Another new recipe!

Whole Wheat Pasta with Veggies

This weekend I found a new meatless recipe in the newspaper that I tried. I didn't have all the ingredients on hand, so I improvised. The results turned out to be another new recipe and it was very good! My husband has to eat whole wheat pasta and I'm trying to learn to like it as well as the white pasta.

Here is the recipe I came up with, and at the end I'll tell you the changes I made.

Whole Wheat Pasta with Veggies

2 large tomatoes, cut into chunks
1 onion, 2 ribs celery, 1 green pepper, 4 cloves garlic minced.

Chop all the veggies into chunks. Saute in olive oil starting with the celery, then add the onion, then the green pepper. Keep them a little crunchy. Let cool.

In a large bowl, place the sautéed veggies, then add the tomato chunks. Add: ¼ cup EVOO, ¼ cup balsamic vinegar, 1 cup fresh mozzarella, cut into small cubes and fresh basil leaves (about 4) Toss all together, let flavors marry 15 to 30 minutes.

Cook whole wheat pasta in boiling salted water, (I add a few drops of olive oil to the water) When done, drain, then add to the veggie mixture and toss together. Serve either warm or cold. You may also add fresh shredded parmesan if desired.

Other optional additions could be: toasted pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, broccoli, zuchinni, squash, or eggplant. Next time I may add broccoli florets (sauteed) and sun-dried tomatoes. My husband loved it the way I made it. The balsamic vinegar just has a wonderful flavor!

I used the recipe below and made changes. I decided to slightly saute' the veggies instead of leaving them raw.

Below is the recipe from the newspaper. It is more like a pasta salad, the veggies are raw.

Mediterranean Whole Grain Rotini with No-Cook Tomato Sauce

3 ½ cups diced and seeded ripe tomatoes

1 bunch scallions, whites and pale greens only, thinly sliced.

2 Tbsp. capers, rinsed

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh oregano

1 clove garlic, minced

¼ cup balsamic vinegar

¼ cup EEVO

¾ cup diced fresh mozzarella

Salt and ground pepper, to taste

12 ounces whole-grain rotini pasta

In a large bowl, combine the tomatoes, scallions, capers, basil, oregano and garlic. Toss well, then add the vinegar, oil and mozzarella.

Toss again to mix, Season with salt and pepper, then let sit for 30 minutes.

When ready to serve, cook pasta in boiling salted water. According to package directions. Drain the pasta and add to the veggie sauce. Toss well. Serve warm, or cold. Six servings, 370 calories (Note: EVOO is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.)

There you go, two recipes for the price of one! Let me know if you try them!

I took these pictures today, so this is really a leftover! Keep in mind this is whole wheat pasta (purchased at Target) and the balsamic vinegar is brown, so it has a brown toned appearance!

We enjoyed Southern Sweet Tea with it (sweetened with Nu-Stevia instead of sugar.)

Have a happy day!
God Bless.


Go ahead, have a taste!


Princess Diana

Princess Diana
July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997

I always remember Princess Diana's death and how I learned about it. I thought she was a lovely person, a lady, a genuine down to earth person. My daughters loved her when they were small and I allowed them to get up at 4:30 a.m. to watch her fairy tale wedding!

I can't remember if I bought this doll before or after her death. I think the resemblance is remarkable. I always liked that dress, she called it her Elvis dress! (See the top picture)

My daughters and I had a lot of her books, especially the ones with the beautiful fashions she wore so well.

I loved her shy smile!
I found a lot of quotes by Diana and will share some of those here

I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give. I am very happy to do that, I want to do that.

Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.

Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children.

I don't go by the rule book... I lead from the heart, not the head.

I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them.

I live for my sons. I would be lost without them.

I want my boys to have an understanding of people's emotions, their insecurities, people's distress, and their hopes and dreams.

I want to walk into a room, be it a hospital for the dying or a hospital for the sick children, and feel that I am needed. I want to do, not just to be.

HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.

Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.

I'd like to be a queen in people's hearts but I don't see myself being queen of this country.

Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part of my life - a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are.

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.

The kindness and affection from the public have carried me through some of the most difficult periods, and always your love and affection have eased the journey.

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

I hope you enjoyed my tribute to Princess Diana! Quite a switch from roosters to Diana, huh! If you are looking for the rooster party, keep scrolling down!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Rooster Party

I've been looking forward to this rooster party! Just the words rooster party makes me laugh, it has to be fun! Go here to Barb's Bella Vista for lots more pretty, silly, cute, fun roosters!

Years ago I had a few roosters and hens, but gave them away. I didn't have any roosters for this party, but bought this inexpensive one just for the party! I also bought three inexpensive hens, and four little roosters from Dollar Tree.

I found this colorful rooster at TJ Maxx for only $5.99. This rooster thinks he is hot stuff since he is wearing red hot peppers! I really like the pretty colors, and he is strutting his stuff!

I did a tablescape with this colorful rooster.

A Mexican Fiesta!
I've had this ceramic sombrero chip and dip bowl for many years. I bought a piece of bright striped fabric for the table runner along with bright flowers from Dollar Tree. The two small glasses also came from a dollar store, one dollar each! A very inexpensive tablescape!

Oh, I forgot the cost of the food - the chips were buy one get one free,
and the salsa was free with the chips!

Doesn't he think he is something?
Strut your stuff!!

He is actually a candle holder!

The second set of roosters are from Dollar Tree
For one dollar I think these wooden look resin roosters are pretty cute!

I also made a tablescape with these four roosters.

This is a breakfast tablescape, as you can see with the toast rack holding cinnamon toast.

The centerpiece is fresh fruit on a wire cake plate

The china is my yellow Fiesta.

I think the Fiesta creamer has such a cute shape, looks like their pitcher in miniature.
The flatware was purchased at Walmart about ten years ago.
The plaid napkins are April Cornell, purchased at Marshall's for about five dollars.
The tablecloth is from Home Goods ($12.)

Some of the hens got word about the rooster party and starting clucking indignantly about not being invited. To appease them I made a tablescape for them!

I used red gingham napkins for placemats and
a red and black bandana under the hens centerpiece.

The white plates are from Dollar Tree and the black square plates from Target. This little white creamer is from TJ Maxx (or Ross?) I had the other mini white pitcher. This is a breakfast table and pancakes will be served. The pitchers will have maple syrup in them.

Okay, are you hens happy now?
I bought both of these hens from Marshall's and Hobby Lobby.
I like the small one because she is an odd shape! Her head is down.

I bought this chicken at Ross, mainly because it is so silly looking!
I still haven't decided if it is a hen or rooster! Because
it is sitting I'm saying it's a hen!

I did a table for one tablescape using , a
brown plate placed on top of the yellow Fiesta
on a yellow plaid placemat and
a plaid April Cornell napkin

I forgot I had this little feather rooster ornament, I found it in the cabinet!
It is hanging from the knob on one of the kitchen cabinets.

Which is your favorite rooster and hen?

This one?

Or this one?
Or these?

I think this one is my favorite!
I hope he doesn't wake me up too early with his cock-a-doodle-doo!!

After I had taken all the pictures of this tablescape I realized I had forgotten to use the flowers I bought at Dollar Tree just for this!

I had taken the food away, but did more pictures anyway!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my roosters and hens!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday! The most favorite day for all the dish-a-holics! Thanks to Susan for hosting the Tablescape Thursdays for us! Go here for lots more inspiration.

Today I'm sharing a table for two which is our breakfast nook table. When we moved here over eight years ago I kept the breakfast nook table decorated with these palm tree plates layered on our yellow Fiesta plates.

The round woven placemats are brown and recessed to keep the plate in place. The yellow handled flatware came from Wal-Mart about ten years ago.

The pale yellow napkins have palm trees on them, I've had these about eight years. Below you can see the full design.

The resin napkin rings are two palm trees

We live in Florida and enjoy this palm tree themed tablescape.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this tropical tablescape.

Please come back Friday to see my rooster tablescapes, I'm joining in on the Rooster Party hosted by Barbara at Bella Vista, it should be lots of fun! See you Friday!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.