A Free Gift for You!

I know I promised to soon share the decorating project I've been working on, but I'm having some difficulty getting the photos, etc. ready to publish. I think it will be in the next few days. Thanks for your patience! I'm sharing my daughter's blog again because she is offering a FREE GIFT to everybody this time!


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Enjoy your bible study printout!

I'll see you soon with my new decor!



New project coming soon!

I have been working on a new project I will be sharing with you soon, just a few more things to go before it's finished! 

In the meantime, I'm sharing my daughter, Alyson's blog again:

Alyson hand made these recipe cards
with bible verses on them.
The watercolor fruit on them
is so pretty!


Here's Alyson's favorite Banana Bread recipe she loves for breakfast.
 It is grain free and great for anyone on a special diet due to allergies or other reasons.

Click here to go to Alyson's blog:

If you would like to order copies of these hand crafted recipe cards, go to her blog and click on "Shop" they are instant printables, great for gifts.  If you would like to sign up for Alyson's blog and receive free inspiration bible verses every Thursday, click below and send her your first name and email address
where it says Free gifts for you:

I hope to post my special project here soon,
please return to see it.
Hint: Master Bedroom/Bath
Aqua color!
See you soon!


What would bother you the most?

This will be the last segment on the mission trip to Cuba my daughter went on a couple week's ago. She wrote in more detail on her blog, click here: 

She tells about the secret to overcoming fears, some major, some minor, but still fears! Here's the free scripture she hand penned for her blog followers:

I tried to visualize how I would feel about going to another country without the pleasurable things we are so accustomed to here in our great USA!

What would bother you the most if you went to the poor country?

Black beans and rice for EVERY meal!! EVERY day!??

The lodging:
 NOT the Hilton!!
 The room she and her roommate stayed in - No A/C! No glass on the windows!! Only shutters and shutters do not keep creepy crawlers out! They had some of these unwanted "visitors!"

Or how about giving your testimony to a group? This is Alyson and her translator as she gave her testimony about asking Jesus into her life:

There are more pictures of Cuba on her blog - how people don't own cars and have to walk everywhere, they have very little money, etc.

Mission trips are a sacrifice to the Lord. Alyson loved it, she said her life was changed, she'll never forget those sweet people who were so hungry to learn more about the Lord, how to share the Lord, etc. They don't have access to bibles, Christian literature, etc.

See Alyson's blog for more details and to order the above instant printable scripture and to join her blog so you can receive a free hand penned scripture weekly.
Click here:

 I hope you have enjoyed hearing about Alyson's mission trip! I'm very proud of her!


Grateful for our freedom

Have you ever thought how we just take our freedom for granted? We forget how "spoiled" we are here in the USA with having so much! We may have read about other countries, especially the communist countries and how they lack so much, but going there and seeing first hand makes an impact on you that you never forget. My daughter experienced this on the mission trip to Cuba last week.

For those of you who are following Alyson's mission trip to Cuba, here are a few pictures and her story about the trip and the experience she had there. Click on her blog for her story:

A Cuban Farm:

 A Cuban church:
 Alyson said the Cuban Christians they met with at the retreat were so hungry to learn more about Jesus and the bible. They don't have much written information available there.

 Alyson's small group team (Alyson is second from left)

The bible verse Alyson shares on her blog, free to those who are subscribed, 
and available for purchase from her shop on the blog. 

Click on her blog to read a special message about 
our freedom and to subscribe (free.)

Have you prayed and thanked God for your freedom?