them. The vintage tea towel is too worn to be used, but is perfect to complete this centerpiece, along with the little scarecrow salt and pepper shakers. This is the current centerpiece on the breakfast nook table.

Indoor Pumpkin Patch

These wicker pumpkin baskets filled with fall flowers are in a corner in our dining room.

Photo album workshop

I've been spending a lot of my spare time working on the babies photo albums. I also have a weekly workshop for a group to come work on their photo albums with me. A special internet friend suggested I show a picture of this workshop, here it is Mary Fran! The table looks clean now, but gets in a big mess fast! The paper bags are for the scraps. That's Caden's album I'm working on, blue background on the page with the birth announcement and a photo of him in the hospital. I do simple pages that are faster and not too overpowering that the photos don't show up. I believe the photos should be the main focus, not the decorating.

CM Workshop

This is the cutting table with the cutting system to cut ovals, circles and other shapes for photo albums. I have been a Creative Memories consultant for almost 11 years now.

Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece on dining room table. This was either 2004 or 05.

I now have a different centerpiece that will be posted soon. The dining room table is now loaded down with scrapbooking supplies as I work on the baby photo albums.

Fall Bouquet

A fresh flower fall centerpiece was a gift from a friend.

Autumn Dining Room

The dining room decorated for fall a few years ago. The centerpiece is made with faux sugared fruit.

Fall Chandelier

This chandelier is in the breakfast nook.


My Scarecrow Collection

During the fall season I display my scarecrow collection throughout the house and outside on the porches.

Which is your favorite?

I don't do Halloween decorations as I don't agree with what Halloween represents.

Scarecrow Greetings

This greeting sign is on our back porch. A few years I used it on the front door during autumn.

If I Only Had a Brain!

This could be my favorite scarecrow! I just love how skinny he is and he poses in many different ways! He is a little more than 36 inches tall. I bought him at JoAnn's Fabrics about five years ago, they had three different styles and I couldn't decide which one to buy. I finally decided on this one and now I wish I had bought all three of them!

Candy Dish

This candy dish was one of the first scarecrows in my collection, then the collection started growing rapidly!

Flower Pot Scarecrows

Two more of my favorite scarecrows are painted on clay flower pots!

Small flower pot

A bright idea!

This scarecrow head is painted on a real light bulb! I bought this one at a craft fair a few years ago.

Chip off the old block

Just a block of wood, but still a cutie!

Screen Door

I miss the old screen doors. We always had a front screen door when I was growing up. We have a screen door now, but it is a disappearing screen door.


Pumpkin on wheels

Another new scarecrow I bought at Hobby Lobby this year. I love the pigtail coming out of the hat and the pumpkin on wheels!!

Down and out!

This cute little scarecrow has fallen down and can't get up!

Hay Scarecrow!

Sitting on a miniature bale of hay

Curly Hair Scarecrow

This scarecrow has curly hair made from strips of corn husks.

Welcome to our patch

Welcome to our pumpkin patch where I have my scarecrow collection displayed in the fall. I like this sign the little scarecrow is on. This basket of sunflowers is on our breakfast nook table. I'll post it at a later time.

I'm about half way with posting the scarecrow collection. I hope to finish this weekend.

Share the Harvest

Another scarecrow pick in the basket of sunflowers.

Wheelbarrow and Scarecrow

I love wheelbarrows. Takes me back to my days of decorating "country." I still love seeing wheelbarrows filled with different flowers during different seasons. I also remember my children playing with our wheelbarrow, pushing each other in it! When I saw this scarecrow and wheelbarrow at Hobby Lobby in SC, I knew I had to have it.

Door Scarecrow

This moveable cardboard scarecrow is on the inside of the front door. It's fun to move his arms and legs in different positions.

Scarecrow doll

This scarecrow is cute as a doll!

Chenille Scarecrow

This little scarecrow is made from chenille strips.

Benched Scarecrow

I bought her at Hobby Lobby the last time I was in SC. She was half price, making her only $4.00! She's about 3 feet tall. She's outside on the bench in the courtyard at our front door.

Scarecrow meeting

More scarecrows I use outside by the front door.


Scarecrow with basket

This silly scarecrow holds a basket that can be filled with candy or flowers, etc. A friend gave him to me.

Miss Scarecrow

I added her to my collection this year (found her at Hobby Lobby, half-price)

Puffkins Scarecrow

Back when Beanie Babies were so popular another company came out with Puffkins collectibles. I like this little Puffkin scarecrow, his name is Patches, birthday 10-31-99.

Corny Scarecrows

I bought these this year at Hobby Lobby because they are so different. No, they aren't salt and pepper shakers.

Plush Scarecrow

Chubby plush scarecrow doll

Scarecrow on wagon

Flower Power Scarecrow

Salt and Pepper

These little guys are salt and peppers.

Homemade scarecrow

While at a resort in Wisconsin several years ago I attended a craft class and we made these scarecrows from dowels, etc. I wanted to be different and paint the overalls green instead of the usual blue. I was surprised when they said green and yellow was the Wisconsin football team colors! Every year one arm breaks off, but I glue him back together since I keep him for sentimental reasons!

The crow

Even with all the scarecrows there's a crow among them!