Happy Halloween! (Change clocks!)

Have a happy and safe Halloween!
Don't forget to change your clocks tonight (fall back!)

We are attending a big picnic at our church today,
the children will dress as saints.
We'll eat hamburgers and hotdogs,
and celebrate the anniversary of our church!

I'm learning how to do mosaics
(photo collages) Thanks, to Ceekay
for helping me, and thanks, again to
Janet who made the one for my banner above
maybe I can do them myself from now on!

Do you like mosaics? I think they are a
little addicting, you don't want to stop
once you have all those pictures there
just wanting to be put on display!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.


and here's my favorite little pumpkin!
Caden, age 3


A little chit chat

We went to Disney World a few days ago. Here I am eating a Mickey ice cream bar, it was yummy! Tastes a little like a Dove bar, which I love! Not such a great background here, it was taken at Disney-Hollywood Studios, in the "back lot!"

Here's Joe with his Mickey ice cream sandwich!

We live only about one hour and a half from Disney World and can go often, we have season tickets and go several times a year, we only stay about four hours so we don't wear ourselves out.

Is everybody having as much trouble as I am trying to keep up with blogging, comments, replies, etc? I join in on some of the big memes and then it takes forever to participate! I'm so afraid I will forget to reply to someone. I do enjoy the memes though. Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days, with my Faith Sharing Group meeting and Creative Memories workshops here at my house.

I just received a lovely package in the mail! I won the give-away
at Karen's Nittany's Inspirations! She has a very nice
blog and just celebrated her 100th post. Check out her blog here.
Thanks, Karen, for sending me all the wonderful goodies!
Just look:

Don't you love the little black and white picture frames!

How cute is this "Nibble" plate!

Isn't this lace ornament with the cross, wheat, and butterflies beautiful!

Boo-hoo, this one arrived broken :-(
It was a candle warmer.
The post office must have slammed the
"Fragile" stamp down too hard on
the package!

Thanks, again, Karen! Such nice gifts!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Show Off Your Cottage

As promised I'm showing my Halloween decorations today. Go to Cielo's House in the Roses for lots more cottage inspiration. Thanks Cielo, for hosting each Monday!

I only have a few Halloween decorations, all cutesy, not spooky.
Most of them are displayed on this small curio (above) in the dining room.

The only witch I have is this cute one by Mary Englebreit.

This unique little witch's boot and precocious black cat
were purchased at Hobby Lobby for half-price a few years ago.

A few vintage-look children dressed in Halloween costumes
are displayed on the hall tree in the foyer.

Trick or Treat!

I'm slowly showing my fall decorations, I'll show more very soon!
I'll also show my scarecrow collection after Halloween.

In keeping with the cottage theme, I'm sharing my vintage luggage
that is displayed on top of the TV armoire in the family room.

Happy fall!
God Bless.


Have a sweet Halloween!


Autumn Village

I bought this autumn village about ten years ago at Walmart.

I probably wouldn't have bought it, but when I saw the barn I had to buy it because of the name on it. My maiden name is Drake!

I didn't grow up on a farm, but I did spend a lot of time at my grandparent's farm.

The water mill is also a neat piece.

The house has people inside in front of the window.

Maybe the house below is the bunkhouse where the farm hands live.

Most of the little people also came with the village.

Happy fall, ya'll!

God Bless.



Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday is always a fun day, to create, and especially to view what everybody else shares with us. Thanks, Susan, for hosting for us! Go here for lots of inspiration.

Today I have an elegant Halloween tablescape. My plan was to have tall orange taper candles, but could only find two! We found lots of burnt orange and gold, but I wanted the bright orange! I finally had to settle on these orange voltives.

I wanted to use my fine crystal dishes and glasses all purchased for one dollar each at Dollar Tree! This is a very inexpensive tablescape, the black table cover is just black fabric I had in the attic!

The napkins are made from fabric I purchased for eighty cents last year after Halloween. I tried three different napkin designs before I settled on this. First, I used black fabric napkins with the gingham, then I used some sheer white napkins with the gingham. I felt the gingham alone looks better. Gingham isn't usually considered elegant, but I wanted an element of surprise!

To add more orange I placed orange candy pumpkins in the dessert dishes and crushed orange drink in the glasses!

Do you like pumpkin candy?

The centerpiece has six candlesticks, four designs. Faux bittersweet vines are interspersed among the candlesticks. I've had this vine for several years.

I used two sets of candles, but the others are singles.

View from the top:

Would you like to sit here:
Room for more:
Let's light the candles:

Halloween night the candles should be lit!
Do you like it better with the candles lit....
or this?

Next week I have another Halloween tablescape planned, it will be a traditional Halloween theme. Come back for trick or treat!!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.


Once more with the flash: