Tabletop Tuesday

I'm so happy to see Marty has taken over Tabletop Tuesdays because I love participating in this meme! Thanks Marty! Go to Marty's blog A Stroll Thru Life for more inspiration with many more pretty tabletops!

Today's tabletop is in our master bedroom. A little round table tucked beside the large TV armoire.

My husband gave me the little tea set about ten years ago. He saw it at Cracker Barrel and
said it was "so me" he had to buy it for me!

The table scarf is really a lace shawl draped over the top!

He and I purchased the picture in Charleston, SC a few years ago.
It is called "Poogan's Porch" which is a restaurant we like there in Charleston. Actually, we like
the Poogan's Porch legend! The legend tells about a little mongrel dog who lived with his family at this pretty two-story home in Charleston in the old days. The family had to move away and couldn't take the dog with them so he stayed on the porch alone waiting for handouts from passerbys. There's even a little grave in the front yard with a grave marker for Poogan! Have you ever eaten at the Poogan's Porch restaurant in Charleston?

You've seen the shabby chic candlestick before in my tablescapes,
this is where I borrowed it from
The clear acrylic box holds little crocheted baby shoes.

Next week I will show more tablestops in our master bedroom,
thanks for visiting, and please come back!

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Cloche Party

Marty is once again hosting one of our favorite meme's, her Cloche Party! We all enjoy participating and browsing other blogs. Go here for lots more fun and inspiration. Thanks for hosting, Marty!

Since St. Patrick's Day is our next "holiday" I'm starting with this theme.

I bought these Irish figurines recently at Michael's, they were $4.99 each, but I used the 40% off coupon two different weeks and got them for $3 each.
I also used them in the new terrarium I bought at Home Goods.
It was black, but I painted it with liquid gold leaf
I think they are so cute inside
Inside the etched cloche below I have the Kim Anderson kissing figurines

sitting on the clear glass cake plate with prisms.
"Kiss me I'm Irish!"

I used the same etched cloche for Valentine's Day:

I think this little figurine (from Home Goods) is so pretty
Another Valentine's Day cloche:
The little Precious Moments figurine is adorable in this cloche:

These angels can be used year around
A glass rose heart ornament in the cupcake cloche:
Birds (no pheasant) under glass for Valentine's Day:
A baby picture of my oldest daughter,
and her bronzed baby shoe under glass:
The shoe:

This metal cloche is a recent find at Hobby Lobby:
I haven't found the perfect item to fit
inside yet, so for now a little birdie is safe inside!

Another metal cloche I found at Hobby Lobby:
I plan to paint it another color, either gold or white

Faux lemons are inside for now

I always think of "The Saints" in New Orleans now when I see the Fleur de lis. "Who dat!"

A few more St. Patrick's Day decorations:

The St. Patrick's Day cloches as a centerpiece on the dining room table:
Sorry, the pictures didn't turn out so well.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope you enjoyed some of my cloche displays. We don't have the Easter decoration box out of the attic, so I don't have anything for Easter, those will come later, in a week or two!

Here's a review of some of the cloches, which is your favorite?

Have a happy day!
God Bless.