Vintage Bunnies Tablescape - Wait for it!

I found these adorable Vintage Bunny Plates at World Market right before Easter and didn't have time to do a tablescape with them. I already had one Easter 'scape done anyway. I just couldn't resist these plates since I love vintage things!  So next year I will make a tablescape with them --- wait for it!!!

 The four different scenes on each plate
were in a cute box

The paintings are even wrapped around to the back! Isn't that the cutest! 

                      Dancing Bunnies!

 Painting Bunny

 More Dancing Bunnies!

And Bunnies hiding eggs! (Or did they find them!)
 See why I couldn't resist them? Plus, they were on sale!! The original price was $29.99, then 25% off, plus there was a $10 off coupon, so the final price was only $12.50! Yay!

 So I have a whole year to come up with a centerpiece and tablescape with these adorable plates! I may even use these vintage look bunnies that I've had a few years:

 I hope you enjoyed having a sneak preview of next year's Easter tablescape!

I'm joining Susan's Thursday Tablescapes, click on her name for lots of inspiration.



Little Red Truck and the Easter Bunny's Helpers

(Note: Tablescape is below, after the story!)
The Little Red Truck had a new adventure when the Easter Bunny asked for help delivering Easter eggs!

The bunnies had so much fun hiding all the eggs for the children.

Aren't they cute little bunnies? This is Molly:

This is Maggie:

This is Cleo

And this is Ralph!

I've had the little bunnies for several years, found them at Dollar Tree.

The Little Red Truck enjoyed this adventure so much!

Wonder what the next adventure will hold?

The Little Red Truck has been with me since before Christmas
 I found it at Hobby Lobby. not sure if they still have them, maybe online?

It has been so fun seeing the adventures that comes his way!

 Come back after Easter to see what he's been up to!

Have a very Happy Easter!!

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I have added more to this post by doing a tablescape and using the Little Red Truck centerpiece above. I'm joining Susan's Tablescape Thursday click on her name for lots of inspiration!

White plates on woven pink and orange placemats topped with floral napkins and white bunny napkins.

 You can see the little bunny napkin rings.

 The striped flatware goes nicely with the napkins.

Thanks, Susan for hosting!

Happy Easter!



Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Yesterday I went to The Mad Hatter's Tea and Luncheon
sponsored by the Palm Coast Decorative Painter's club.
It was also a fund raiser with two auctions of painted items.

Several club members decorated their tables with themed subjects.
This is the table where I sat, hosted by Jan N. and Barbara J.
The theme is "Tea Time."
I wish I had taken a closer picture of the centerpiece, made by Jan
and Barbara. The bottom is a plate with a tea pot, then next three 
layers of plates has rose tea cups, silk ivy and a variety of tea bags. 

The goodie bags are hand painted by Barbara and Jan.

Inside the goodie bags was another hand painted
surprise - a framed picture of zentangle designed
tea cups. All ten were different!
I wish I had taken pictures of all of them. Here's a close-up of mine. 
Look at all that detail!

Another take home gift was these sweet tea cups filled with tea bags!

The display of the member's donated art auctioned off after the luncheon:

There was also a "Silent Auction" of handpainted items:

For Silent Auction, you sign your name and bid on the paper, then
hope no one comes along and outbids you!!

Just a few of many painted items donated, along with handmade jewelry.

Some of the decorated tables. I think this one won:
There's a watermelon shaped tea pot in the center.
The goblets were also handpainted
and were take home favors!

This table has a beach theme. The centerpiece is handpainted:

Sandpails full of shells and pinwheels were the take home favors.

Table below has hand painted ladies inside each tea cup:

Table below has a bunny theme. Large bunny centerpiece:

Egg themed table. Lady on the left has painted eggs hanging 
from her hat and on top.

Spring Chicken Theme:

Hand painted chicken centerpiece
with hand painted eggs inside egg cups for favors

This cheerful table had lots of birds, butterflies, and balloons. 
That aqua fascinator hat even had a bird on it!

Another chicken theme:

Sunflower Theme Table:

Crazy Hat Contest Winner:
Tea Cup made from playing cards!
Isn't Heather pretty?

The Food:

The Desserts:

And a good time was had by all!!!

This was PCDPs first tea party, we are all hoping it won't be the last! They did a wonderful job, very professionally presented. Thanks for all the hard work!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my review of their tea party!