Bluebird Memories

We had company this past week and I almost forgot about the Dish Challenge! I finally remembered today and put something together quickly. I had already decided to use birds since I have a lot of birds of all colors.

I wanted to use this little bluebird in honor of my sister. It was hers and she kept it on her kitchen window. My sister has been on my mind a lot, her birthday would have been in April. She has been gone eleven months now.

Here's her little bluebird:

Isn't it adorable! I tried to put it in the nest inside the terrarium, but it just didn't work, so I filled the terrarium with flowers and put the birds outside around it.

I also used the pale yellow birds (from Michael's) along with the pale yellow plates and tablecloth. Plates were from Marshall's. Tablecloth from Ross a long time ago.

 To tie in the blue I used blue napkin over the cream colored napkins and bisque napkin rings with tiny flowers.

 The pale yellow and cool blues work well together
 The flatware has cream colored handles

 The "crystal" is my old standby from Dollar Tree!

I'm happy with the way the centerpiece came together with the yellow hydrangeas:

                                   A view from the top:


A few other yellow flowers helped fill the terrarium

The little bluebird is so happy he was chosen to join in the dish party!


Here's a place for you!

I hope you enjoyed my spring birdie tablescape!

It all started with this darling little bluebird!

 Thanks to Kathleen for hosting Let's Dish Challenge. Click on her name for lots more inspiration.

 I'm also linking to Susan's Tablescape Thursday and The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sundays. Click on their names.

 I hope everyone is enjoying a happy spring!

Spring has sprung!

 I'm joining Kathleen's Let Dish party. Click on her name for lots more fun! I'll also join Susan's Thursday Tablescapes, click on her name too.

Inspiration for this tablescape was from these napkins. I found them last week at TJ JMaxx. I didn't like the price on them as I usually can get them there for $5.99 or $6.99.
But since these are from Vera, I suppose they cost more.  Can you see the back, the original price was $40, so I guess I'm lucky they were as cheap as they are!

I had different plans for this tablescape, first using a white tablecloth, but it seemed to transform itself  into something else!

I knew I would use the bright yellow plates (from TJ Maxx last year) but I started with white dinner plates under the yellow plates.

The napkins have a lot of white on them. Isn't the design beautiful? I couldn't fold them in a way that the design shows, so I just used napkin rings with them.

Do you know of a better way?

Each place setting is a little different

As you can see I decided to use a spring green tablecloth and these green dinner plates (from Dollar Tree.)

I also used amber crystal and the yellow handled flatware.

For the centerpiece I used silk flowers, what I had. I asked my husband to get the "Spring Flowers" box from the high shelf in the garage. This is what was in that box. I was wanting daffodils, I guess my yellow daffodil silk flowers are in the Easter box, that what I was hoping for, but daisies and roses it is!
I think the mixture of bright colors works quite nicely. I love the way reds and yellows are used together these days. Remember when that would have been a no-no?

I was surprised the amber crystal goblets and the flatware goes so well with the color scheme.

This tablescape is very cheerful and brightens up the dining room with the vivid colors.

I wish you could see it in person!

I was racing to finish as the sun was coming in the window a little too brightly at this time!

I love silk flowers, I think these look pretty good, works for me!

Here's a place for you!

This is the finished design!

And it all started with this!

This came last! Just makes me smile! I hope you are smiling too!