Let's Dish!

I'm joining Kathleen's Let's Dish party! Thanks to Kathleen for hosting. Click on her name for lots more fun and inspiration.

I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing again. I almost gave up with this tablescape. I started with these bright yellow salad plates I found at TJ Maxx a few months ago.
They are made in Portugal and were only $2.99 each, so I succumbed and bought them!
I had planned to do an all yellow and white tablescape. First I used a different tablecloth and a different centerpiece, but it just didn't have the pizzazz I was hoping for. I didn't even take any pictures due to my disappointment. After a few days I decided to change the tablecloth and used this one. I bought it at an estate sale a year or so ago.

It is a beautiful and unusual shaped tablecloth.

Next I decided to add more colors to the yellow and white theme.
A friend gave me these lily plates several years ago:
There's four different colors, yellow lilies above, and blue below:
Peach lilies:
and purple:
I must admit I was surprised how well they all go with the bright yellow!
I did a different centerpiece, had to make a trip to Michael's to look for some lilies (no fresh ones anywhere) They didn't have the color I wanted, I had to settle for white, but I added a few others silks and voila! It's pretty!
I already had that little bright yellow birdie:
and the bright yellow vase:
I know some people call themselves "silk flower snobs" and never use the silk, only fresh flowers, but I love the silks and they last forever!! LOL! I may be bragging, but I don't think fresh flowers could look any prettier than these do!
The next surprise I had was this:
While sitting across the room I saw the design in the tablecloth, and couldn't believe my eyes - the flower design in the tablecloth is a lily design!!
Can you believe it?! How neat is that!!

Now I started getting really excited about this tablescape! Believe me I needed this, as I have been in a decorating slump lately. My sister is still with us, she is even doing better! PTL! I think I've felt I shouldn't be having fun with decorating and blogging when she is so sick, but this has been good therapy for me and my sadness about her.

Thanks to all of you who left such sweet messages on my last post about my sister! They are so appreciated and made me feel better. Thanks, also for your prayers!
I'm thanking our Lord for this gift, I believe He helped me put this all together after I prayed about what to do!
I had forgotten about this tablecloth, it was hanging in the guest room closet (along with the red tablecloth I thought I had lost!)

The bright colors have cheered me up so much!
It is much brighter than it looks in these pictures.
I hope you enjoyed this tablescape as much as we are enjoying it here!

Yellow polka dot place mats were purchased a few years ago, I've forgotten where I found them, probably TJ Maxx. The white dinner plates are from Dollar Tree many years ago! The "crystal" goblets are from Dollar Tree as well. The yellow vase is from Home Goods, last year. I made the yellow polka dot napkins. The white ceramic napkin rings have a floral design on the other side, but I like the all white backs better with this theme!

Have a happy day,

God Bless,


Blogging Break

My sister, Ann, (above) is near death and I'm just not up to do much decorating or blogging at this time. I'll return soon!



He is Risen!

He's Alive!!

I like the shadow from the candlestick, it looks like a cross!

Happy Easter!



Good Friday

They stripped him and put a scarlet robe on him,
and after twisting some thorns into a crown,
they put it on his head. Matthew27:28, 29

And they crucified Him.......... Mark15:22

Father, forgive them,
for they do not know
what they are doing.
Luke 23:34