Show and Tell - Happy Halloween

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Time for Kelli's Show and Tell. Go here for lots more. For Show and Tell today, I’m showing the few Halloween decorations I have. I don’t like Halloween and don’t really decorate for it. What few decorations I have are cute, not scary.
First I want you to meet “Kandace Corn!” Isn’t she cute? She makes me smile each Time I look at her! I love her little candy corn dress.

I don't like witches, but this Mary Englebreit picture was in her magazine last year. I like what it says, "If the hat fits, wear it!" The ceramic boot came from Hobby Lobby, the little candy corn hanging on the tip is moveable.
This cute purple dot black cat also came from Hobby Lobby. The little jack-o-lantern handing on his neck is also moveable. The "Boo" came from Cracker Barrel.

This Halloween display is on top of the small curio cabinet.

I found the cardboard candy corn "food carry-out container" at Michael's and made a centerpiece with it.

This cute little Jack-o-lantern is just a painted tin can. I bought it at a craft fair year's ago.

Little white bear has a Halloween costume, a Jack-o-lantern costume sweater!

Thank you for your interest, it is so appreciated. Please leave a comment, and please do return soon! Have fun!

Here's your "Treat!"

Candy Pumpkins, or....
Or candy corn?



Pretty Pumpkin

While at Walgreen's I also found this pretty ceramic pumpkin. It was also on sale, half-priced, and was only $1.98! It now has a happy home here with me!

I'm so excited about this new way to pray for the election. I want to share it with you, as it shouldn't offend anyone who is concerned about our country.

Here's the pattern for prayer as we approach our election.
Prayer Guide for the Election Begins with Heart Preparation: Come into God's Presence with Worship. Thank God for his great mercy and many blessings. Ask God to extend his mercy to us and to our nation. Pray for the upcoming election.

Those running for office nationally: Instead of praying for specific candidates or political parties – Pray that the person of righteousness, the person of God's choosing, would be selected in every congressional district, every senate race and for the office of President.

"Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people." Proverbs 14:34

The long version of this is on my Power of Prayer blog if you would like to read all of it, click here.

Please, if you believe in God and prayer, please, please pray this prayer for our country!

Thank you very much, and may God bless you.


Finally, a new scarecrow!

I hadn't seen any new and different scarecrows until recently. I was at Walgreen's and found this little cutie, a pumpkin scarecrow! It was on sale half-priced, for $2.98, so I bought it.

I forgot to show these triplet scarecrows, this sign is hanging on our back porch, and I forgot to photograph them until today. I think they are so cute!

Below is another scarecrow I didn't show you. He is on a wagon.

He is in the scarecrow display I have on top of the family room TV armoire, along with this little
rag doll scarecrow, below. To see the rest of the scarecrows, go to the next two posts.
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day. We are having our first cold front here in FL! High 60s and low 40s! Brrrr!

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Show and Tell - Scarecrow Collection

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell. Go here for lots more fun!

Today I'm sharing my scarecrow collection. I started sharing them on Thursday, so you can see more on the following post. I have a lot of my scarecrow collection on top of the TV armoire, above.

This little scarecrow like to ride a bike!

The little scarecrow on the mini bale of hay is made from a block of wood!

The scarecrow, above, is made from a lightbulb! I found it at a craft show several years ago.

The scarecrows above, are made from flower pots!

These crafty scarecrows are displayed on our kitchen counter.

Scarecrow candy dish

The little plush scarecrow is made out of velour.

I don't buy scarecrows unless they are different and unusual. I haven't bought any this year because I haven't seen any that are unique. I've been collecting scarecrows for about five years.

I love the scarecrows, and would keep them up year around, but that wouldn't be appropriate! Ha-ha!

The little scarecrow above is from the Puffkins collection (which was popular several years ago when Beanie Babies started, they aren't beanie babies) His name is "Patches."

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my scarecrow collections, and will go to the following post to see the rest of my collection. After you see all of them, tell me which ones are your favorite!

It's hard for me to choose a favorite, but the big one above is at the top of the list!

I also invite you to visit my new blog The Power of Prayer, just click on the button on the side bar.


Scarecrow Parade!

I'm starting to share my scarecrow collection tonight, and will continue to show more tomorrow on Show and Tell. The little scarecrow above is hanging on our front door decor.

Happy Autumn! Cute little scarecrow in a wheelbarrow.

I have several girl scarecrows, this one above I bought at Hobby Lobby last year.

Little scarecrow, above is riding on a pumpkin with wheels!

The little scarecrow above is made from chenille yarn. She is hanging on a candlestick.

I bought these two little scarecrows because they are sitting on ears of corn!

Here's the scarecrow vignette in our family room.

This little scarecrow above is so cute, but you can't see just how cute. He has fallen down, and can't get up!

Little scarecrow on a screendoor!

Another cute girl scarecrow!

The little girl scarecrow above, has curly hair!

Sunflower scarecrow, above.

The little scarecrows, above, are salt and pepper shakers!

The tiny scarecrows, above are only about 2 inches high!

The scarecrow, above has joints in his arms and legs, and can be posed in lots of ways! He is on the inside of our front door!

Tomorrow on Show and Tell, I will show my very favorite scarecrows! Please come back to meet all of them!



Something new!

We live in a small town, a rather new town, about twenty-five years old! It is mostly a retirement place. We haven't had much shopping, no mall, and have had to go to other cities nearby to shop. Well, recently they have built several new stores - a Target, Books-a-million, Michael's, and my favorites - TJ Maxx, and Ross! A few days ago, I went to our new Ross which just opened last week. This is one of the items I bought. I don't know if it is a waste paper can or a flower pot, but I'm using it for a magazine holder! I always need new ways to store my many magazines since I can't bear to throw some of them away! This one matches my decor. There was also a smaller one, but I didn't buy it (now wish I had!) The best part is - this one only cost $7.99! I just love a bargain, don't you?

Thank you for your interest, it is so appreciated. Please leave a comment, and please do return soon!



Coming Soon!!

Thanks to all of you for your patience with me while I've been sharing my passion! I also thank you again for your interest and encouragement on my new blog!

I have my scarecrow collection out of the attic again (thanks, hubby!!) I'll be sharing them real soon! I'm placing them around the house and will take more pictures soon. Above is a sneak preview, the way a few looked as I took them out of the box!

Thank you for your interest, it is so appreciated. Please leave a comment, and please do return soon!

God Bless You!


Don't forget to visit my Power of Prayer blog, new posts are there.


New Blog for Christians!

I have decided to start another blog! This one will be on The Power of Prayer! I'm so excited about having such a good response from so many of you about praying together as a group! This new blog will contain copies of all the prayer messages from my Yellow Rose Arbor blog (YRA) until it gets going well. I will eventually discontinue posting them on YRA, and just post them on The Power of Prayer blog. I will continue posting decorating and other fun things on the Yellow Rose Arbor blog. I hope you will join me on both blogs!

I have always tried to keep my YRA blog from being controversial about politics and religion, but now feel the Lord is calling me to take a stand and reach out to others about my beliefs. I believe in prayer, I believe in miracles! I have been in prayer groups for the majority of my life, and I have seen prayers answered, and miracles happen! I'm a firm believer in joining together in group prayer. "Where two or three have gathered together in My name there I am in their midst." Mt. 18:20

Women can change things with prayer! Back in the 70s I read a book "What Happens When Women Pray" and I put it to test, and found the principles true. Men are also welcome to join us in prayer as well, the more the merrier!

If you are not in agreement with my beliefs, then The Power of Prayer is not the blog for you, I suggest you move on to others that you are more compatible with. Believe me I haven't wanted to be stretched in this direction of talking about politics and religion, but I feel the Lord is leading me to do this, for the first time in my life! I can't sit any longer and let things happen to our country without fighting for it. I fight by praying!

Since this is such a risky subject putting myself out there for angry people to blast, I will moderate all comments before publishing them. Please do not let this stop you from leaving your kind messages!

On the Power of Prayer blog I have included the first controversial message I posted on my YRA blog on September 5, 2008 where I told about being a former Democrat, and why I changed.

I hope you enjoy this new blog and will participate with me on it. If you post something on your blog you want read by my blog followers, please let me know and I will post a link to your blog.

Thank you for your encouragement to be brave, to take a bigger step (giant step!) in this direction! I covet your prayers! There is power in prayers, especially group prayers, I need your prayer support!

Please read the next message below, following this one, it is very important and I need your to help with your prayers!

"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in Heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst." Matthew 18:19, 20 NASB

The Year of the Christian Woman

Thursday on the Oprah show I learned that the feminists are calling this election time “The Year of the Woman” they say this is the year the women will vote in a liberal president! But wait, they have forgotten about all of us Christian women, shall we sit back and let them decide this for us? We can have our own Year of the Woman – The Year of the Christian Woman!! As Christians we must take a stand and pray! Let’s use our power of praying to work a miracle in this election! We can turn the polls around! We can pray in our conservative president!

Do you believe in miracles? I do. I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer can change things!

A few days ago Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses posted this from the book “Streams in the Desert.” I agree with it, do you?

“Difficulty is the very atmosphere for a miracle – it is a miracle in it’s first stage. If it is to be a great miracle, the condition is not difficulty, but impossibility! Is your situation seemingly impossible? Then it is the perfect environment for a miracle to occur. I believe in miracles, do you?” Thank you for posting this, Rhondi.

Some are saying McCain will not win the election, the polls show him lagging behind. People are angry at the economy, and the state America is in, etc., some think a change in parties will help, but it won’t! Ladies, this is difficulty, this is a perfect atmosphere for a miracle! We as women can turn this around with prayer!! There is power in prayer, but we must take the time to pray, to storm the gates of Heaven for our miracle. We must not let the liberals take over our country the way they plan to!! We must not let the liberal celebrities and biased media decide who wins this election!

We only have 17 more days, we must get this message spread around before election day! Please copy this and forward it to every Christian woman you know! The men are also invited to pray join us in praying!

Christian ladies, please stand with us in prayer!! I have started a new blog The Power of Prayer for messages like this, please bookmark it and participate in it!

Thank you for your prayers, and God Bless You for helping!



Show and Tell - Barrettes

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun.

Since I mentioned using the cameo barrette as a napkin ring in last week's Show and Tell, I want to share all of the Victorian looking barrettes with you this week. Below are the four Victorian barrettes, shown as napkin rings.

The exciting thing about these is the price of each. You can see the price on these packages - $1.79!! I couldn't resist buying them at this price! The one on the right is a hair clip, I haven't decided how to use it yet. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. Below is a close-up of the clip, it has a gold stone in the center:

Also shown, below, is a pretty little hair decoration pin on a comb. It was just calling out to me to bring it home too! I also need suggestions of how to use this one. I have short hair, and I'm really too old to wear barrettes! :-)

Here is a close-up of the butterfly barrette.
They only had one of each design
This one below has a touch of pink:
And the cameo barrette:
I hope to have a tea party some day with a Victorian theme, and I will use these barrettes for the napkin rings.

Please read the following post, and contact me if you would like to join our prayer group!

Thank you!