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Anybody else having this problem? Anybody know what I should do about this? I need some help!




Show and Tell

Show and Tell time! Go to Kelli's There's No Place Like Home for lots more fun.

Today I'm sharing some of the clocks in our house. The above clock is in our guest room. I like it because it looks like an antique. I bought it at Kirkland's a few years ago.

The clock above is in our breakfast nook. We bought it because it matches the large painting with lattice work on the wall next to it.

This antique railroad clock above, belonged to my grandmother. It is in our family room.

This little clock is also in our family room.
I think it also looks antique. I think I bought it
at Hobby Lobby.

This clock sits on the curio cabinet in the dining room.

This little crystal clock sits on top of the TV armoire in the master bedroom. I like to be able to see the time from the bed. We also have a clock radio on the night stand, but it is rather ordinary!

This little metal clock is in the master bathroom. It can be my best friend when I'm getting dresssed, putting on makeup, etc. to keep me from being late for appointments!

The clock above was also my grandmother's. It is one of my favorites, and one of the things I would grab in case of an emergency of having to leave the house!

This wicker clock is in the bear room/office I featured on Show and Tell last week. Most of the furniture in this room is wicker.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the clocks in our house. Check the other posts below to see the remainder of the bears in our bear room. A big bear hug is awaiting you!



Bear figurines, doll and shelf

Today I'm featuring some of the figurines in my "bear room", but above is a big beautiful doll by Boyd's Bears. Her name is Whitney, and the little bear is Wilson. This is the "Yesterday's Child" series. She is about 12 inches tall in the seated position. Wilson is 5 1/2 inches tall. I just love the tea pot and tea cup! Whitney is porcelain and dressed in fabric.

Close-up of tea pot and tea cup.

There are several resin items of Whitney and Wilson. Above is a tea pot candle holder. It is named "Whitney and Wilson, Tea and Candlelight." The roses on the tea pot are 3-D.

Above is a Whitney and Wilson music box. It plays "Tea for Two."

Close-up of music box.

Above is Catherine and Caitlin Berriweather with Little Scruff.

On the bottom it also has:

"No longer just the two of us,
it's tea for three, I see,
My daughter, and the bedraggled bear...and me."

View from the top, the tiny details are adorable.

Above is "Catherine and Caitlin Berriweather...Fine Cup of Tea"

On the right is Mrs. Tuttle, "Stop and Smell the Roses."
On the right is Grace and Jonathan, "Born to Shop."

Above is Prissie, Sissie, and Missy Fixin' Tea for Three." I should have taken a picture of the inside of the tea cup, there's a little resin tea bag, that is removable.

On the left is "J.B. Teabearie." On the right is "Whimsly Teabearie" These two aren't Boyd's Bears. They were favors at a tea party I went to several years ago.

Above is Blossum B. Berriweather..Bloom With Joy."

Above is a shelf with a few tiny bear figures on it.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my bear collection. Tomorrow I will share my bear tea pot, and some of the stuffed bears. Please come back for a bear hug!



Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots of fun.

Today I'm sharing my craft room/office. The next three pictures show a verse I painted around the top of two walls in the room. Because of my love of dolls, bears and tea, it's a favorite verse of mine.

I made the valance, trundle bed cover, and pillows.

We also call this the "Bear Room" because this is where the bears I collect live.
I will be showing all of my bear things over the next few days. This includes tea pots, dolls, figurines, etc.
Bears displayed on the wall above the trundle bed.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my "Bear Room" and will return to see the remainder of my collection.


May we never be to old to play dolls,
love teddybears, play dress-up,
and set the table for tea!


Special Deliveries

On Valentine's Day, Saturday, I received two special packages! This one came all the way from Germany! I won Anita's, My Country Cottage Garden handmade heart give-away and it is even more beautiful than the photos show. Go to Anita's blog to see many more of her lovely creations, plus the pictures of her gardens are very enjoyable.

The delicate needlework is exquisite! Can you see the tiny seed pearls.

This lovely fabric heart is also filled with very fragrant lavender!

Thanks, Anita! Your pretty heart will always have a special place in our home!
Thanks, also for sending one I can use year around!

Above is another special package I received and another give-away I won! This one is from LaTeaDah, Gracious Hospitality. She has a very versatile blog with great photography. Included was a quilt pattern design, a framed cross-stitch, tea pot earrings, and tea bags!

LaTeaDah did this pretty little framed cross-stitch. The verse is very true!

The little tea pot earrings are darling!
Thanks so much LaTeaDah!

Last month I received this pretty yellow rose hankie from Sandra, Ravenhill Cottage. Sandra lives in Canada. Thanks, Sandra, I didn't have one like this in my collection!

Receiving mail is so much fun, especially when it comes from someone you have never met in person! It's also exciting to receive mail from another country!!



A Rose is a rose........

I found this rose ornament after Christmas when we were visiting our new special friends Rose and Tom in SC. She doesn't know it but I bought it as a memento of meeting my blog friend - Rose! Believe me, she is as beautiful as the rose flower! And her husband is a such a fine man.

For Valentine's Day decoration I hung the rose ornament from our crystal chandelier.

If you look closely you can see our collection of Swarovski ornaments also hanging from the chandelier, they have blue ribbons on them. A family member gives us one of these crystal ornaments each Christmas, I think we have eight of them now.

I have left my Valentine's Day decorations up because I'm hosting my Faith Sharing Group meeting tomorrow morning, and my Creative Memories workshop tomorrow night and I want them to see the decorations before they are down. Of course the rose ornament could stay up indefinitely, can't it, since it can adapt to any season!



So Sweet!

I have a sweet husband! He knows I love chocolate covered cherries, so he bought these
unusual chocolate covered cherries for me at Cracker Barrel! Have you had these? They are yummy!

I wish you were here to help me eat all this chocolate candy! May I offer you some?

My name is Katherine, and I'm a candy-a-holic!

The magnet, above, is on my refrigerator!

My husband is diabetic and shouldn't eat sugar. I found these sugar-free Peeps for him! And one for me!

One thing I forgot to buy is the cinnamon hearts, I love to buy those this time of year. Hmmm, maybe they will be on sale this week!

Easter isn't until April 12th this year, that will give me about two months to lose the pounds from Valentine candy before I start eating Easter candy! I love jelly beans, and can't resist them!!



Show and Tell - Valentine Decor

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for more inspiration.

I saved my favorite Valentine decoration for last. I bought this large heart shaped ornament at TJ Maxx after Christmas for about $8. The "heart is 9 inches long, and 13 inches long with the beads included.
When I bought the large ornament I knew exactly where I would hang it - in front of the mirror on the hall tree in the foyer.

It was hard to hang up and I'm so afraid it would fall and break! I have it wired, then I taped electrical tape over the wire!
This shot above show more of the design on the ornament.

I actually did my show and tell last night when I shared my mother's baskets that I decorated with cherubs and lace. Go to the next post to see it!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Valentine decor.

I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day - with lots of chocolate!

My husband is feeling better and we are hoping to go away for the weekend.