Today I'll share my kitchen with you. I have a tea room type theme in our kitchen, using tea pots, tea cups and other tea related items. This basket of silk yellow roses sits atop the kitchen cabinets. I apologize that the following pictures aren't in perfect order.

I'm taking a blogger break and will return the first week in February. I invite you to visit each month of my archives to see other rooms of our house.

Thanks to all my loyal viewers who leave comments. I haven't been able to reply to comments lately, but I do appreciate you taking the time to make a comment!

When I return I will show you my favorite display atop the pantry in the kitchen!

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have lights on top and give a nice glow at night.

Kitchen cabinets, right side

Right side of top of kitchen cabinets. This picture was taken when the Christmas tea pot was up there.

Kitchen cabinets center

Center view of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, left side

Top of kitchen cabinets with the tea cup shelf on top. This is on the left side, above the refrigerator.

Tea Cup Shelf

This tea cup shelf sits on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Shabby Chic Plaque

Close-up of the shabby chic plaque at bottom.

Victorian House Tea Pot

Victorian house teapot is displayed on top of cabinets. The tall container is a pasta keeper, but I don't keep pasta in it!


Tea for One

This tea for one tea pot is displayed on top of the cabinets. It has a French cafe design.

Tea Room Tea Pots

Tea pots on top of the cabinets in the center have a tea room theme.


Two teapots at the left end of the top of the cabinets. These were both gifts to me. The small one on the left has a butterfly dangling from the spout!

Kitchen Counter

Our kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room are all one "great room." This is the front of the kitchen counter which divides the family room and breakfast nook. It is painted tone on tone. My husband did this by painting every other stripe with polyurethane.

High shelf in dining room

One side of the dining room has a high shelf with the following vignettes. The large framed print has yellow roses on the gate.

Dining Room High Shelf

The wire baskets, greenery, and bird are on the left end of the high shelf.

Angel and candelabra

The angel and candelabra on the dining room high shelf.


Cross on high shelf

This shelf is across from the other. The cross, antique vase, and greenery are on the shelf above the pantry in the kitchen, view is from the dining room.

Tole Tray

This tole tray is also on the high shelf between the master bedroom and bathroom. I haven't found a better place for it yet. Becca, it reminds me of yours! This one is wood, I bought it at Ross or TJ Maxx, very inexpensive.

Wicker bird cage

This wicker bird cage is on the high shelf between the master bedroom and bathroom. It holds the silk rose bouquet I carried in our wedding. A rose topiary to the right of the cage.

Urn on shelf

This metal urn is on the high shelf between the master bedrom and bath.

High shelf in MBR

This high shelf overlooks part of the master bathroom.


Sandy Clough Plate

This is Sandy Clough's Christmas plate. I won this plate in a tea party contest on her Tea Society site, a few years ago. I love the Christmas plaid border and the beautiful red roses.


High shelf in guest room

To continue on with the high shelves in our house. This shelf in guest room has the big wooden rocking horse that belonged to my grandsons. This may have to come down so Caden can use it! The boy dolls are Taylor and Tanner, named after my older grandsons.

Guest room high shelves

High shelves in the guest room. L to R: Large Doll, Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, hat box, framed picture.

High shelf in guest room

High shelf in guest room. L to R: Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls used as bookends to a set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books, hat box, angel, oil lamp, Nancy Drew books, two boy dolls (named Taylor and Tanner) and rocking horse. Framed picture is of two little girls playing dress-up with clothes from an old trunk. These two little girls look like my youngest daughter and her friend, Suzanne, when they were little.
The books belonged to both of my daughters when they were young.

Guest Room Rocker

I don't think I have shared a photo of this little rocker and tuffet. These are in our guest room. We are having company this weekend, so our room will be in use!

Guest Room Window

Guest room window treatment is from old lace curtains.

Guest Room Bed

I have featured the guest room before, but can't remember which month, so I'll show the antique iron bed again for those of you who have not seen it. It has gold leaf on the iron parts. A quilt my grandmother made is at the foot of the bed. An antique trunk is at the bottom front of the picture.



Can you have too many hatboxes? Sometimes I just can't resist buying a pretty one. This one is on the armoire in our master bedroom.

I will feature a few of my hatboxes today, which is your favorite?

Hatbox vignette

Hatbox vignette on top of TV armoire in master bedroom.

OCR Hatbox

This hatbox is covered with the Old Country Roses design.

Yellow Roses Hatboxes

A dear friend gave me the large yellow roses hatbox, it was also filled with tea time goodies! They are displayed on the high shelves between master bedroom and bath.

Gold Brocade Hatbox

Gold Hatbox on high shelf in master bedroom, vignette includes small luggage, high top shoe vase, silk greenery and roses.
I hope you understand what I mean by high shelves - we have very high ceilings in our house, most rooms have these shelves along the top. Some places they are called "pot shelves" where pottery pots are displayed.


Winter doll collection

Today I'm featuring my winter doll collection. I display my winter/Christmas dolls in this large curio case during the winter months, usually from November through March. The top shelf has all Madame Alexander dolls.


This Madame Alexander doll is "Caroler" all dressed up in green corduroy and white fur, ready to go caroling.


This Madame Alexander doll is Clara, from the Nutcracker series, in her party dress.


This little cutie is smaller than most Madame Alexander dolls, she's about six inches tall (the others featured here are eight inches tall.) She is "Winter."


Madame Alexander doll is "Annabelle" from the Southern Belle series. She is holding a garland of Christmas cards.

Deck the Halls

Madame Alexander doll "Deck the Halls" is holding a garland.

12 Days of Christmas

Madame Alexander doll named "Twelve Days of Christmas" has a little Christmas tree with the 12 symbols on it.

Dolls on middle shelf

The dolls on the middle shelf of the curio case. L to R: Twin girl and boy dolls, music box doll, Cabbage Patch Holly doll (peeking from behind.)


Bottom shelf

Dolls on bottom shelf of curio cabinet, L to R: Patsy Holiday Doll (green velvet coat and hat,) Victoria doll (dressed in green velvet), and Patsy Holiday Doll (red velvet.)
The two sets of little twin dolls in front are the ones I recently purchased at Dollar General.


Tea Time Tree

I hated to take down my tea cup and tea pot tree and was tempted to leave it up a while. It was displayed in our dining room on my tea cart. By request I'm featuring the tree and close-ups of some of the ornaments. I enjoyed decorating it with mini tea cups and tea pots, most of which were given to me. I also added vintage hankies, gloves, fans, mini umbrellas, jewelry, small gold spoons and other special items to me.

Tea Tree ornaments

Little red bird doesn't represent tea, but he just looked perfect for the tea tree all dressed up in red glitter! Mikasa crystal teapot; Tea pot and tea cup from Beauty and the Beast. Anybody remember their names?

Thanks, Becca, for identifying the Beauty and Beast Tea Pot as "Mrs. Potts," and the tea cup as "Chip!"

Items on tree

Items on tree: Small gold spoon, Sandy Clough tea time pin, Ribbon candy mini teapot. Lenox crystal teacup,