Last Easter

Easter was April 16th last year. For those of you who didn't visit my blog last year, I invite you to go to the archives and click on April 2006. Last April's blog is filled with my Easter decor, my bunny collection on parade, Easter tea parties, and interesting religious facts about Easter. I haven't been able to spend the time on decorating this year, or post things on my blog about Easter. I hope you will take the time to go to last year's April blog and see all my Easter goodies, even if you saw it last year! Thank you for your loyalty!
Photo shown is crown of thorns made by my husband, displayed on an old family bible.

This Easter

The Easter season this year has been different from any other for us. Last year we were celebrating a healing of the lymphoma my husband had. This year he has another type of lymphoma, and it appears he wasn't healed this year during the anointing of oil at church. The Lord has chosen for him to be treated with chemotherapy. The doctors say the cancer isn't curable, but does respond to chemotherapy and he should go into remission for a few years.
Even though we have had this going on in our lives and haven't been able to participate in all the Easter festivities at church this year, we have never felt more close to the Lord and understand the suffering He went through. We know He is with us every step of the way and we praise Him for His blessings. The blessings of praying family members and friends, and especially for the friends we have never met - our internet friends! Thank you all for standing with us in prayer, may you be blessed for it! May you feel His comfort and love and have the best Easter ever!



I apologize for being inactive on my blog lately. For those who don't know me, we are having some health issues here. I hope to be back real soon! Thanks for your patience!


Another little church by the sea

While on vacation we always enjoy finding little churches, the smaller the better. We almost missed seeing this one in Kahaluu, HI, in the Kona district. It was sundown when we discovered it, right on the ocean. We are glad we took pictures of the beautiful sunset behind it!

Etched Window

The etched window of Jesus walking on the water reaching out to Peter.
They must have weddings in this tiny chapel, there were white bows on the pews.

At The Altar

Joe praying at the altar.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Foyer Decor

Our foyer has an Irish greeting.

Little Leprechaun

Little Leprechaun hiding out in the greenery. This centerpiece is on the table in the breakfast nook.

Mr. Shamrock

This St. Patrick's Day theme centerpiece on the breakfast nook table.


St. Patrick's Day

We're not Irish, but I like to put up a few Irish decorations. I will begin showing them today. This leprechaun has found his pot 'o gold! I like his spool legs! This basket of shamrocks is on the dining room table.


Happy Birthday, Gwen!!

A third special friend has a birthday in March! All three of these sweet ladies have a birthday in the first ten days of March, must be something about March that makes them so special! My youngest daughter also has a March birthday (the 24th.)
Gwen, loves violets so I'm showering her with photos of violets to enjoy on her day! May you have good health and happiness, Gwen! Wish we could have a tea party together with my violets teapot! Maybe someday!


My Inner Child

Do you ever wish you could go back to your childhood? Do you ever want to cry out "I want my mommy!" Sometimes when life becomes a challenge, I would like to flee. I sometimes wish I could crawl up into my mommy's lap and hide my head. But my mommy has gone on to be with the Lord. I'm an adult, my husband and family need me, I have to act like an adult! One way I can still be a child is by enjoying my doll collection. I have never gotten over my love of dolls, I loved them as a child, and I still love them as an adult!
Yesterday I went to Tuesday Morning. I think this is the first time I've ever actually been on a Tuesday Morning! I found this adorable little eight-inch Madame Alexander Victorian doll and decided she needed to come home with me, I haven't bought a doll in a long time, and I needed to feed my inner child.
Isn't she sweet all dressed up in silk! Today I took her to meet my 91-year-old friend, Emma. Even at her age, she loved this doll, she held her for a very long time. I think the little doll took her back to good memories.
Sometimes when life gets to be a challenge we can ease the pain by going back to our childhood to good memories. I'm very grateful to the Lord for giving me simple pleasures such as this to enjoy and share with my friends.
Anyone want to come to my house and play dolls?


Happy Birthday, LaDonna!

I've discovered another lovely friend has a March birthday - March 5th is LaDonna's birthday, may it be a special day for a special lady! I've never met LaDonna in person, but I can tell she is very nice and loved by many. She certainly lives up to the name of her blog - Gracious Hospitality. How gracious she is, and you can just feel the loving hospitality flowing through her messages and photography subjects.
Happy Birthday, gracious lady!


Happy Birthday, Janet!

Today is a special day, the day a dear friend of mine was born! She is a new grandmother and loving it. Here's a picture of you and little Danica someday! Have a great day, Janet!


The Painted Church

We enjoyed this pretty little church and went there twice. Father John Berchmans Veighe painted elaborate scenes from the bible in the interior of this Gothic style structure, formerly known as St. Benedict's Church. During his ministry, around 1900, the Belgian Father used these illustrations to explain Christianity to the Hawaiians who could neither read nor write.

Entryway to church

Entryway to the church which is at the top of the hill.
The sign: The Painted Church St. Benedict's

Close-up of the Painted Church

The church sits at the top of the hill overlooking the ocean. That's Joe standing at the doorway. We went to see the church earlier in the week and took pictures, then on Saturday, our last day, we went back to attend the service.

Church Music

We were excited to see the only music in the church was played on a ukelele! These two Hawaiian ladies led the music.

Welcome Leis

Upon entering the church we were given handmade yarn leis because we were first-time visitors.

Handmade Leis

The leis we were given are made by elderly Hawaiian women, crocheted with yarn. Mine was purple (as I was wearing "the yellow outfit!" and Joe's yellow. We thought we had to give them back, but they said we could keep them!
We also bought the Christmas ornament made from nuts, it has a small Nativity scene on it and "Merry Christmas" written in Hawaiian.

Painted Church Altar and Ceiling

Beautiful paintings inside the tiny church, on the walls, ceilings, posts, etc.

Back of Church

The walls and ceiling at the back of the church.

Church View

The back of the church, shows the view as you are leaving. That's me standing on the right.

Church Painted Walls

Painted Walls

The windows were open with the gentle breeze and fresh air as the only air conditioning we needed.

Painted Church Cemetary

Painted Church cemetary is on the left side of the church, overlooking the ocean.