Before and After Bedroom Project

 The project I've been working on - our master bedroom - is almost finished. Above is a peek at it from a distance. First I'll tell you a little about how the color came about, and show you the before pictures.
 The inspiration color came from this Ball jar. I had been collecting some blue jars and vases to paint since I was taking an oil painting class on painting blue jars! I fell in love with them! I love this color! Don't they make a pretty vignette?

My old bedroom decor was just that - old! Granted, I still loved it, but it was time to change after 16 years! It was dramatic in style as well as color, but styles change and things wear out, so - time to change! I was actually afraid to change from the dark dramatic to light and simple, it took a while to get up the nerve to do it, but it became fun when I started shopping and finding the pretty light colors.

Here's the Before:
The window light shows through the gold lace
(it's actually a tablecloth!)
The pillows and shams:
The Valance has burgundy silk hydrangeas on top of the
twisted floral and gingham fabrics that coordinate with the drapes:
It was going to be very hard to go from elaborate window treatments
to plain and simple! I was scared to take it down, because once down
it couldn't go back up! 

Well, here you go!
 No curtains!
How about a tray of silk flowers on the window sill instead!

It is not as bare looking as I had expected:
I don't miss curtains!

Simple pillows on the bed:
Vintage baby pillow cover:

A lightweight throw at the foot of the bed:



Reading nook. Chair cover has an aqua towel
on it until we can get it covered:
Aqua box, above, holds my bible collection.

Table vignettes:
On left side of bed:

Right side of bed:
 My Inspire Journaling Bible:

The dresser:

Pretty aqua blue vignette:

Daughter, Alyson's handpainted bible verse
so pretty included in decor

Mirror reflects the French doors:

Here's the "before" of the dresser
 This is the only before I took of it
 The pictures and plates were removed,
 Everything on the top shelves were removed:
 The hallway to the master bath
 both sides, all items above were removed .

The little white shelf to the right is still there, see below

 I added a little picture from Charleston:

 Another picture from Charleston:
Before and After.
Before, it had a wine colored border:
 We changed the mat to
The frame isn't as dark as it looks here

A bookcase is below the picture:

Left side, cute candle holders:
 (bookcase is not color shown)

Right side:

Another vignette on the opposite wall from bed
Stacked luggage helped fill in that blank wall beside
 Side view:

 TV armoire at the end of the bed:

  The mirror reflects the little white shelf
and small wicker trunk below it:

On top of the armoire:
 Pretty vignette, again using Alyson's handpainted bible verses
So comforting to have bible verses displayed around the house,
a wonderful reminder of His love for us,
His promises to us!
He keeps His promises! 

 This little cross was moved to above the bedroom door:

 That's the bedroom re-do!

Now to the adjoining master bathroom,
here's the BEFORE:
 The candlelier above the Jacuzzi tub was draped
in pearls and ivy.

Grapevine, ivy, pearls and yellow roses 
on top of the shutters:
 The bathroom is very white with
light cream walls, and very hard
to get good color for pictures:

 Very bad color of photos. It's white, not yellow!

A simple spray of silk flowers on top of the shutters:
Candlelier has aqua candles, very simple.

Master Bathroom

 Makeup vanity:

I apologize for the poor quality 
of the photos. I had a lot of difficulty 
and finally gave up!

Pretty pink silk roses in blue bottles on vanity:

Aqua liquid hand soap!

Collection of pretty soaps:

 Collection of creams and lotions:
 On the makeup vanity:

Aqua face cloths:

Another one of Alyson's handpainted verses framed
for the bathroom:

I'm sorry this is so long, I almost broke it into two posts, but wanted the bathroom to be included with the bedroom. I'm also sorry the photos aren't all true colors, this is what caused so much difficulty and took so long to do. I finally decided to just post them anyway! I hope you enjoyed our re-do! We love it and are enjoying the simpler look and lighter colors!

This is my next project, repainting these walls in the bedroom, covering up the
ivy vine I painted over the French doors.

 Another project is to reorganize my painting studio
which is in a corner of the bedroom, along with my sewing machine.
This screen hides it all until it's all done!

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