Let's Dish

This tablescape started out entirely different from how it ended up. Inspiration started with these napkins I bought for only $5.99 at TJ Maxx back in January. I even found a new pink tablecloth to go with some pink and green dishes I have. Pink tablecloth and these pretty pink plaid napkins, but the dishes didn't work, so I had to go to a Plan B and the pink tablecloth lost out!

Out comes the spring green tablecloth and different colors of dishes.
Our pale yellow Fiesta casual china topped with green petal shaped salad plates.
These cute little bunny napkin rings were from Hobby Lobby last year.

I still had problems getting this tablescape to come together. First I used this for the centerpiece:
I wasn't happy with it because it looks too ordinary, with just a basket filled with flowers.
Next I used the centerpiece from the breakfast nook table:
I added the jelly bean holder bunny on the left, and the candle on the right:

There's more pink to tie in with the napkins, but........

but, I still wasn't happy with it :-(

What do you think?

Next I fill the pretty little white ceramic basket with the spring flowers:

The ceramic basket makes it a little less ordinary:
I love the yellow bunny. I found it at Hobby Lobby one year, maybe last year? Anytime I see something yellow and adorable I usually have to buy it!!
Last night a friend came over and I asked her opinion and she chose this one, so it won.

What do you think? This one?

Or this one?

Or this one?

I guess the reason I'm so indecisive is because we have a family crisis going on now. My sister isn't expected to live. She was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago and has been in remission after chemo and radiation treatments, but it has returned as a brain tumor and they think it has spread all over her body. She was sent home from the hospital with Hospice care. She is in another state and we are trying to decide when to go there.

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Happy Easter!


After 14 years.....!

After 14 years my friend, Janet, and I have finally met face to face! We "met" each other back in 1998 while we were on a decorating group together. I think the group was called "Interiors" and it was then an "E-Group" which later changed to Yahoo Groups. Even with an age difference we hit it off and started emailing each other privately as well as chatting on the decorating group. She was also instrumental in helping me start my own e-group of reviewing decorating magazines together (mostly Romantic Homes.) After this group ended we continued to communicate privately.

Janet lives in (middle) Canada and we live in central Florida - a long way from each other! We have always wanted to meet each other in person and always thought we would someday. It took 14 years, but it has finally happened when she and her family visited Disney World recently.

Here we are with our husbands shortly after we met. Our husbands also hit it off well and talked constantly!

We decided to dine at the Garden View tea room at the Grand Floridian Hotel.
Our husbands were so sweet to agree to this!

The menu:

Janet is such a lovely lady!

We all four ordered the Buckingham Palace Tea with tea sandwiches
and desserts and pots of teas. We had these flavors of tea - Russian Earl Grey, Eros, Garden View Blend:
I forgot to take pictures of the scones, jam and cream, they were yummy too!

We were a little disappointed that they no longer use the Old Country Roses china in the tea room, they said they are in transition with china. I'm thinking they may get their own monogrammed china, hope so!

The view from the tea room. But, wait! Take a closer look, do you see it?
It's Cinderella's carriage!! Bringing a young bride to their wedding reception!
How exciting is this!! Six tiny white horses are pulling the carriage!

After finishing our delicious desserts
We were happy campers!

We took a few pictures of the tea room, it is beautiful with the comfy sofas at the tables:
Tea accoutrements for sale:

As we were leaving the tea room, Janet noticed the inlaid tile on the floor:
It's Mrs. Potts tea pot, and Chip, the tea cup from Beauty and the Beast! How cute is that?!

Window in front of the tea room:

View of the hotel from the tea room:
With flash (above) and without flash below:

What a gorgeous place! I always have to take a picture of this!

We were delighted to find the carriage was still outside, it waits there until after the reception.

It was so fun to take pictures!

You couldn't go near the little horses, but they did allow photo shots in front of the carriage!!
Janet and I felt like young princesses standing there beside the carriage!!

And of course we have already met our princes!!
Oh, the magic of Disney! Our dreams of meeting each other really did come true, and now we feel the magic of being princesses (almost!)

While walking around the grounds I snapped a picture of the Disney Wedding Pavillion (I zoomed in on the camera, it isn't as close as it looks.)

We went back inside the Grand Floridian Hotel:

Janet and Norman on the grand staircase:

The carpet at the bottom of the stairs has Cinderella's carriage:

We started noticing all the floors and even took pictures of the inlaid tile:
Across from the staircase, Cinderella and her Prince (above)



Donald Duck:


Minnie Mouse:


Peter Pan and Wendy:
Mickey at another entrance:

And another Goofy:

The Grand Floridian
I hope you enjoyed seeing a just a few "different" things at Disney! Next time "look down!" There's something unique in every direction!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of Janet playing tourist!

There's always beautiful music, either the orchestra, or the Pianist, to entertain you! That's the orchestra on the second floor (straight ahead.)

Happy memories of new friends who will now be forever friends!

We enjoyed our time with them so much!!
I wish we weren't so far apart!!

Thanks for a wonderful time! Much too short!

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