Wedding Photo Album

We have enjoyed looking back at our wedding album while celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this week. I thought our friends and family would enjoy seeing the 1997 wedding photo album again too. 

This is the way we look today
Celebrating at a the wonderful Columbia Restaurant, St. Augustine, FL. I posted our 20th wedding anniversary pictures here.

                          This was our wedding invitation:

 Our wedding day, April 26, 1997

Walking down the aisle
Joe's son and my sister were Best Man and Matron of Honor, they walked down the aisle before us.

 The Wedding Vows

 Left side of page:

Right side of page

The Vows

The Rings:

The Ceremony

Our Family
Joe's son and daughter, and my two daughters.
Also Alyson's family in the top photo.
 Grow old along with me.........

Our grandsons:
Taylor was 10 and Tanner was 6! Today Taylor is 30, married with two daughters. Tanner is also married!

 Special friends from Texas came to our wedding!
 We were all so happy!

 Lots of pictures were taken....
 It rained on our wedding day, and I was so disappointed we couldn't have pictures taken outside on the grounds of the church, because these beautiful silk oak trees are everywhere. We went back later and took these pictures below, but we don't have our wedding clothes on :-(

 The way we were: 1997

Our Honeymoon
We went to Jekyll Island Historic Club Hotel, a resort in GA.

The grounds at the Jekyll Club Hotel. Many ancient silk oak trees


Around The Club Hotel

Return Visits
We loved this place so much we went
back there often. Here we went back
at Christmas:
The bottom picture is looking down the stairwell, I'm at the bottom!
 We also honeymooned at Elisabeth Point, Amelia Island, FL and we returned there a few times as well.

 Elisabeth Point, Amelia Island, FL (right on the ocean.)
 I kept adding pictures when we went back to our honeymoon spots each year.

Our First Dating Days:

On our first date we went to Bergamo's Restaurant in Orlando. The servers sang Italian, Opera and Broadway songs! Very impressive, Joe!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our 20 year old wedding pictures!



Wedding Anniversary

 20th Wedding Anniversary
April 26, 2017

 Our Wedding
April 26, 1997

We celebrated our 20th anniversary at the famous Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine, FL


     Entrance from St. George Street

      View of other direction:

                   We dined in The Patio area

                 Close-up of painted tiles, they were everywhere

          View of The boy and dolphin statue from where we sat.

Close-up of The boy and dolphin statue:

Complimentary Flan
for our anniversary
 It was the best we've ever had!

We shared the Flan

                                Another dining room

This dining room is upstairs

Part of the large waiting area:

Entry to dining area:

Outside in the garden:

Joe on the bench

Katherine on the bench

 Joe was good at taking pictures to include everything!

Closer-up picture of Joe in the garden

And Katherine

The Fountain:

Beautiful view

The Little Red Tour Train takes you all over the Old City part of St. Augustine

Famous St. George Street where a lot 
of the shops and restaurants are

 Hypolita Street next to the Columbia Restaurant

I wanted so badly to shop, but had just had two hip 
injections the day before (for bursitis in my hips)
and I couldn't walk very much :-( 

Some of you may have read my post about our 20th anniversary celebration back in January, click here

I promised you then I would tell you why we had  two 20th anniversary celebrations, one in January and one in April -- We had two weddings - a civil ceremony on January 17, 1997, then had our church wedding on April 26, 1997. We thought it very important to celebrate both! The January wedding was in St. Augustine, the church wedding was in Cocoa Beach, FL.
Notice the yellow roses painted on the tile in the
picture behind me!

Here's to 20 more years!
Thank you, Lord!