Tablescape Thursday

Today’s tablescape is a little different. Inspiration for this tablescape came from these two toys I bought for our granddaughter.
I had planned to surprise her with a Belle Tea Party when she comes to visit us. Problem is – they don’t come to visit us!! When they come to Florida they don’t come to our house to stay with us, they go straight to Disney World for the week. Disney World is about two hours from our house. We are invited to go visit them there. This can be fun (and exhausting) but I would like to have our granddaughter come to our house to have memories of being in our home, etc! I’ve bought several things to do with her when they visit our house. She is now four years old, we haven’t had a tea party with her in our house yet.

So I'm having the tea party now and hope to someday be able to re-stage it if they will come here!
When I saw both of these Belle tea party tea sets, including the Belle as a child doll, I knew I wanted them for Elisabeth, who is a girly-girl, and enjoys girly things!
Mrs. Potts, the tea pot, and Chip, the tea cup has a place of honor as part of the centerpiece, along with the sugar bowl and faux sugar cubes.
A metal shabby chic plant stand is used for the table, with a cocktail napkin as the table cloth.

Mrs. Potts
Mrs. Potts is adorable, when you tip her to pour you push the knob on the lid and it makes a gurgling sound as you pour the “tea.” Belle sings several sweet songs.

The "plastic" tea slips just so far from the tea pot (then retracts back inside the spout when the tea pot is upright again!

Belle and Chip

The Tablescape
I used my yellow Fiesta dishes on a pale yellow tablecloth.

Yellow rose napkin rings on yellow napkins.

The little Beauty and the Beast plates top off the dessert plates.

Yellow handled flatware is used.

I took many pictures before I remembered my fresh yellow roses (a Valentine's gift from my husband!) They are perfect for the centerpiece!


Chip and Mrs. Potts ornaments are iridescent, the picture doesn't show the real beauty.


Mrs. Potts

Invite you to join them

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting Tablescape Thursday, click on her name for more inspiration.

I'm also linking to Lady Katherine's Tea Party Tuesday. Click on her name for lots more inspiration.

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Happy Valentine's Day to my Friends!!!

"These are a few of my favorite (Valentine) things!"

A collage of my Valentine tea tray. Click on pictures for larger images.

A collage of cupids used in my Valentine home decor:

Love and Kisses!

Hearts! From the front door and throughout our home:
Have a very very Happy Valentine's Day!

Today for Valentine's Day I have two different posts. Scroll down (or click here) to see my post on My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets on Lynn's Party!



My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party

I'm joining Lynn's Favorite Kitchen Gadget party! Click on her name for lots more fun. Thanks, Lynn, for hosting!

I love kitchen gadgets and enjoy browsing in kitchen stores for the latest gadgets!

These aren't really my favorite kitchen gadgets, but since it is Valentine's Day I wanted to share them because they are so pretty! I found them at Target last year.

I can't really decide what is my very favorite gadget, so will show several I really love and wouldn't want to be without. I enjoy using them and they make cooking a bit easier.
I have a large whisk that I used for large bowls, but the small whisks above are used more often. The mini whisk on the left is handy to mix things up in a measuring cup or small bowls. The green plastic coated whisk in the middle is great for scrambling eggs in a silicone coated pan, since it doesn't scratch the bottom of pans. The middle sized whisk on the right works well for lots of sizes of containers. Do you have any mini sized whisks?

Maybe these two below could be my favorite gadgets. I love using them!
I love lemon recipes and these two get used a lot with them. The lemon juicer works well and I don't have to exert a lot of energy to get the juice out of lemons. The microplane zester is wonderful, I like to use lemon zest in a lot of recipes.

I like this plastic brush for basting things. It cleans well in the dishwasher. I don't like the brush types anymore because they never seem to be clean!

I like to use small spatulas. I use them for serving as well as cooking.
I bought the green plastic spatula at a kitchen shop in Savannah last year. They said it was the best selling item in their store, and of course I had to try it! It is very flexible and works nicely.

Now here are two gadgets I use almost daily - toast tongs! These little jewels keep me from burning my fingers when I'm getting my toast out of the toaster oven.

Since I'm a tea lover and take tea daily, I must add these to my favorite gadgets:
I love loose black teas and either use the little strainer on the cup, or I use a tea ball, both work great! Do you like loose teas?

We went to Disney World last week and I bought these cute little measuring cups there.

They go great with these measuring spoons!

How cute is that!

These probably aren't my favorites either, I bought them because they are yellow! LOL
I still use my electric can opener, and another scraper that is very sharp!

Two more gadgets that aren't really my favorite, mainly because they belong to my husband! He is the chief chopper in this house! These cutters are wonderful!

For Christmas I gave him a bigger cutter with several attachments.

He uses both, but seems to favor the small one, it's his second one as the first one broke.
Maybe this big one won't break! Hope not!

Happy Valentine's Day!