Bible Journaling and Coloring

This is my new bible - Inspire, a beautiful new way to read the bible and be inspired! What's the difference in this bible? It has pictures to color, along with wide margins to journal about the chapters you are reading. Above is the front of the bible. Below is the back:

This is the inside cover. I'm just beginning to do the coloring on these two pages.

Most pages have enlarged verses for  you to color.

I just received the bible a few days ago, so I haven't colored many pages yet.

Of course, my first page to color was yellow roses!

I like having these enlarged verses that just jump right out at you!
A message from Above!

Some pages just have wide margins for you do write your own messages and/or draw your own pictures.

Some margins are plain, some are ruled.

I'm already enjoying reading the bible with a little different twist. It's also a way to help remember where verses are located, and to memorize key verses.

The new coloring book craze is a meaningful hobby when paired with our bible! I'm using colored pencils so they don't bleed through the page.

This bible version is the New Living Translation,
a paraphase that is so interesting and easy to understand
There are other bible versions as well such as King James Version. Check them out at your Christian book store. I went to look at them first, then ordered the one I preferred from Amazon, a little cheaper, but it took over two weeks to receive it, they are really in demand now!

Inspire also comes in a solid color aqua, but I like the illustrated one, I just think it goes with the picture theme inside.

This is a wonderful way to start reading the bible, or to get back into reading the bible. 
What a wonderful enjoyable way to spend time with the Lord!
As you are reading a chapter, or paragraph, try meditating
and see how you are inspired to write and or draw in the margins!

I will start posting special pages as I do them. I also hope to start drawing in the margins, as I am "inspired!"