Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Over the years I have done a different Thanksgiving centerpiece each year. This year I'm using my velvet pumpkins again. I added red roses with the velvet pumpkins on a woven tray.

A few years ago I used a lot of faux cotton in my fall decor. I added cotton to the velvet pumpkins, shown below:

Last year I purchased a Tobacco Basket and placed the Velvet Pumpkins in it along with velvet leaves. Shown below. Tobacco Basket is from Hobby Lobby.


Another year I just used faux cotton, silk Mum, a burlap rose and raffia ribbon in an oversized wooded tray.

I love that rustic looking wooden tray. Here I used this glass pumpkin on a purple shawl along with some beaded fruit.

One of my favorite centerpieces is this white ceramic cornucopia I found at a thrift shop back in the 90s. For years I kept it filled with white magnolias. I loved the white look for Thanksgiving!

I started to get tired of the same centerpiece with the magnolias, so I changed it a couple years ago and I've enjoyed having it different for a change. 

I kept a few of the white magnolias, but added other fall colors in with them. I like it like this as well!

The same day I bought the white cornucopia at the thrift shop I also bought this brown cornucopia. I have used it many different ways, here's the latest!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few ways I have decorated with these centerpieces and hopefully they have given you some inspiration.

Here's another centerpiece!

A large white pumpkin with a burlap rose and faux velvet leaves on top!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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