Scarecrow Collection

I painted this scarecrow to go with my scarecrow collection. It is 16x20
I displayed it on this easel until I put all my scarecrow collection in the breakfast nook, so I tucked this one in among the others:

Other scarecrows are tucked here and there 

Even hanging from the chandelier!

It is made of chenille, so cute! When I started collecting scarecrows I would only buy those that are a little out of the ordinary, like this one!

He has fallen down and can't get up!!

How different are these? Made from flower pots and a light bulb!

Even a scarecrow clock!

Scarecrow in a wheelbarrow!

And on a screen door!

Displayed on top of the clock:

This is "Chip" (get it? Chip off the block!! Hee-hee!)

Scarecrow candy dish

Skinny Scarecrow:

Chubby Scarecrows:

Chubbier scarecrow:

This scarecrow drives a pumpkin on wheels!

Another rides an ear of corn!

This scarecrow is on a tassel:

Girl scarecrows:

Baby Scarecrow:

Teenage girls hanging out!

Bean Bag Scarecrow:

Rag doll scarecrows:

Scarecrows on a stick:

So which one is your favorite?

I display them differently each year, one year I tucked some into the CD stand:

One year they were all on top of the TV armoire in the family room:

Some on top of the antique clock:

Hanging from a lamp:

And this year in the breakfast nook:

After I painted the scarecrow, he joined the others:

 What should I name him?

Did you choose a favorite? This one may be my favorite:

But, I am growing very fond of my newest one:

 He needs a name!

I hope seeing the cute little scarecrows has cheered you up,
the last few days has been sad with the attack on Paris.
Pray for Paris, and pray for America's protection!