Family Wedding

We've had a very exciting month this May. My (second) grandson, Tanner, graduated college May 16th, then May 23rd, he and his sweet fiance' were married! They both graduated from Mercer University in Macon, GA and they have jobs there, so it will be their home now. The wedding being in Macon made it a "destination wedding" for all the family and some friends!

Upon arrival at the hotel, we had a surprise in our rooms - a small basket of fresh Georgia peaches were in our room along with a sweet message and a list of activities with addresses, etc.
The peaches were delicious!

                        List of activities:

                         Back side:

The Ceremony:
The Tattnall Square Center for the Arts is formerly a Presbyterian church. It is on campus at Mercer University and was purchased by the university, it is now a Center for the Arts. It is a beautiful place.
                                                              I captured Tanner's face
as Heather walked down the aisle with her dad!

The picture of Tanner was the only one I took during the ceremony,
out of respect for the photographers. I didn't get many at the
reception either because it was sorta dark inside, but I want to
share what I have for now.

Her bouquet is fluffy peonies and pale pink roses.

I "borrowed" some of these pictures from Heather's Facebook, other friends posted them.

Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Edward Perrin

Interior of church:

Taken after the ceremony as the photographer was taking

Tanner and Heather and the minister (Tanner's uncle) stood
inside the alcove in the center to say their vows.

A very pretty setting for a wedding.

Alyson and I designed these pew markers:

Little glass jars from Dollar Tree filled with baby's breath

I painted the reserved signs. There were eight of them on
the ends of the pews.

The Reception:

Tanner and Heather arrived at the reception in this cute
Mercer U car!

Here is the front of the building where the reception was
held at The 567 Center which is a host to the arts, music,
and local entrepreneurship in Macon. It is home to New City
Church, music festivals, and art shows throughout the year.
It is located in the heart of downtown Macon.

Alyson painted this sign and her husband, Dave built it.

Arriving inside the building.

That's me behind them!

Waiting for the doors to be opened to be announced as
Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Perrin!

The First Dance:

Father and daughter dance:

Tanner and Alyson, Groom and Mother Dance:

The Cakes:

Cutting the Cake:

Tossing the Bouquet:

Throwing the garter:

The bridesmaids bouquets in vases on the stage.

Tanner and Heather were so cute on the stage and we could all
see them good there, not in the crowd!

The Candy Bar:

Sign says: "Grab a bag, take your treats, and don't forget
                              Love is sweet!"

This was a big hit with all, not just the children!

The little bags filled with candy:

The Decorations:

A table of pictures of Heather and Tanner

The round tables for the guests were covered with white table
cloths with a wide panel of lace on top. Burning white candles
were in the center. I didn't get a picture since they were already
covered with the plates and food!

The Car:

Tanner is 6' 2", I don't know how he got those long legs
in the small back seat area!

M for Mercer! And the hood ornament is a bear,
for Mercer Bears!

I don't know what this car is called (can't ask Tanner
until he returns from honeymoon!) But it is sooo cute!!

The Rehearsal Dinner
My daughter, Alyson, and I did the decorations for the rehearsal dinner. The theme was: "Our Story Begins." We used vintage books wrapped in vellum and topped with vintage items, lanterns, etc.

The foyer, with the dining room in the background.

Alyson and Dave made this A-frame board:

The back of the board:

Childhood pictures of Tanner and Heather:

Photo album of Tanner's Proposal is on this table:

The Head Table had three centerpieces, this lantern with the pink love birds was in the center in front of Heather and Tanner
 The front side of the lantern, from the other direction:

                    "Our Story Begins"

One end of the head table.

The other end of the table:

Lantern with candle on top of the books

 Pearl candle surrounded with vintage lace gloves and antique beaded purse.

 Lantern with tea cup inside. Notice the vellum wrap on the vintage books, reads: "Our Story Begins"

"Our Story Begins"

Pink roses on a tea cup and saucer

 Vintage lace doilies topped all the books

This one was topped with my childhood bible.

Miniature Tea Set 

The Bridesmaids Luncheon:
Heather invited us to lunch at Molly's Cafe. This restaurant was
once featured in Southern Lady magazine.
Alyson and I are at the far end.

Molly's Famous Chicken Salad was also featured in the
Southern Lady magazine. It has a secret sauce and dried
cherries in it. The apple salad had marshmallows too.

The brides dress:
I borrowed these pictures from Heather's Facebook page, her friends Allison and Becca posted them. You can see her beautiful lace dress pretty good in both pictures:
The dress is all lace! I'm so happy to see lace become popular again!

She looked gorgeous!  I didn't get many
snapshots, and will have to wait until the
professional photographer has his photos
ready. It was a beautiful wedding and
everything went smoothly, weather was
beautiful. God blessed us greatly! We
praise Him for His many blessings!

The Bridesmaids Dresses:

Pinks and champagne colors

I hope to share this on Susan's Tablescape Thursday! Thanks, Susan!

For those ("friends") on my Facebook, also click on the video of Heather's dad singing the song he wrote for Heather, it's beautiful! They danced to it at the wedding.