An excerpt from Alyson's website, a short bible study we 
all need to hear, I know I certainly do!

Check out all of her website here:



Meet my daughter!

Meet Alyson! This is my daughter, she has been a source of joy since her birth! 

You know how when you pray for your children and become estatic when those prayers are answered? That's how I'm feeling now! I raised my children in church and now they are grown and continue following the Lord. Alyson is very creative and has just started a blog to sell some of her creative messages. I'm so proud of her new blog and want to share with all my friends and fellow Christians. In addition to her little business she includes some freebies for all who subscribe to her blog - a weekly bible verse to frame, or use for wallpaper on your iPhone, etc. And the best thing is that they can be downloaded immediately, no waiting for the mailman to deliver!  This is the name of her website:

I said the best thing, here's the best thing -- Her blog also includes short bible studies! They are simple, but very informative and inspiring! Also on the blog is a book review of what she is reading! And sometimes a project she is working on will be shared. This subscription blog is only mailed once a week (on Thursdays) There's no cost to join - free subscription! Just send your name and email address.

Please click on each of the pretty "tabs" and read what she offers - see if you can find where she mentions her mom - ("Me!") I'm so happy to be included in her first message. (Hint: it's on one of the "click here" tabs.) You can also find out why she decided to do this blog, by clicking on "spending time", and a little about her on "about."

If you would like to join Alyson's blog and/or purchase some of her handpainted scripture (she even uses a brush and watercolors for some of the calligraphy! These verses can be used for gifts - framed for decor and daily reminders, or included in a photo album, etc. I will soon share some of mine and how I display them.

Please help me spread the word around, if you know of someone who may be interested, please forward to them, or send me their email and I will send them the info! Thank you! Thank you!

P.S. - The blog was built by none other than my grandson (Alyson's son!) who is a Senior Web Designer and Developer! Yes, I'm a proud grandmother! Isn't it a beautiful web site!

BTW, Alyson tells why she named her blog this, check it out - under What is "them?"



Caden's Favorite Bible Verse

When the family visited during the holidays, I was delighted to see that my 10-year-old grandson, Caden, colored a few pages in my journaling bible! Above is Caden's favorite bible verse, I love that he colored it and surprised me!

Joshua is a wonderful book of the bible with some beautiful promises.

Can you see where Caden wrote at the bottom that it's his favorite verse?
What joy to have Christian children and grandchildren! Praise you Lord for this -- precious gifts!

Here's a picture of handsome Caden! He's holding a Nativity I made for him.

What is your favorite bible verse? Please share it with us!