More Fall Decor and something new

Here are the big wooden acorns I bought at Hobby Lobby. They are displayed on a small 7"x 10" wooden tray with silk hydrangea, and faux leaves.

Above is another pumpkin plate I bought at Marshall's today. After our Faith Sharing Group meeting today, a friend and I drove up to St. Augustine so she could go to Hobby Lobby for the first time! She was so excited, and loves it!!We also went to Marshall's before we came home. This plate was only $3.99. I couldn't resist buying it, if it had been $5.99 I wouldn't have bought it, but it was only $3.99!!!! I didn't need another fall plate, was only $3.99..,.and it's so pretty!!

Have you seen these? They are new to me, I haven't seen them before. I found them at a Dollar Store over the weekend.

Here they are outside the package:

These pumpkin shaped Peeps have chocolate inside them!

More small pumpkins, from Hobby Lobby:

May I offer you a Pumpkin Peep?

They are very good!!



Welcome to our Pumpkin Patch!

I think the problem with the photos on the computer is finally fixed and I can start showing my fall decorations! Above is an orange Mercury glass pumpkin I found recently at Marshall's. I think it is (faux) Mercury glass because it was beside a silver Mercury glass pumpkin. I liked the silver one too, but this color is best for me. It is displayed on a large mirror as the centerpiece on our dining room table. Those tiny glass acorns came from Michaels, and the glass pinecone from Hobby Lobby.
White ceramic pumpkin (from Hobby Lobby last year.)

This wire pumpkin and metal acorns came from Hobby Lobby. They are displayed on a mirror tray on the coffee table in the family room.

The beaded pumpkin above came from TJ Maxx. It is displayed on the hall tree in the foyer.

I call this my little pumpkin girl. I found her at Hobby Lobby last year. A collection of small gourds and pumpkins are in the large goblet. This vignette is on an end table in the family room.

I found these wicker pumpkins at Walmart several years ago. They also have lids, but they aren't showing in this picture.

I don't remember where this corduroy pumpkin came from. I liked it because it's different. It's on a large wicker trunk at the end of the sofa in the family room.

A close-up of the metal acorns. Kelli, I always think of you when I see acorns! I also have some wooden ones, I forgot to photograph them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the beginning of my fall decorations, I will have more later!



Show and Tell - Tea Cup Holder

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go to Kelli's for more interesting things.

I found this unusual cup and saucer holder at the antique store yesterday. I've never seen one like it before. It has a rose on it and I just had to buy it! I don't think it is an antique, they had two and my friend bought the other one.

Here it is with a cup and saucer on it. Becca, do you recognize the tea cup and saucer? It's a favorite in my yellow rose tea cup collection!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my show and tell!


Impromptu Lunch

I found another platter in the cabinet today and wanted to add it to my sunflower posts. I bought this one about two years ago.

Yesterday a friend and I went to lunch. It was a nice time, the restaurant was across from the ocean and the waves were huge since it was a very windy day. I was mad at myself for not bringing my camera along to take a picture of our fabulous view. I would also have liked taking a picture of the meal I had. It was the most delicious chocolate hazelnut crepe! Yummy!

After lunch we went to an antique store behind the restaurant. Here are two things I bought.

A yellow rose tea towel for our kitchen.

And a yellow rose pot holder.

Tomorrow on Kelli's Show and Tell I will share another great find I bought there.




I love sunflowers! I probably like them because they are yellow. Yellow roses are my favorite, they are more sophisticated, and sunflowers are more casual, but they make me happy just seeing them. Sunflowers aren't at all tropical, and aren't often seen here in FL. Sometimes they are sold in the grocery stores, and when I see them, I often buy a few.

The silk sunflowers above are now on my front door. The basket of sunflowers below are on my breakfast nook table. Can you see the black crow in them?

I have yellow Fiesta casual china that mixes easily with several pieces of sunflower china. I use these in the fall. Below are two sunflower dishes I bought last week at TJ Maxx. Aren't they cheery!

I also bought this square sunflower pumpkin platter at TJ Maxx.

This little Boyd's Bear is Blossum B. Berriweather....Bloom with Joy! Special F.o.B Edition 1999.

My husband bought me the little bear on the left, her name is Sunflower and her dress and bonnet have sunflowers on them. The smaller bear on the right is also a Boyd's Bear, I've forgotten her name, I like her little yellow sweater, and yellow hat with a sunflower on it! I think I'll call her Sunny!

Another sunflower dish below. I'm showing both sides of it. Below is the back.

Front side of bowl

I just remembered I have a hat with a sunflower on it. Maybe I'll get hubby to take a picture of me with it on tomorrow.
Do you like sunflowers? Do you have any sunflowers displayed at your house? I should also add, I love sunflower seeds, and I have a few recipes I use them in.
I have started doing a little fall decorating and will share more photos this week. We had company this past weekend, and today I hosted our Faith Sharing Group meeting. I have my Creative Memories workshop tomorrow night, but after that I'll be free the remainder of the week! I hope to blog and read blogs!!


Tiny Tea

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun!

Today I'm sharing two tiny angel tea figurines. The one above is only 1 inch tall and 1 3/4 inches wide. Can you see the tiny tea cups and tea pot, and every tinier cookies. They even have little napkins under their chins!

The little pink roses are just so teensie!! I couldn't seem to get a good close-up since they are so small. I also took the pictures after it was dark, so that didn't help either.

Another tiny angel taking tea is a Dreamsicle angel that is not quite 1 inch tall. The name on the bottom is "High Tea" (Get it? "High" in Heaven!! Smile!)

Isn't that little face just adorable!

This one isn't very clear, but it shows the size on the ruler.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my Tiny Tea Time figurines!




Do you ever feel like your life is topsy-turvy? I feel like this a lot. I make big plans for my day, then something comes along to change those plans. This happened today. I had my day all planned out, then we received a phone call at 9 a.m. this morning. My husband's 35-year-old son had to go to the emergency room for what turned out to be a kidney stone. We had to drive to Orlando which is almost two hours from where we live. He was released this afternoon with meds, etc. and is feeling much better. After we took him home and got him situated we headed home. We did decide to do something pleasant with the rest of the day and called our friends to meet us for dinner. They live in another town and we haven't seen them in a while. I also used the long driving time to phone another friend and catch up with her. It's good to take bad situations and try to turn them into good. Sometimes the Lord has other plans for us, and he "causes all things to work together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose" (my paraphrase.) Romans 8:28

I hope to take some photos tomorrow to use on my blog. Thanks for being patient with me. Oh, I forgot to take my camera today, I wish I had because my friend has some great collections I would have liked to photograph.

Thanks to all of you who joined us in prayer for little Poppy's family, please keep praying.


Please pray

I'm home and I had a wonderful time, I will tell you about it later. Right now my heart is heavy. I just read Lallee's blog and I'm very sad to learn about a little child's accidental death. Janice at Wildflower Cabin lost her precious granddaughter, Poppy Josephine Hart. I can't even begin to imagine the pain these people are experiencing. Please pray for them. Maybe if we all storm the gates of Heaven with our prayers, they will feel a little comfort.
Thank you,



On the road again!

I'm taking a short blogger break. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my daughter, Alyson, who lives in Tallahassee. I love going to Tallahassee, it is a beautiful town. Maybe some of you don't know it is the state capital of FL. It is a college town, with several colleges including my favorite - Florida State University (FSU) where both my daughters graduated. It's not a real big city, but it's big enough, and has lots of nice shopping! It has lots of small hills, not flat like most of Florida. It's more like south GA, or AL with Spanish moss on all the live oak trees.

I'm also going to visit a close friend of mine who lives there. We are both from the same hometown (Huntsville, AL) We haven't had a good visit in a long time and I'm looking forward to it! She is a wonderful decorator, maybe I'll take some pictures of her pretty home.

I'll be back Monday afternoon. Also, I'm going with a friend who is dropping me off in Tallahassee, then pick me up on Monday. My hubby isn't going, he'll be "home alone!" Look at the beautiful red roses he gave me this week! Thanks, sweetie!

I probably won't be able to be online while I'm gone. Will miss you!



Enchanted Window Party

I'm joining in Cielo's Enchanted Window Party, go there to see lots more beautiful windows!

(Above:) Looking through the front courtyard arbor with cascading bouganvillia to the dining room window. Below the beautiful bouganvillia compliments the high window above our front door.

I'm also sharing window photos in a few rooms in our house. I make all of our window treatments because I like a bit of the unusual.

Above, Living Room: This is one curtain panel, all I could find at an outlet. I wanted it so badly, I had to improvise by folding it in half, sewing it together, then inserting the curtain rod. I then used silk cording and tassels to draw it up to give it character!

Above: Dining Room: These are made from recycled gauze curtains, topped with a lace table runner on the left, and a lace table topper on the right. A strand of beads dangle on the right. Note: the true color of this wall is like the living room, it is "Wineberry" from Benjamin Moore.

Above and Below, Family Room: Recycled gauze curtains from old house we moved from. I knotted them on both sides.

Below Master Bedroom:

Master bedroom, I wanted the striped fabric, but there was only a small amount so I had to improvise, using two coordinating fabrics for the valance, I topped it with silk hydrangeas.
(Note the wall color is more of a pale yellow.)

Below Master Bathroom:

Master bathroom: The Battenburg lace curtain needed to be perked up so I added the greenery and yellow roses.

Below, Guest Bathroom:

My husband made this yellow rose stained glass window for me. It is in the guest bathroom.

Above, Guest Room: I used lace pieces from vintage lace panels which had a few holes in it and couldn't be used with them showing so I cut them up into pieces.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few windows in my world! Thanks for visiting!




Look at this smile, can you look at her without smiling!

I have a smile on my face, and gratefulness in my heart for answered prayer! Hannah moved east away from FL - just what we prayed for! We had rain most of the day, but not much wind, as the storm was a little over 100 miles east of us. I’m now praying for the people who may be in Hannah’s path, my daughter lives in SC, and we are praying it doesn't cause any damage there. I'm also praying about the next hurricane, Ike, which is predicted to miss FL, but could change directions!

I wish I could have a big smile sewed in place like this little dolly, so I could smile through any situation, good and bad.

I enjoyed watching the GOP Convention. I really enjoyed all the speeches. I had a lot of smiles as I listened to Huckabee, Palin, Thompson, and of course John McCain. I also had tears, hearing details of his imprisonment and suffering. I will vote for McCain because of his integrity, he is a man of substance! Our children and grandchildren need a hero, a politician hero. John McCain is truly a hero, no one can deny that.

I used to be a registered Democrat, but changed years ago when the party's values and morals declined and they became so liberal. As a Christian I cannot vote for anyone who is for abortion. Because of the sixth commandment of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:13) I know the Lord forgives those who ask for forgiveness for sins, but I cannot be a part of anything that allows women to make this mistake. I know women who have had abortions and I have seen the guilt and pain they have suffered. They are close friends and I have prayed with them and walked with them through this.

I can’t smile about the way the media is so biased. I will never watch CNN again. They speak so negative and disrespectful of all Republicans. I wish we could go back to the old times when the media, and everybody, had respect for our president, our leaders, and our country. The media was respectful of presidents like F. Roosevelt, and Kennedy when they knew what was going on with them, they even protected them. I don't condone what they did, I just like the way our leaders were respected. I don’t like what has happened in our country. I’m praying for a change, yes, a change for those who are so blinded to what our Lord desires - to have their eyes opened, and their hearts changed to love and follow Him.


I ordered this doll from Sugar and Spice Etsy. I fell in love with her when I saw one similar that Lallee bought. It is from her "Garden Party" doll collection, I special ordered this one with “Yellow Rose” petals to add to my yellow rose collection.