My Sister

Saying goodbye to my sister, my only sister.

Katherine and Anna (sometime in the 40s)

We were always very different, I was blond with brown eyes and she had dark hair and blue eyes. She was outgoing, I was shy.

Ann at age 4

When I was a little girl I called my sister "Sissy!" One of her friends laughed at that and it embarrassed me, so I stopped. I wish I had continued, I think Sissy is a sweet endearment.

We always had a lot of distance between us since I have lived in Florida most of my life. During the last 20 years we started trying to spend more quality time together.

My sister, Ann was a beautiful woman in her younger days.

Ann had a long hard battle with the lung cancer which went to her brain, then throughout her body. Her five children took turns being by her side so she wouldn't be alone. They were wonderful with her! Such love.

We will miss her very much, but know we will meet again to spend eternal life together!

Ann and Leroy
Together Again!

May you rest in peace.




May has lots of celebrations for me since my birthday is on the 19th. It is usually a week or so after Mother's Day. I've had two tea time experiences, plus friends have taken me to a favorite beach side restaurant!

I have a tradition of going to a tea room on or near my birthday. This year my husband took me, we enjoyed tea and all the lovely tea time foods together. They even gave me a big slice of complimentary birthday cake (chocolate.) I had Shakespeare's Afternoon Tea, a three-tired tray with scones, tea sandwiches, pastries and desserts, and a pot of tea. I didn't take pictures at any of my celebrations (Is this blogger losing her touch??) Here's a picture of the tea tray taken at another time:
It was all delicious!

I'm in our Women's Club and the last meeting of the month of May is always a Tea Party with a decorated hat competition. I won the contest a few years ago so I don't try to enter with an unusual decorated hat. I went to the tea party last Monday.

This is the hat I wore this year:

I decorated it to match the peasant blouse I wore this year:

I receive so many birthday cards and they are very special to me.

This card is from my best friend from high school:
I love to read what cards say, as my friends seem to carefully choose the cards they gave me!

Some cards are religious:

I have a weakness about cards from family and friends and can't throw some of them away!
My daughter has found a new source for greeting cards to write your own words inside the card. Her words were very special to me:

And the other one she sent for Mother's Day this year:
I will treasure these always!!

My husband also selects such nice cards with very special words!
I have a big box of cards he has given me for birthday, anniversaries, holidays, etc!

One close friend always underlines words on the cards she gives me:
How neat is that!!

Another friend sent this special card:
What a wonderful gift to be prayed for!

My daughter does paper crafting, she made the cute card above.

I receive a card each year from an 87-year-old friend, she always includes a $2 bill inside the card (she does this for all her friends!) Isn't that a cute idea!

My friends know how to encourage me, look at this nice magnet one gave me:

My family and friends know how to make me smile!

It's been a tough two months with my sister terminally ill and with Hospice. I prayed she wouldn't die on my birthday, and she didn't, my prayer was answered! She is still with us, but back in the hospital.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.



Heirloom Tablescape

I had planned to do this tablescape for the Mother's Day Tribute, but it is a tribute to my grandmother. At the last minute I came up with the tablescape last week for my mother using some of her treasures.

This tablescape is a tribute to my grandmother using some of the antiques she passed along to me. I've had these antique dessert plates for 30 years or more, and they were antiques when I received them from my grandmother. I'm sure they are over a 100 years old.
I've never used them in a tablescape because I didn't have anything that goes with them. I found these pink doilies at Michael's recently in what used to be their dollar bins. The bins are now $1.50, but still a bargain!
I had been on the lookout for a pink tablecloth and finally found one a few months ago at Home Goods.

For the centerpiece I used more antiques gifted to me by my grandmother:

This art nouveau clock has always been one of my favorite items in our house. Something I would grab and run with in case of emergency!!
Don't you love it too?
I added two framed pictures of my grandmother:
Her baby picture and the little oval frame holds a tiny picture of her at about age 16.
Next I added one of two candlesticks that match the clock:
The faux flowers look a little like the wild roses on the little dessert plates
I also tucked some into the napkin rings.

I didn't have napkin rings so I made some. I've had these candy roses from Dollar Tree since Valentine's Day:
I tied the plastic stem into a loop and voila! a napkin ring!

I used sheer white napkins since I didn't have pink to match. Actually I prefer using something different, and not matching, with linens!

Since I have the gold in the centerpiece I used my gold leaf ceramic chargers
The white dinner plates are from Dollar Tree several years ago. The gold rimmed crystal from Ross, and the flatware is Oneida Chippendale, (we use it everyday.)

I'm please with how it all came together, to think I've been trying for years to do this one, but just couldn't get it right. Almost everything was right here under my nose too!

Today was a rainy, cloudy day here in FL, I waited late for the sun to shine before I took the pictures, but it never happened. I also tried some shots with the flash:
A little too bright, but you can see details a little more:
No flash:

No flash, a little dull:

My beloved grandmother's name was Lena Olive, she was born on Christmas Day before the turn of the century.
She worked hard on their farm, milked cows, killed chickens, plucked the feathers, fried them up for Sunday dinners! She should have been a nurse as she loved taking care of people. She lived to be 91 years old.

My cousin and I would spend summers on our grandparents farm, and sleep on their feather bed!

My grandmother was plain and simple, but did have lots of antiques that she inherited. When they bought their house back in the 40s, it had lots of boxes full of antiques left by the owners, they didn't want them!!

This wonderful clock was among the treasures!

Here's a place of honor in my grandmother's memory!
Thank you, Mama, not just for the antiques, but for your love and care!
Yes, I called her "Mama!" My mother was "Mother!"

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