The First Nativity in my Collection

Nativity in Niche - 2018

This Nativity was my first one, the one that started my 
Nativity collection:
I've had it since the late 60s.
It was given to me by my Aunt Catherine,
a favorite aunt.
The figurines are ceramic, I don't know
who actually made them.
Joseph is 10 inches tall
Mary is 9 inches tall
Baby Jesus' manger is 6 inches long

Every year I display the Nativity set in this niche 
between the dining room and family room
The decor of it is different each year.

Below is this year's display:
 I used an old piece of lace to go with
the cream colored theme this year.

I bought the capiz shell "flowers" at Pier 1 last spring.

I had planned to show all of the different ways I have decorated it each year, but ran into difficulty because I couldn't find a picture of each year. I know I took pictures, but lost or misplaced a lot of pictures when we switched over to a new computer. I will show the pictures I found, but have forgotten which year goes with each picture.

I have decorated it differently for 18 years now.

Below is last year's display, using white poinsettias:


Nativity display - 2016
I used  maroon velvet fabric with red poinsettias.
A few of Joe's childhood animals from his Nativity
are also used with this one.

2018 has the old lace

I really like this one using faux roses:
The old family bible is over 100 years old.

Another display with roses used differently:

 This one has holly:

 The niche has an overhead light:

 This one has a green velvet cloth:
With white and gold poinsettias

Another year with green and gold:

A different green cloth:

 This one I used a crocheted tablecloth:
 The long shot view:

The angel that hangs above:

 This was one of my first displays:
The wall (above) looks pink, but it's a berry color 

Which is your favorite?

Merry Christmas!

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I posted this collection December 2012 I have a few new ones since then,
I will post those soon.

They are displayed differently each year as well.

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