Three Decorated Faux Pumpkins

 Since my signature flower is yellow rose I decided I wanted to decorate a pumpkin with a yellow rose. I used faux velvet fall leaves and one light yellow rose. The faux pumpkin is light yellow with speckles. Since it is a Southern pumpkin it needed to wear pearls! LOL!

 The back side has dark leaves:
 Moving to the side:
From the top:

The front has lighter leaves:

The very top:

I displayed the Yellow Rose Pumpkin on top of

my Yellow Rose Tea Cart which also displays

my collections of yellow depression glass:

The top of the Tea Cart:

My Tea Cart is in the dining room:

I already had this large white pumpkin that I decorated with faux succulents last year. I put them in a safe place last year and haven't been able to locate them this year, so I had to redecorate the big white pumpkin this year.  I had this beautiful burlap rose and it works very well with more faux velvet leaves.

I display the white pumpkin on the end table

in the living room, along with a white

bird and faux leaves.

Living room coffee table has a wire basket with fall faux apple and pears in it.

The pumpkin pillow is embroidered with shiny thread!

Here's the last pumpkin I decorated. It is also a yellow/orange color. I had a sprig with acorns I attached to the top along with faux silk fall leaves.

I hope to show you more of my simple fall decorating in the next few days/weeks. I'm having a very hard time with the new blogger! Is anybody else having problems with it? Right now I can't figure out how to enlarge the photos!

I hope you enjoyed my fancy pumpkins!