Happy Heart Day!

I collect unusual heart shapes on Pinterest.
Here are a few you might enjoy seeing:

I hope you enjoyed these, do you have a favorite?
Do you collect heart shapes?

 Here's the link to my Hearts Board on Pinterest
if you would like to see all of them:

here's my Valentine's Day Board on Pinterest:


Valentine Decor

Happy Valentine's Day!
My Valentine's Day decorations are few since we have started scaling down in our house. I also have been sending my holiday decorations to my great-granddaughters! They love to receive the UPS packages and love to decorate their house! I have a third g-granddaughter, in another state, but she is only eight months old now. She will start getting packages when she gets a little older.

Here's a picture of the two oldest ones after they received their UPS Valentine package!

I kept all of the breakable decor items such as:

And some of the less exciting things for 2 and 3 year olds:

Actually I just bought these this past year, and added
the red ones Christmas, also perfect for Valentine's Day:

 This large glass heart is my favorite:


I also like the one below, it isn't glass,
but I love the shape:

I've already started switching things around:

I just can't throw away tin candy boxes!

Love the little tea cup with hearts on it.

  I love this tie tac pin with a nail in the shape of a heart:

In my last post I showed how I added red and orange to my
white decor to bring more of a cheerful look:

The red colors don't show up as much
as the orange, but there is also red and
yellow in the silk floral arrangements:

I added more flowers in the centerpiece:

Below is my daughter's new bible verse design on a mug!
Click here to read her blog about Valentine's Day and order the beautiful mug and/or the hand-penned watercolor bible verse:

Also, her whole blog address:

Happy Valentine's Day!