Tablescape Thursday

I haven't done a tablescape in a while, but the mood struck me again and I'm joining Susan's Tablescape Thursday! Click on her name for lots more inspiration. Thanks to Susan for hosting this fun party!

Inspiration for this tablescape is from these pretty plates.
I was at a Home Goods a few months ago and these little plates kept calling out to me! I had decided to not buy any more plates or tablescaping items, but I kept going back to see these and they were only $7.99 for four, so I gave in! I had no idea how I would use them, but I discovered I had these green plates from Dollar Tree and they were perfect with them!

I didn't have to buy anything new for this tablescape. I used these goblets, which are also from Dollar Tree!
I used a white lace tablecloth and burgundy napkins.

The centerpiece:
A large crystal bowl filled with silk flowers. The two little white birdies wanted to stay too!

These colors sure brightened up the dining room!

The crystal-look plastic handled flatware was the perfect choice! I've had these a long time, I think I bought them at Ross a few years ago.

A place just for you!

I have no regrets that I caved in and bought these pretty little plates! What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed my simple, very inexpensive tablescape! Thanks for visiting!


Summer Cloche Party

We're back from a long vacation! I'm just in time to join in Marty's Summer Cloche Party! Thanks for hosting, Marty! Click on her name for lots more cloche designs!

My newest cloche:
I wasn't going to buy anymore cloches since I have quiet a few already, but when I saw this one in Ross's a few months ago, I couldn't resist, especially since it had this low price tag on it:

And this cute little birdie on top!
Can you blame me? Could you resist?

I wanted to come up with something different to display in it, not the usual bird's nest, but it did need a bird! Here's what I had on hand to use!
A white silk rose with a white ceramic bird and a "nest" made from a pearl rope belt. My mother made this pearl rope belt back in the 70s. I just love it!

This cloche vignette is displayed in our living room.

A large feather, a pearl candle and a Blessings plaque complete the vignette:
"Remember to count your blessings each and everyday!"

I hope you like my new cloche and the tabletop vignette I did with it!
I have also re-posted last year's Summer Cloche Party, if you haven't already seen it with my collection of different cloches and fun designs, click here to see them (or scroll down.)

Or click here:

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Sunday Favorites

We're back from vacation! I'm joining Chari's Sunday Favorites again! I'm posting last year's (July 2010) Cloche Party again. I will also be posting on Marty's 2011 July Cloche Party.

Time for Marty's Summer Cloche Party, we all enjoy these so much! Thanks, Marty for hosting! Click here for lots of inspiration!

Since I was getting ready for vacation, I didn't have time to do as many cloche designs as I would have liked. I did take a few pictures before we left.

I'm starting with a small cloche on a stand, some call these a cupcake or dessert cloche. I like to display miniatures in them. These tiny little shell angels are collectibles, but at the moment I cannot remember the name of them! If any of you know, please tell me!
(Note: Thanks to Adrienne for telling me they are by Margaret Furlong, made in Oregon.)

Here's a close-up of them without the cloche:
They are adorable shell angels, one holding a shell tea pot, and the other holding a shell tea cup and saucer! These shell angels come in many subjects, but of course I wanted the tea themed angels!

I found the little tiny shells in the bottom of the dish at Dollar Tree!
It's hard to get a good shot with or without the flash when working with glass!
There's always a reflection from something!

I have a new terrarium that I found at Hobby Lobby a while back. Even though I have two
terrariums already I had to have this one because it is small, and it was only $12!
What do you put in these other than a candle, or a bird? I chose to use this cute little figurine:
I found her at Dollar Tree about two years ago!
She is holding a puppy!
I'm displaying this terrarium with these beautiful paper roses
This vignette is sitting on the dresser in the master bedroom.

She is feeding the puppy his bowl of food!

Next is a medium sized cloche on a pretty square cake plate:
Inside is a cute little scuba diver!

A better look without the cloche!
How cute is that!
My husbands hobby is scuba diving. When I saw this little pottery guy at a craft show I had to buy him for my husband, even tho he cost about $35! Hand crafted, you know!
Look at all the details:
The tanks on his back!
He's holding a shell

I added the shells in the bottom of the dish
My husband has always liked this little guy!

Below is another gift I bought my husband at another craft show:
What is it, you ask? It's a tiny sea turtle hatching out of the egg!
He has big black eyes. Here in FL we can go to the beach to see the mother sea turtle lay her eggs, then when they hatch we can watch them run to the water. It is a very big fine if they are harmed.

I also added the tiny sea shells in the bottom of the dish.
Isn't he cute!

Can't have a cloche without displaying a bird in it!
I found this pretty yellow bird recently at Kirkland's for only $3.99
His wing feathers are mosaic

For those of you who did not see the spring cloche party I'm showing my favorite "cloche" this large terrarium filled with faux dried yellow roses and little white birds. I still have it displayed as it is still a favorite!

Another favorite cloche I shared in the Spring Cloche Party is the one I still have on the hall tree
in our foyer. I also still use this as my blog banner. I've had so many compliments on it!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my cloche summer designs. Which is your favorite?
The Shell Tea Time Angels?
The terrarium with little girl and puppy?
The Scuba Diver?
The hatching baby sea turtle?
Or the yellow bird?

I wish I'd had more time to do more using some of our sea collectibles! Maybe I'll do them at another time!

Have fun at the Summer Cloche Party! Thanks for hosting, Marty!

God Bless.