Decorating Birthday Gift Cont'd - Family Room

We have the family room just about finished and can show you before and after pictures.
I'll start with how we removed the valances from the windows.
The Breakfast Nook and Family Room are together.
Note the valance on the porch window.
Also note the plate rack on the left and the Zodiac plaque
above the back door.
 Plate rack with Butterfly Plates

 Valance removed from Breakfast Nook window
We left the one above the blinds on the left.


Right side of Family Room, Before:


 (The blue chair is a temporary footstool
until Jan finds one!
Left side of Family Room, After:

Fireplace Before:

Fireplace After:
Removing the valances gives the room a light and airy look!

BEFORE: Below, These pictures were separated from the third one
that was in another room:

AFTER: We did a vignette of the three matching pictures, one
is on a stand:


Top of entertainment center:
 The clutter disappeared!


Remember the butterfly plates that were on the wall rack?
 They are now on plate stands on top of the 
entertainment center! (See above picture.)

This library table had been in the living room,
we put it where the faux fireplace was:

The other side of the Family Room
where it connects into the kitchen.
I removed the two plaques below

and replaced them with Jan's spoon rack collection:


Family Room 
Laundry baskets to keep dog off the white sofa!
(White sofa was moved to living room.)

 AFTER: Family Room

Very clean-cut, uncluttered, light and airy look!

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Next week I'll share the Living Room.



Redecorating B'day Gift Cont'd - Dining Room

 BEFORE (above picture)
 Before I started the redecorating I asked Jan to look through her house and see if there was anything she wanted to keep the way it was. She decided she wanted to keep the formal dining room with the theme of India. Her late husband was from India and she has many items from India she likes to display.

I only made a few small changes such as from the picture above,
I removed the basket of greenery on the left,
and a dark basket and plate on the right.

AFTER is below:

This vignette was over the chest shown below:
 I removed the tapestry lady above and
replaced it with:


That rectangle metal plaque had been on another wall here:
A little crowded on the narrow wall 
BEFORE (above.)

I left the small wall hanging.

The tapestry lady was moved to another room.
Next we brought in a painting of an Indian lady
that was perfect for the dining room corner:

I didn't get a good BEFORE picture of
the dining room:

Table AFTER:

We draped a small tablecloth from India 
diagonally across the dining table with the
centerpiece of a brass urn and a picture of 
the Taj Mahal 

 I also didn't get a before picture of this tea cart,
it had tea cups on top. I replaced them
with a few antique items from India:


Finished vignette, up close:
We are beginning to make a lot of progress
on the main rooms of the house,
A few small additions are holding us up to
being finished and photographed, but that will come soon!

The bedrooms and baths will be last.
Stay tuned for lots more!

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Re-decorating Birthday Gift Cont'd - Vignettes

 Sorry to be late with another post of the re-decorating project.
It's taking longer than we thought! 
Keep in mind we are in our late 70s! LOL!

I neglected to say in the last post that my sweet husband
has helped us some. He did most of the high places
over the kitchen cabinets in the last post! Thanks, Joe!

For this week's project we decided to switch the 
family room furniture with the living room furniture!
Yep, we had to call on Joe again for help!

Below is a BEFORE picture of Jan's living room:

And this is a BEFORE picture of her family room:
The laundry baskets are there to keep her dog off the white sofa!

Here's the other side of the family room BEFORE:
 Notice the white faux fireplace on the right.

White sofa from family room to the living room:
 Okay, here's where we ran into a snag! We want that big
picture hung over the white sofa, but we aren't strong enough
to lift it, and Joe has rotator cuff shoulder problems and can't
do it, so we have to get a handyman to come do it!
(Remember none of the decorating is done yet.)

It the meantime, we decided to do a few vignettes.

 This pretty white Bombay chest is in the living room BEFORE:

BEFORE: Accessories on top of Bombay chest:

 AFTER: New vignette above and on top of Bombay Chest:

The new vignette has only two items and another painting above:
 We are eliminating a lot of small items.

Next we did new things to the faux fireplace:
I forgot to take a before picture up close
(see it in the group picture above)
So I'm showing the first vignette we did on the fireplace:

But soon changed it to THIS,
More of a clean cut look, don't you think?
Did you notice the picture over the fireplace
was first over the Bombay Chest?
We brought it to the family room because of the blue.

I also wanted to add an update with
something similar like Joanna Gaines would use!

I love it, do you?

Stay tuned, I'll continue posting as we finish more vignettes,
and hopefully you'll see two full finished rooms next time!

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