Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique

 This is the Sweet Sage Cafe we went to while we were vacationing
on the FL central west coast. It is located at Reddington Beach,
north of St. Petersburg Beach. 

We tried to go there one day, but they close at 2 p.m., so we
went back the next day, the last day of our vacation. It was
certainly worth going back! We ate in the garden and it
was sooo entertaining out there!

I'm eating fruit from the buffet

Joe had the "Eye Opener Breakfast"


 Dogs are allowed in the garden too. Here's a pooch statue
offering a tray of dog biscuits:





What a lovely setting for brunch!

Below: The dolphins were displayed at several businesses,
I think they had a competition the month before we were there.

This one was at the front entrance.

One of the dining rooms inside:

The Breakfast Buffet:

If you look closely to the left, you'll see the chocolate fountain!
Beautiful buffet, hot and cold items

Back to the garden:


A nice lady took my picture:

No, I didn't tiptoe through the tulips!


There's also a boutique that is fun to browse:

The birds and animals were fake,
but there were several dogs there with their owners!

I took a lot of these pictures, but I also borrowed
some of them from the net,
Such as this one:
I hope you enjoyed my picture tour of
Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique.
If you are in the area, go there as it
will not disappoint!

To see the first part of our vacation click here:



Back from FL West Coast Vacation

We just returned from a week's vacation on Florida's West Coast where the sunsets are incredible:
I've lived in FL over 51 years, and have vacationed a few times on the FL panhandle and several times in south FL's west coast, but never stayed in the central west coast, just traveled through sometimes. We thoroughly enjoyed being away and seeing new things in FL we haven't seen before. There's a lot to do over there! We ate at several really neat restaurants, most of them on the water!

I'll start with one of my favorite restaurants, right on the beach! Palm Pavilion, Clearwater Beach, FL:
The sign is still blown out from the hurricane in September

See the beautiful white sand?

 We ate outside on the open air porch!

I had a Shrimp Burger for lunch that day!
 Cut up shrimp made into a pattie, it was delicious!

Joe had a "Beach Burger"

 The live music was fabulous!
 Taylor Reed sings, plays violin, guitar, and writes
most of her songs. We liked her so much we 
bought one of her CDs.

The beach bar was inside
(we don't partake!)

 We saw a few of these hand painted dolphins all around,
They had a competition a few weeks before we arrived.

 I took the picture below from the moving car. Those are blue cabanas on the beach:

Every night at about 5:38 we sat on our condo balcony
to watch another beautiful sunset!
  We were on 3rd floor


 Different every night!

Even though I've lived in FL over 50 years I had never been to Tarpon Springs, a small "Greek Village" known as the Sponge Capital! They actually dive for sponges! They also have several Greek restaurants there. We ate at one that was very impressive, unfortunately I didn't get many pictures inside as they were very crowded. The food was good! Joe had a gyro, I've forgotten what my chicken sandwich was called (in Greek) but it was good too. This is a picture I took of the mirrored wall next to us, you can see Joe's reflection in it!

This picture is of the entryway, see the clouds?

Here's the best part of the restaurant!
The bakery!


 Joe waiting for me to decide what to buy!
We brought home a sampler of Greek pastries
and a loaf of their delicious bread!
Plus, with lunch we had a slice of
Baklava Cheesecake! Yum!

 Tarpon Springs is a cute little town with lots
of neat shops and restaurants

A little fishing village:



 Statue of Sponge Diver:

We found live music in a shopping courtyard,
this violinist was wonderful:
We enjoyed being entertained by Cal Morris
and also bought two of his CDs, one is Christmas!

These were fake, but fun!

Front of sign:

Back of sign:

Tarpon Springs was a fun way to spend an afternoon! Next time I will share another unique restaurant where we ate in the garden, I took loads of pictures there so I will share them another time (probably after Thanksgiving!) Come back to see them, you'll be glad you did!

One more sunset!